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Some Basic Info

I'm your classic gamer, been doing it since I was a kid some 20 years ago or so. I started out on D&D and expanded from there. I'm now 32 and have many different games in my repitoire, but I'm a huge fan of White Wolf; it started with Vampire and I've tried them all. I am a big fan of Scion and have recently decided Exalted is my favorite. I avoided it for years, but after much prodding by Orphen, BronzeTiger and others I decided to try it about a year ago. I now play consistantly in their joint world and enjoy it immensely. I've much to learn still about the game but I keep getting told my lack of preconceptions gives me a unique perspective of the game and I should enjoy as long as it lasts.

I hope to eventually have a full page and will update it as often as possible. It is as I said, a work in progress