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Resplendant Web of Ash and Shadow

Title:          Resplendant Web of Ash and Shadow     Concept:	Spymaster
Player:	        ReallyBored			      Nature:   Conniver
Caste:	        Moonshadow			      Anima:    Dusty cobwebs of black fire, with a shadowy spider behind them.  Web strands grow 
                                                                and fade as he binds oaths and extends his spy network.

Strength		**	Charisma		***	Perception		***
Dexterity		****	Manipulation	        ****	Intelligence	        ****
Stamina		        **	Appearance		**	Wits			****

Archery		        	Endurance			Craft		         	
Brawl				Performance			+Investigation	        **
Martial Arts	        **	Presence		*	+Lore			***
Melee				Resistance			Medicine		
+Thrown			****    Survival			Occult		        

Athletics		*	+Bureaucracy	        ***	
Awareness		*	+Linguistics		**	
+Dodge			*****	+Ride			*	
+Larceny		****    +Sail				
Stealth			**      +Socialize		***	

-- Specialties --		-- CHARMS --
Dodge - Full Dodge	**	Raiton's Nimle Perch		[Athletics]
Investigation -			Corruption-Sensing Scrutiny	[Bureaucracy]
   Counterintelligence	**	Flitting Shadow Form		[Dodge]
Presense - Intimidation	*	Fivefold Shadow Form		[Dodge]
Socialize - Blackmail	**	Theft of Face			[Larceny]
				Crypt Bolt			[Lore]
				Essence Discerning Glance	[Martial Arts]
				Shrouded Claw Attack		
				Exquisite Etiquette Technique	[Socialize]
				Loyalty Withering Technique
				Hungry Missile Technique	[Thrown]
Abyssal Command	        **	
Artifact		***		
Liege			***
Manse			*
Contacts (The Guild)	*
Resources		***
Spies			***	
Underworld Manse	**

-- VIRTUES --    		
Compassion		*			
Conviction		***
Temperance		****	
Valor			**	

-- OTHER --			
Willpower		7		
Essence		        **		
Essence Pool	        13/31			
Blood Feast				

-- COMBAT --
Base Initiative:	8
Dodge Pool:		8 (10)
Soak:			1L/2B
Health Levels: 	        -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Bare Fist 			Speed 8 Accuracy 6 Damage 2B Defense 6
Soulsteel Hatchets(Thrown)	Speed 8 Accuracy 9 Damage 5L Defense 8

Shadow Hatchets (BAsically a soulsteel/abyssal version of lightning torments)
Soulsteel Hearthstone Bracers
Jade Hearthstone Amulet
[1-dot Abyssal Hearthstone]
Ghost Lantern (1-dot Underworld hearthstone)
Blood Miser (2-dot Underworld hearthstone)


Retinue (from abyssal command, trading down in numbers for a couple nemissaries):
Pym - Ghost that serves as attendant, butler, aide, secretary, etc.
[Bodyguard] - He's a bodyguard!  A nemissary (trading in 5 ghosts from abyssal command) that serves as a bodyguard.  
              Tries to keep using fresh corpses to keep the smell down.

[Independant Agent] - Another nemissary that serves as a personally loyal independant agent.  Used in cases where 
                      Resplendant Web doesn't want to bother personally, but requires a little more personal touch.
                      This one commands the last 2 ghosts in the retinue.
Agent 1 - Ghost agent 1!  He's a war ghost.
Agent 2 - Ghost agent 2!  He's also a war ghost.

Total XP: 16
Spent SP: 12
Current XP: 4


Ok, I liked lightning torment hatchets, but are they really worth 5 artifact dots? I mean, really. Can we work out an abyssal version, made from soulsteel and causes pain rather than electrical discharge for the penalties. -- ReallyBored

I think we can probably find something to take the place of lightning troment hatchets. Maybe, instead of lightning, barbed tentacles of dark essence enwrap and stab at the target. Or something and stuff. -- RyanL

Yeah, something like that. Still looking for hearthstones, though the Ghost Lantern and Blood Miser from the hearthstones page here look interesting. Just wish I could turn the Ghost Lantern on and off. -- ReallyBored

Hmmm, which book is the Ghost Lantern located in? -- RyanL

It's, err, in on the wiki: AbyssalLevelOne, Blood miser is at BloodHearthstones. --ReallyBored

I really should learn to read better. ;) I don't see why the Ghost Lantern can't be turned on and off. It's a homebrew hearthstone so a minor change like that shouldn't make it totally out of whack. -- RyanL