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I'm in a few Exalted games online, and tired of having to find my character sheet. Also, hay, now I have a presence on ExaltedWiki!

Rai's Exalted characters

  • /AlacrantheRighteousDevil --Dawn Caste Solar (LOLTRIGUNRIPOFF)
  • /Elle --Night Caste Solar (in the Second Age of today!)
  • /JadeCricket -- Eclipse Caste Solar (Now with 50% more ditzy)
  • /JadeCricketUber -- Cricket in 100 years with 700+ exp and 50+ children (unfinished)
  • /JadeRiver -- Night Caste Solar (postergirl for personal vendettas and serious issues)
  • /RubyBloodOfTheCrane -- Dawn Caste Solar (crazy child of death-- now retired)

Mak's Exalted characters (no wiki for him)

  • /IselsiReedRedux --Fire-aspect Dragonblooded (Too sexy for his Immaculate texts)

Yeah, that's really it.

If you're wondering who I am, I am also known as Rai Yozi, the Great Maker of The Freedom Stone. At least... uh.. on certain months. My homepage is here, and my artwork, mostly Exalted related, can be found here.

You actually want to comment?

Wilkommen! - Hapushet

Greetings, Rai... as you can see, I'm here to welcome you... even if I'm not your first. ^_^
~ Haku the Baka Mazoku

The Great Maker herself! Howdy! *wavies* ^.^ - Caelene

Your Humble Alchemical Servant says Hi.

Heya. You don't know me, but I appreciate your stuff enough to say hello.
-- Darloth

Ohshi~ -DarkheartOne

In your base with your mans and all that. ~DualMegami