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Ok well this is just my randomness kicking in so theirs not much of a back story...ok fine theres NO backstory. For form weapons its just like alot of other martial arts. Unarmed and no armor.


Last Second Entry

Cost: 3m
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Minimums: MA 3 Essence 1
Prerequisites: None

The well seasoned student has timing down to a science and will rush into class just as the bell rings. Like this student and Exalt is always prepared to rush, this charm add the Exalts Martial Arts score to their join battle roll in automatic sucesses.

Escaping the Judges Eye

Cost: 3m
Duration: one action
Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-ok
Minimums: MA 3 Essence 2
Prerequisites: Last Second Entry

In danger of being cought students must hide from their teachers to escape an uncertain fate...This charm gives an Exalt an advantage when making attempting to reestablish a suprise attack by temporarily moving out of sight. Add your essence score to the roll to reestablish suprise.

Teacher Scolds Late Student Form

Cost: 6m
Duration: one scene
Type: Form-Type, Obvious
Keywords: Simple
Minimums: MA 4 Essence 2
Prerequisites: Escaping the Judges Eye 

Taking a rigid stance the martial artist BECOMES the teacher that is so feared and respected. The martial artist adds his essence to his Dodge and Parry MDV's and subtracts the difference between his MDV and his opponents from their attack rolls. In addition their attacks can be lethal or bashing but this choice must be made when activating the form and cannot be changed afterwards.

The Feared Yardstick Strike

Cost: 5m
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Supplemental, Obvious
Minimums: MA 4 Essence 3
Prerequisites: Teacher Scolds Late Student Form

Scary teacher, the end (haha).Filling their fist with essence the martial artist lauches it in a vicious punch like a teacher punishing an unruly student. This attack has a range of (Essencex10) and is unblockable. Damage done by this attack is equal to willpower score and is rolled as a normal martial arts attack.


well its not totally finished yet but for now im totally out of ideas. Oh by the way none of that stuff is very original I know, the theme just made it fun for me. Once i get more ideas im going to remove some of the charms and replace them with others, if you have any ideas feel free to tell me here- Nkolos