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Storm Crow Style

This Martial Art is inspired by FourWillowsWeeping.

For the 1st Ed crunch, go to MartialArts/StormCrowStyle2

The Style evokes the bitter cold and ominous storms of the North, and the wisdom of the Crows which ride those cold winds proclaiming dire warnings to all they see. A dash of Odin within the Celestial Bureaucracy. Also, I wish it to travel from Essence 1, MA 2 minimums to an eventual peak of Essence 3, MA 5. It is meant to be a celestial style though, so if I've drastically under spec'd, then I'm willing to bump up. :)

It's weapons are the Spear and the Hatchet and artefact versions thereof. It's practitioners are known as Stormcrows. This style is fearsome, and unsubtle. Its practitioners must know the art of intimidation and carry an imposing presence wherever they walk. They must have Presence 2+ to learn this Style.

More fluff to go here eventually.

The Charms (2nd Ed.)

Coming Storm Awareness

Cost    : 3m+ Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1 
Type    : Reflexive 
Keywords: Combo-Ok, War, Social
Duration: Instant 
Prereqs : None 

Like a Crow sensing a storm in the still calm air, the Exalt gains the ability to seize the initiative in any conflict.

When this Charm is activated for 3 motes, the Stormcrow's Join (Conflict) result is set to their Martial Arts rating and for each additional mote the result is increased by one (to a maximum of Essence extra motes). The initial 3 motes must be spent prior to rolling, but the extra motes may be spent after seeing the results from the opposing Join (Conflict) rolls. Once spent the user's Join (Conflict) become set, replacing the normal roll.

Aoshi enters the grand meeting hall trailed by a swirl of frigid air and feathers. A large warrior strides towards her demanding she leave at once. The ST calls for a Join Debate. Instead of rolling her Wits + Awareness pool of 6 dice, Aoshi spends 3 motes, sensing there is conflict on the horizon, and her Join Debate is set to her Martial Arts rating of 4. The warrior has a Join Debate pool of 5 and gets 4 successes as well, so Aoshi spends an extra mote to raise her Join Debate to 5. Aoshi interrupts his demands with a social attack of her own to be allowed to see the king.


Tweaked. Bit more versatile, can now add up to Essence successes as well.

Why does Coming Storm Awareness affect social combat? This style doesn't apparently have any complementary training in social abilities to justify this, and social awareness is drastically different from martial, whether magical insight or otherwise. Martial arts is all about structured training to shape the natural expression of essence through charms in certain ways, so a style which gives social awareness would necessarily (especially in 2nd edition mechanics) employ social training. -- IanPrice (and incidentally, bypassing perfect defenses is a time-honored trope of canon charms, what with all the sneak-attacks, extra attacks, and a few other examples; just to comment on your self-rules down there.)

"The Stormcrow sees all conflict on the horizon, as gathering storm clouds can be seen by farmers and sailors." That's the fluff reasoning anyway. Presence is a valuable addition to this style due to its fear causing effects. I'll note that above. And done. At no time in this Style have I attempted to bypass perfect defences. Not intentionally anyway. If you point out where you read that I have, I will try to re-word to be clearer. Not sure what you mean by my 'self-rules down there'? Thanks for taking the time to comment! :) nikink Time-honored trope or no, I will not intentionally write a Charm that tries to bypass "perfect" defences. That way lies broken madness and crazy talk. :)

Buffeting Wing Flurry

Cost    : 1+m Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1 
Duration: Instant 
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Social
Type    : Supplemental
Prereqs : None 

The Storm Crow makes a complex, essence-charged flurry of feints. This distracts and confuses opponents, making the attack more difficult to defend against. For each mote spent (up to Essence x motes) the Martial Artist reduces the Multiple Action Penalty by one during a flurry of attacks.

Nikink/StormCrowStyle2eBWF Now I'm considering increasing the onslaught attack penalty as well... but I think it's ok as is. nikink

Ruffled Feathers Defence

Cost    : 1m+2m/die Mins: Martial Arts 2, Essence 1 
Duration: Instant 
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Emotion, Social
Type    : Reflexive (Step 2)
Prereqs : None 

The Stormcrow may insulating herself from incoming attacks as birds protecting themselves from bitter northern winds. For a brief moment appears larger and more dengerous, causing opponents to quail in fear and turn their blows.

The Exalt gains a bonus to all DVs (including Mental) and Soaks equal to the difference between her MA and her opponent's Valor if this is greater than zero. She may also, for 2m/die, purchase up to her Presence rating to add to her MA for the purposes of this calculation. This fear inducing emotion effect works just as well in Social settings. This Charm explicitly exceeds the standard dice caps.

The guard trumps Aoshi's Join Debate with a Join Battle and swings his sword at her. Aoshi's eyes flash with anger and she looms like a terrible cloud for an instant. She spends 1m and subtracts the guard's Valor (2) from her MA (4), granting her +2DV and +2 Soak against this attack. Later, in audience with the King, he becomes angry and demands fealty. Again Aoshi activates Ruffled Feathers Defence, but the king is braver than his guard. Her MA minus his Valor (5) equals a total of -1. Fortunately she may spend extra motes to add up to her Presence (4). She spends an extra 8 motes to gain a total DV bonus of 3 against the King's attack.

Nikink/StormCrowStyle2eRFD Somewhat different from 1st version - as always, comments welcome. Not sure if exceeding dice caps is a good idea for a basic defence charm, and if so, is it too cheap? On the other hand, it's twice as expensive as the 1st Presence Excellency, requires a combo to use it with a presence Excellency, can be resisted by all who are immune to Illusion effects - nikink

"The Martial Artist may purchase up to their Essence in extra successes", this seems simpler. I kinda liked using Presence though... nikink

This seems fine to me. While it does exceed dice cap, it's pretty expensive and only defends against one attack. - Bencyclopedia
Considering making it just add Presence to the DV calculation to save a dice roll. Or maybe (Cha+Presence - DMDV) successes. nikink As an Emotion-Fear effect, I need to look at similar fear causing charms to get example mechanics.
Tweaked cost. Calculated slightly differently, raises Soak as well. This did have Manipulation as the Exalt's trait to compare, but I've made it Martial Arts to gain a synergy with the Form.nikink
I think this is too good with the form charm active. For 1 mote it gives at minimum +3 to all DV's, at best +7. Most extreme case +9. With maxed out MA 10 vs Valour 5 it's still 1 mote for +5 to all DV's which is well above Solar equivalents. Bencyclopedia
Mulling this over, I'm not satisfied with it. As you point out, it's a bit too efficient with the form up anyway. I have vague idea how to change it, but nothing crunchy yet. Suggestions welcome! :) nikink

Gale-Riding Meditation

Cost    : 4 motes Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2 
Duration: Instant
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious
Type    : Reflexive (Step 2)
Prereqs : Coming Storm Awareness, Ruffled Feathers Defence

Like a bird riding the winds, the Exalt is carried on the storm of battle, flitting from place to place, never resting for long.

The Exalt may add their MA to their DV Calculation for one attack as long as they have room to move. At the end of attack resolution (Step 10) the Exalt is moved up to MA+Ess in yards away from the attacker. This movement may carry them out of range of the attacker and can render further attacks inapplicable unless the attacker can close the distance. The Storm Crow can cover the entire field of battle by activating this Charm in response to multiple attacks.


I love this, very, very cool. - Bencyclopedia

Need to look at existing flurry breakers for comparison. nikink

Tweaked. Slightly cheaper, movement occurs after damage is applied (if any). Applies to Dodge and Parry DVs now. nikink

Ominous Rumble Prana

Cost    : 3 motes Mins: Martial Arts 3, Essence 2 
Duration: Instant 
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Emotion, Compulsion
Type    : Supplemental 
Prereqs : Buffeting Wing Flurry, Coming Storm Awareness

Like the sound of thunder overhead that keeps the wise huddled under shelter, the Exalt may enhance the damage dealt by her attack to cause her enemies to reconsider their assault.

The Exalt may add her Essence to the damage of an unarmed attack. If at least one level of damage is caused, the Exalt may make an intimidation roll of Man+Presence+MA against the victim's Valor. If successful they must retreat from the Exalt for one tick per level of damaged caused at at least normal movement speeds, so long as they have room to move. If the successes rolled are greater than twice their Valor, the victim will turn their backs (causing DV to set to 0, unless they have a method of detecting surprise attacks or otherwise not suffering from having their back to an opponent)) and flee from battle entirely at as fast as they can, if they can. If they cannot move away from the Exalt, they will drop their weapons and cower before her for the same effect. Opponents immune to fear effects will suffer the retreat effect, but will not turn and flee.

Nikink/StormCrowStyle2eORP The idea is that by landing a solid blow, the target gets scared by the (seeming) prowess of the Exalt and may flee... Should this be a valour roll by the target? nikink

Again I think this is thematically cool. I think the roll is pretty stacked in the defenders favour though. E.G. Starting DMDV [6 WP + 2 Integrity + 2 Essence] / 2 + 2 Valour = 7 difficulty, with CHA, PRES & MA of 5 you only have 15 dice. I know that on average you'll make it, but against someone with an above average MDV you are boned. The fleeing with a DV of 0 also seems a bit overpowered for an essence 2 charm, but getting double their MDV is gonna be nigh on impossible without a sick roll. - Bencyclopedia
Tweaked. Now Cha + Presence rolled, + Martial Arts Successes. Howzat? Bearing in mind the very next Charm adds MA again! Synergy in action or wonky?
Tweaked again. Removed MDV from the calculation. Just Man+Presence+MA as dice pool. Range from 4 dice at minimum to 15 dice at normal maximum, vs Valor range of 1 to 5. With Form charm active, this becomes Man+Presence+MA+MA vs Valor. Also, have explicitely noted that the Drop DV to zero effect can be negated with the right powers.nikink
I think this one is busted with the Form active as well, possibly 20 dice vs. Valour 5 (at best) is gonna see Exalts fleeing from you with DV zero on a regular basis. I think to balance it, it should be a mental influence that is resistable with willpower. Bencyclopedia

Storm Crow Form

Cost    : 7m, 1 WP Mins: Martial Arts 4, Essence 2 
Duration: One scene 
Keywords: Obvious, Emotion, Form
Type    : Simple (Speed 5, -1 DV)
Prereqs : Ominous-Rumble Prana, Gale-Riding Meditation

The Exalt's eyes spark and flash, and gusts of essence driven wind whip around her body to disturb a grey mist that forms to the sound of distant thunder.

While this Charm is in effect, the character adds half her MA to her Parry DV, may parry lethal without a stunt and her Parry DV may not be reduced to less than her MA by Wound, Onslaught or Coordinated Attack penalties. The Exalt becomes immune to environmental penalties caused by wind, cold, ice, rain, storms, Air Aspected Anima banners, lightning etc, while under the effects of this Charm, and may add her MA to all rolls to intimidate or cause fear and every successful use of Ominous Rumble Prana or Ruffled Feathers Defence counts as one scene towards establishing a intimacy of fear towards the Exalt in the victim.

An Exalt can only benefit from the effects of one Form-type Charm at a time; if a new one is activated, the previous Form ends.


Increased Parry DV without being able to parry lethal with your bare hands seems meh. Cost seems a bit too much, most forms do not require WP afaik. Other than that I like it. - Bencyclopedia
Added lethal parry bit. As for cost, there was a reason for it in 1st Ed. Style. Will need to revise for 2nd. Also considering adding Ess to Soak. nikink
I think this is pretty good, still not keen on the WP cost though. Bencyclopedia
Pseudo persistent parry, I think that Justifies a WP. Parry DV never less than 4 unless magic used. Not world shattering, but on top of the other handy effects... handy. nikink
Have reduced PDV boost effect to half MA instead of full MA. nikink

Heaven-Scouring Windstorm Technique

Cost    : 5m Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3 
Duration: One scene 
Keywords: Obvious
Type    : Simple (Speed 5, -1DV)
Prereqs : Storm Crow Form 

Essence winds rise up and around the Exalt, shards of ice and hailstones form and mingle with debris from the battlefield allowing the MA to strike her foes from a distance even when unarmed and the winds of essence carry her weapons great distances.

The Exalt may make close-combat Martial Arts attacks up to her MA+Ess in yards away, and the range increment of any thrown weapons is tripled.


Coolies - Bencyclopedia
I thought about this one some more, I do think it's cool, but I reckon it's too high in the tree for what it does. I'd personnally consider swaping it's position with Gale-Riding Meditation or Ominous Rumble Prana. Bencyclopedia
I dunno, scene long range bonus, not great for hand to hand, but ye olde hatchet and spear is triple distanced. Note in close combat, the distance here is the distance you move in G-RM. :) So you break their flurry and can still attack back without having to move towards them. If you think they should be swapped, I'd rather buff this and nerf G-RM if you have any suggestions? [nikink]]

Heaven-Crossing Lightning Strike

Cost    : 5m Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3 
Duration: Instant 
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious
Type    : Supplemental
Prereqs : Heaven-Scouring Windstorm Technique 

The Exalt performs an elaborate, impossibly swift attack, which can be defended against only by Charms which permit characters to avoid attacks of which they are not aware, or by characters with Charm-enhanced vision; against all without such benefits this attack counts as Unexpected. This charm leaves the user overxtended and incurs an additional -1DV on the attack (ie: if an attack incurs -1DV normally, using this charm with it makes the attack -2DV).


Not sure if this should be supplemental? And as a Simple Charm, can it be Combo-Ok? I don't think so... nikink
Simple charms are fine to be combo ok as long at they are of instant duration. *EDIT* Think I'm falling back into 1E thinking here, this may not be how it works anymore. Will check whenn I have the MRB with me. Bencyclopedia
Changed wording, attack counts as unexpected. Someone on WW forum reckons any magic enhanced vision might be better, so Artifacts, Mutations etc could all nullify it. I think that may be too broad as a nerf? nikink

Changed from Simple (Speed 3, -2DV) to Supplemental (but attack incurs greater DV loss) - might need to recost. nikink

Heaven-Drenching Rainfall Blow

Cost    : 7m Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3 
Duration: Instant 
Keywords: Combo-Ok
Type    : Supplemental 
Prereqs : Heaven-Scouring Windstorm Technique 

Just as storm-driven rain can penetrate even the thickest clothing or the grandest temples, so can an attack enhanced by this Charm penetrate even the mightiest armour. Any attack enhanced by this Charm ignores the target's armour when determining Soak.


This seems to be pretty much the same as Armor Penatrating Fang Strike, on that basis this seems a bit cheap. APFS is 4m 1wp. It is deep in the tree and requires essence 3 though, so maybe not. - Bencyclopedia
Yup, again, costed from 1st ed. I think it's ok, as 7m = 2 stunts, 4m+1wp = 2 stunts. nikink
I vaguely remember reading somewhere that 1wp = 10 motes when costing a charm, but I guess from a stunt standpoint it's fairly equal. Still think it's too cheap though ;-) Bencyclopedia
Borgstrom once gave a rough equivalency of 1wp ~= 6m (I think) when designing the Sid Charmset in 1e. In 2e the authors seem to think more in terms of Stunt equivalency. So, 4m/1wp = (2x 2d-Stunts) or (1x 2d + 2x 1d stunts), 7m = (2x 2d-Stunts) or (1x 2d + 3x 1d Stunts), so much the same cost for much the same effect, but more XP spent to learn it than the same effect in Snake Style. nikink

Heaven-Shaking Thunder Assault

Cost    : 5m, 1WP Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3  
Duration: Instant 
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious
Type    : Extra Action
Prereqs : Heaven-Scouring Windstorm Technique

The Stormcrow lashes out in a blur of fury, sound and movement, lashing out to all within her reach. Each blow lands with a thundering crash upon her opponents, blasting them to the ground.

The exalt can make a number of attacks this tick equal to her permanent Ess+1 at no loss of DV. Those foes successfully struck (not necessarily damaged) must make a Dex+Ath roll at a difficulty of the Exalt's Ess. If this roll fails they are knocked backwards a number of yards equal to the Exalt's Essence; if it botches they are thrown to the ground prone as well. This knockback does not work against opponents with an Sta+Ess greater than the Exalt's MA+Ess. The attacks may be directed at the same or different targets.


Very cool, I love this. - Bencyclopedia
Ta. :) Note that all of these extra actions are attack, and each attack can potentially knockback a target at least 3 yards, effectively potentially knocking them out of the character's reach, and thus wasting the remaining attacks... thus having Heaven-Scouring Windstorm Technique active is a big help. Nice to have when you are surrounded though, to gain you some breathing space. And of course, throwing a spear some 200 yards to plunge into the enemies chest and knock him 3 yards backwards... of the cliff... is just kinda cool. :) nikink

Heaven-Shattering Thunderbolt Onslaught

Cost    : 4m, 1 WP Mins: Martial Arts 5, Essence 3
Duration: Instant 
Keywords: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Emotion, Crippling, War
Type    : Simple
Prereqs : Heaven-Shaking Thunder Assault, Heaven-Drenching Rainfall Blow, Heaven-Crossing Lightning Strike

Essence lightning crackles around the Exalt, setting her ablaze in terrible glory, and a mighty clap of thunder accompanies her blows. With this Charm an Exalt can lay waste to many times her number in a single blow, cause armies to rout and deafen all who would dare to stand before her might!

If the Exalt's attack hits, she may make an additional attack upon a target no more than MA+Ess yards away. This additional attack carries a -1 dicepool penalty. As long as the Exalt hits, she may continue making attacks, as long as each new target is no more than MA+Ess yards away from the previous. Each subsequent attack carries a penalty 1 greater than the last : -2, -3, etc. Note, the attack need not do damage to jump to the next target, and the Exalt may target herself, lightning rods (metal structures) or trees and similar things with a jump if she wishes, and the same target may be struck multiple times, but not twice in a row.

In addition, all those within the Exalt's MAxEss yards of a successful strike must fail a Per + Awareness roll or be blinded and deafened for five ticks per success (the Exalt is immune to this effect of her own charm). A Botch applies these effects for the rest of the scene, or if mortal, permanently.

Lastly, if the number of attack successes is greater than the target's Valor, and their Essence is less than the Stormcrow's MA (or MA x2 if they have the Form going), they must spend 1WP to oppose the character on their next action. If the number of successes is greater than double the target's Valor, they must spend 2WP or flee the battle as fast as they can. This is an Unnatural Mental Influence fear effect. (Consider most Mooks to be blind + deaf for the scene, and (Average Valour x 10%, to be unaffected by the fear, the rest will be scared or fleeing). This thunderclap can be heard up to one mile away.


Does this require the additional attacks to be against a different target or can they all be made against the same target? Does the deafening have any mechanical effect, a penalty or some such? Also nothing stopping someone just not attacking on their next action to avoid making the valour roll and hence not being able to botch and flee? - Bencyclopedia
Tweaked to cause blindness as well. Might need to be a difficulty of Ess to resist? nikink
Tweaked again. I think it's clearer now. Added ability to target self or non-animal lightning conductors for tactical use. Type is now Supplemental to allow for one kickass combo. Only one though - after that the Stormcrow will be basically out of WP. :) Need a War effect. Not sure of Mass Combat rules enough yet. Tried to add a synergy with the form.nikink
Flat out busted in my opinion. This is essentially an extra action charm that can be combo'd with another extra action charm, combo with the previous charm for 40+ attacks in a single tick, you will onslaught penalty an exalt to death with this easily. I also think the blinding roll is a bit wonky, having to fail to not be blinded but botching making you permenatly blind seems a bit off. Once you get to 7 dice you are more likely to botch than simply fail, make this better against exalts than mooks. Still need some rules for what penalties being blind and deaf will do to an exalt, or possibly a reference to the MRB if there are some in there. Bencyclopedia
Tis seemingly powerful, but here's my reasoning: Big commitment to get mastery charm of this style, it's quite expensive (especially with Heaven-Shaking Thunder Assault), and it's fairly trivial to defend against (for Exalts). The attack must hit to jump onwards - sufficiently high DV (or magical defence) stops that bolt cold. Assume Essence 5,Dex5, MA5 and a Combo: H-STA + H-STO. 1wp to activate combo, 1wp 5m for H-STA gives 6 attacks, H-STO is supplemental and must be activated for each attack meaning 6wp 24m. Total cost = 8wp 29m and can be shut down by 3m HGD, or a parry/dodge DV booster, or an unlucky to hit roll, or lack of targets with range of 10 yards (Leaping Dodge ftw!). It looks powerful, but I'm not so sure it's more than a trap. Against army of mooks, yes, awesome. I do need a Mass Combat way of dealing with it though. I'm pretty certain in 2e the Botch rules are such that you are never more likely to Botch than fail, can't confirm off my head though. And Blindness/Deafness = -4 External penalty to affected actions as per errata. Again, Exalts generally have ways to avoid Crippling effects entirely and who cares about Mooks? :) I've noted the fear bit as UMI, so the WP to resist can be avoided if you are immune to UMI somehow. nikink PS: also, low damage as a rule, unless you add yet more charms into the combo and up it's cost again. PPS: Mind you, ping damage is still able to kill you if you get hit enough, but if you want to bounce between yourself and the target you will also be taking the ping, and can't afford to defend yourself against the zzapppp in case it misses you and thus stops the rest of the attacks.
A. I must admit I missed the ‘must hit’ clause.
B. I don’t think this should be supplemental, it really appears to be an extra action charm. At the moment you could Flurry, and use this on every attack in the flurry, gaining even more attacks.
C. HGD would need to be activated 6 times, one for each actions from H-STA. That and HGD is a solar level charm while this is celestial, so I think balancing on the against HGD is the wrong way to go.
D. Unless I am mistaken botching requires rolling a 1 and not rolling any successes, therefore the chance of you failing and not rolling a one is 0.833^X, X being your dice pool. (0.833 being chance of not rolling a one, given that you haven’t rolled a 7,8,9,10, i.e. five in six) That said my statistics knowledge ain’t perfect so I may well have borked that calc. But more dice more chance of rolling a one.
E. Only low damage when not using a dire lance ;-)
Ok. In order:
A. Do you think this makes a difference to it's actual power (as opposed to perceived power)?
B. There are other Canon Charms that work in a similar way - but I cannot recall them at the moment off top of head... hm... Think of it less of an EA and more an AoE.
C. 6x HGD = 18 motes = big whoop, Mr Crow just spent 8wp and 30 motes. If you don't want to use Solar special defensive Charms as a reference, even a basic Dex or Dodge or Melee or MA Excellency to raise your DV will do the trick. All you gotta do is not get hit to ruin the chain effect. Interestingly enough, Safety Amongst Enemies doesn't really help as the 'enemy' gets hit but the chain continues, unless you have a lot of 'enemies' nearby to use...
D. Yup, you recall correctly shows chance of Botching vs Fail vs Success for up to 10 dice, and from 4 dice onwards there's a greater chance of Botch. Hm. Well, I need to reword that. In hindsight I'm not keen on making a larger dice pool worse than a smaller pool. I mean, it makes a conceptual sense (to me), but I think it's bad game wise. Interestingly, Probability of Botch is only ever greater than Probability of Failure when the difficulty is the standard 1. From Difficulty 2 onwards, P(B) is always less than P(F). So maybe I should make this a difficulty 2 roll??? ;)
E. :p Dire Lance = +2 Acc, +8L. Not exactly most powerful weapon in the game. :)
F. War keyword also means max dice pool is capped by lower of War or MA. So that's another limiter. Just by-the-by.
A. I absolutely think it makes a difference to the power of the charm, stop the first you don't cop the rest, otherwise the onslaught penalty would stack up fast, making this very expensive to defend against.
B. I can think of it that way, but as it stands because it's supplemental you can use it on each action in a flurry. Hell at the moment you can combo H-STO and Tsunami Force Shout, 14m 3wp 1hl, and then I kill everyone because TFS auto hits, no roll necessary I just get to keep going until I run outa targets in range.
C. Solar level vs. Celestial level. The godspear sucks if you compare it to HGD. Everything sucks compared to HGD. I just don't think that balancing celestial level charms around HGD is gonna give you balance in actual game useage.
D. I'd make it a Per+Aware roll vs. difficulty of the users essence. Must pass to not be blinded and deafened.
E. Maybe not but a daiklave is only +3 Acc, +6L. My point was that martial arts are general low damage until you add a form weapon.
F. War keyword means it's generally used in Mass Combat, capping only applies when you are in Mass Combat.
A. Normal Onslaught penalty is -1 DV for each attack, this only hits every second go. First strike against you at full pool, then jump, then jump back to you at -2 while your Onslaught is -1 still, then jump away, jump back at -4 with your Onslaught -2... this doesn't seem unreasonable, it's strictly worse than a standard EA charm in terms of Onslaught penalty. Stormcrow attack pool of 5+5+3+3=16, lets say celestial ddv of 7. Stormcrow flurries for 2 actions = 14vs7, then 13vs6. Stormcrow uses EA charm for 3 attacks = 16vs7, 16vs6 then 16vs5. Stormcrow uses this charm = 16vs7, 15vs?, 14vs6, 13vs?, 12vs5, 11vs?, 10vs4, 9vs?, 8vs3, 7vs?, 6vs2, 5vs?, 4vs1, 3vs?, 2vs0, 1vs? There's a lot of places it can fail there...
B. This is a serious problem, good point. Impossible combo though. Solved! ;) In seriousness, someone who's mastered two CMA should be scary with combos, and this is a good point, as other broken combos such as this may exist. Perhaps I should call this Combo Basic?
C. Ok forget HGD. Dodge Excellency. Dexterity Excellency. Take example from A. Stormcrow rolls 16 dice, foe has ddv7, Stormcrow gets 8 successes on average, foe spends 2 motes on 2nd Excellency and whole chain is shut down. Stormcrow has spent 4m1w, foe has spent 2m. If Stormcrow has this in combo then he's spending significantly more resources.
D. I considered that idea, ultimately though, I want a non-dice rolling solution as it would be a serious pain to roll that many times. :) Maybe: compare Stormcrow's Essence to foe's Perception. If SE>FP then blinded for SE actions, if SE>2xFP then blinded for scene, if SE>3xFP then blinded/deafened permanently as crippling effect (most exalts will be immune to this, and have ways of getting better, so really only going to make mortals permanently crippled).
E. I agree, but don't see this as a problem (yet). If this does more than ping an Exalt I would be fairly surprised and would surmise the Exalt is a non-fighty type. Or complete newb, I suppose. Either case deserves to get hurt by the pinacle charm of MA Style. :)
F. A fair point. Dunno what I was thinking. ;)
Made it Simple instead of Supplemental. nikink

Comments for 2nd Ed version

Slightly tweaked. Still not 100% on 2nd Ed rules, but I think this style is somewhat weaker due to the existance of DV for all. Please comment away and help me refine it into gold... B-) - nikink

You know if Scarred is ever taken out of the game, down time or otherwise, then I might roll a toon to take advantage of this style. Aoshi the second? - Muzz

wtf is a toon??? nikink (That would be cool though, be nice to have the Style put to use.)
Toon, short for cartoon, as in cartoon character. This gets used on MMO's a bit, since you are essentially playing a cartoon character. - Bencyclopedia

Added subpages per Charm for old comments nikink

Note to self: 4 commandments of charm creation

1: Do not attempt to create any means to bypass perfect defenses.

2: Do not attempt to create any means to provide permanent immunity to combat.

3: Do not attempt to create any form of infinite Essence reactor.

4: Do not attempt to create any form of Creation-destroying instant effect.

^ ^ ^ ^ --- These are what I referred to in my italicized comment after my comment, not something in the style itself. - IanPrice