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In the tomb there's bound to be; defenses strong times three The defenses overcome; the ghosts must be undone.



  • Taros Petasi - Enigmatic Elipse Scavenger Lord, maybe with ties to House Ragara?
    • Ragara Tanro - Servant of Taros
    • Madame Wang - manager(?) of the 7000 Pleasures Teahouse.
  • Baos Gap - Dawn Caste Solar, Circle mate of Taros Petasi
  • Incomparable Hammer - Twilight Caste Solar, Circle mate of Taros Petasi
  • Perfect Butterfly - Zenith Caste Solar.
    • Gare - Her father, in Riverwood
  • Madam Wu - Owner of a cheap Teahouse in Nexus...
  • Pirule Kugimo - hapless mortal Nexus labourer trying to earn a quick coin by spying on Exalts... (and a dwarf)
  • Invincible Serf of the Wyld - Noble Fae
  • Cousin Rosa of Tolinya (ex-slave, branded with the brand of the Wujin Shi Tea Company)
  • The seven emancipated slave girls
    • Bitchy (now a dedicated follower of Savvy)
    • Whiney
    • Moany (now a dedicated follower of Savvy)
    • Groany
    • Catty
    • Fussy
    • Feral (now a dedicated follower of Savvy)
  • Master Wu, Sijanese tour guide

Deceased and or Unknown


  • Nexus (d'uh!)
    • Madame Wu's Teahouse of Infinite Courage
    • The Seven-Thousand Pleasures Teahouse
    • The Drunken Carp Tavern
    • Salt of Creation Tavern (in Sentinel Hills)
    • Nexus Pool
    • Dakura's Mansion
    • The Shining Pearl, Dakura's yacht - deceased
  • An-Teng
    • Dragon's Jaw
  • Riverwood, a small village on the River of Tears. Home of Perfect Butterfly
  • Harbourhead
    • Tiraklou - Savvy's sister here once...
  • Sijan
  • Lookshy
    • Tomhaza Redoubt (Shhhh! It's a secret!)

Calendar <- Handy. :)

||||||Year 767|| ||Ascending Air|| Resplendent Air|| Descending Air|| ||Ascending Water|| Resplendent Water|| Descending Water|| ||Ascending Earth|| Resplendent Earth|| Descending Earth|| ||Ascending Wood|| Resplendent Wood|| Descending Wood|| || Ascending Fire|| Resplendent Fire|| Descending Fire|| |||||| Calibration||

||||||Year 768|| ||Ascending Air|| Resplendent Air|| Descending Air|| ||Ascending Water|| Resplendent Water|| Descending Water|| ||Ascending Earth|| Resplendent Earth|| Descending Earth|| ||Ascending Wood|| Resplendent Wood|| Descending Wood|| || Ascending Fire||Resplendent Fire|| Descending Fire|| |||||| Calibration|| Year 768

Descending Wood : The odd quartet meet in Nexus, greet a Solar, get a quest, kill a Dynast, steal a yacht.
Ascending Fire : Leave Nexus on a quest to Sijan on behalf of an Eclipse. Flee local authorities for the death of a Dynast. Bring groupies.
Descending Fire : Fae!. Scarred frustrated. Savvy furious. Phinnae flies. Jade Wisdom fights.
Calibration : weirdness happens.

||||||Year 769|| || Ascending Air|| Resplendent Air||Descending Air|| Year 769

Ascending Air : Seven Su-Chi's. Sidereal slyness. Scary stranger. Sijanese stonework. Schooling Savvy.
Resplendent Air :

23th Resplendent Air

Downtime occurs.

24th Resplendent Air

Downtime occurs.

25th Resplendent Air

Downtime occurs.

26th Resplendent Air

Downtime occurs.

27th Resplendent Air

Downtime occurs.

28th Resplendent Air

Downtime occurs.

14th Ascending Water

Downtime occurs. Phinnae limit breaks

22nd Ascending Water

The smell of Nexus greets the Companions long before it comes into sight. They hastily try to remove as many Guild paraphernalia and markings as they can. This is probably a bit late, given the amount of river traffic.

Phinnae captains the boat easily into a berth at the Nexus Pool. Once docked, everyone packs what little belongings they have and Scarred becomes Easily Overlooked in order to keep the giant Orichalcum Bow hidden. Then they make their way to the Teahouse of 7000 Pleasures.

Phinnae flies there as a condor and once in human form again she knocks on the door of the Teahouse, having arrived hours before everyone else. Madame Wang answers. The old woman looks a bit surprised to see Phinnae all by herself, and asks as to the whereabouts of the others.

In her characteristically uncharismatic manner, Phinnae says it's none of the old woman's business, then bluntly demands to see Rosa. Madame Wang informs her that Rosa departed for her home months ago. Phinnae then asks for a bath. And a new change of clothes!

Madame Wang agrees that the barbarian smells quite strongly and leads Phinnae through several corridors of giggles behind closed doors to a well appointed room. Phinnae demands Madame Wang tell Taros that the others are on their way. Madame Wang refuses politely, saying that Master Taros is in Firewander at present. Phinnae pauses for a second to consider this, then tells Madame Wang to get rooms and tea ready for everyone.

Walking through the busy and overcrowded streets of Nexus, Jade Wisdom takes pleasure in explaining (and warning about) the city to Perfect Butterfly, as she has come to be known.

A large, well built man brings Phinnae some hot water and fresh clothes. While he is in her room, trapped some might say, she asks him about recent events in Nexus. He says Master Taros, Captain Baos and Mistress Incomparable Hammer have been working on a large project, but he doesn't know what that project is.

The others arrive at last at the well appointed foyer and are met by the gracious Madame Wang. Savvy enquires after Phinnae and Taros, and is told that though Phinnae is here, Taros is regrettably not. Madame Wang then leads them all to well appointed guest rooms.

They all spot a large, well built man leaving another room in a hurry with a concerned look upon his face. Phinnae can be heard beyond the door saying she was only trying to say thankyou!

Half an hour later or so, Madame Wang gets Phinnae from her room and leads her to a lush lounge replete with tasty snacks gentle music and several varieties of tea from around Creation. Soon after Phinnae has gotten comfortable, the rest arrive. Jade Wisdom 's eyes light up upon spotting the tea and he sips it with relish and delight. After devouring the exquisit snacks, Perfect Butterfly, Savvy and ex-slave girls all go to a communal bathroom. Jade Wisdom and the sailors then do likewise.

Around mid-afternoon everyone is refreshed, relaxed, re-clothed and reclining back in the lounge.

Then Scarred reappears, dirty, dishevelled and smelling like a brewery full of pig-swill. Despite this the others make small talk with him and fill him in on the news, such as it is, about Taros. Savvy asks Feral to tell more about Nexus and its laws and customs, as the girl grew up in the city. While she speaks, Scarred and the sailors get quite drunk, before eventually, the sailors take their leave, getting paid by Madame Wang on the way out.

The night passes uneventfully, and very comfortably.

23rd Ascending Water


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