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One-Night Stand

My entrant to the first NC17 Exalted Contest

From the edges of Creation this hideous Exalt comes. A perfectly formed fantasy of rippling muscles and soft downy hair to some, a hideous shape of tentacled violation to others. In human form, your ideal mate and fantasy come true, but always, constantly, aroused and smelling of sex, with perfect (though large) sexual organs. In Deadly Beastman Form, an unholy amalgam of creatures - a dozen writhing tentacles sprout forth from suggestive fleshy openings all over the body, each capable of probing flesh and depositing sexual material. Fur, scales, bright feathers and slime replace the human flesh, the mouth becomes beak-like and the eyes enlarge to pools of blackness. The tongue becomes an engorged tentacle in it's own right. All orifices become capable of secreting quite dangerous (though still quite fertile) acidic material when necessary.

One-Night Stand was a Courtesan Slave in Meru during the months leading to the Usurpation. The night the Deliberative fell was the night One-Night Stand's brutalised form was visited by a more tender lover surrounded by a shimmering silver light, and Exaltation was gifted with a lover's caress.

Taking advantage of the confusion the new Exalt fled far from the Blessed Isle, to the furthest reaches where Creation warred with Chaos. And as the years passed, so did One-Night Stand's power grow, unformed and twisted by the loss of a Caste, yet always surviving as Luna dictated. All creatures great and small were feasted upon for their heart's blood... but other urges became prominent. The weakness of those who succumbed to the Wyld could only be fought by breeding stronger, more resilient offspring in every generation. And in One-Night Stand's maddened mind, only its offspring could be strong enough!

No creature is safe from the Lunar's predations. A new species will be consumed for it's Heart's Blood, but those are rare these days. Over the last thousand years or so, One-Night Stand has bred with countless millions of creatures. Never staying longer than necessary to procreate. A shadowy nightmare to some, and glorious sexual god (or goddess) to others. It has thousands of children scattered across Creation (of all species) and some of it's more intelligent offspring have taken to worshipping One-Night Stand as a fertility god(dess) and practice elaborate rites in order to gain their fickle deity's favour. Wild orgiastic parties are commonly used and many include interspecies mingling in an attempt to imitate their deity.

One-Night Stand no longer cares for individuals except as breeding stock and uses its considerable powers (and Charms) to manipulate and seduce whatever, and who-ever catches its eye. If they do not struggle, a night of fantasy as the lunar changes to whatever appearance they most desire. To more resistant stock a terrifying mass of tentacles and sex organs can take by force what was not given... and those who attempt combat can be quite literally taken by surprise during a clinch.

Many lands have tales of a deity mating with certain citizens in the guise of various animals of potent imagery. From lonely herders seeking comfort within their herds, to Virginal Brides of Ahlat being seduced by their god in the form of a mighty bull! These legends all (or mostly all) stem from One-Night Stand's visitations... and the legends, deeds and infamy of One-Night Stand penetrate even the most hide-bound Immaculate Temples in the Realm.

To ensure the potential mother's ability to carry for the full term, healing Charms (including memory wiping) are often used after the act. Father's get no such luxury and are left exhausted and spent. Those who recover well may be considered for the honour of mating again... their strength a desirable trait!