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This is a layout stolen from TrialBySchmendrick to facilitate an On-line Match in ImmortalKombat.

Trial started: Friday, April 23, 2010 7:29AM PDT
Trial completed: {date}


Twice Clashing Lightning - Dawn Caste - Arms of the Unconquered Sun Style

The Horror Under Lock and Key - Slayer Caste - Infernal Monster Style

1. Full Essence 5 builds allowed (Yay Essence 5 Debut!)

2. Full Artifacts allowed.

Arena + Setup

The southern slopes of Mount Metagalapa. The mountain rises to the north and the peak can be glimpsed through the white halo of cloud. To the south the smoke from a village can be seen before the precipitous fall away to the scavenger lands below. The ground is moderately inclined and strewn with outcroppings of rock and low copses of trees. Around the village is scattered small plots of land to grow their meagre harvests. To the north west of the mountain is the capital with its eyries and valleys. To the north east lies a ravine and rushing stream.

On this wind blasted wasteland appears a large, brutish man wearing nothing but purple silk pants. Those with keen hearing can detect the faint sound of a ticking clock emanating from his muscular chest. He grunts and wipes his mop of black, dirty hair out of his eyes.

Some 29 yards away appears another man...


Tick -1

Join Battle: Twice Clashing Lightning (TCL) A pitiful 3 successes.

Tick 0

Flavor text describing the events, stunts, etc.

Mechanics of one fighter
Mechanics of another fighter. If a fighter makes an attack, use the attack steps. Second Edition, for example, would be:
  1. Attack specifics, including charm use.
    1. Additional details, like countercharms
    2. Or other responses to the attack made during this step
  2. Defense declaration
  3. Attack roll
  4. Attack reroll
  5. External penalties
  6. Defense reroll
  7. Base damage
  8. Soak
  9. Counterattacks
  10. Result

Tick 1

Tick 2


A section for what was learned

Home player

Away player


Initial Negotiations

A space for the original conversation that set up the trial. This will probably be the first space filled in on a page, but it placed at the end because it becomes increasingly less relevant as the trial continues. This is where players will talk about which signs to use and so on.

Player Chat

I'll leave environmental description at the start to you, I'm kind of terrible with setting scenes... my players always complain. =( -Sabis

Observer Comments

A space for onlookers to discuss stuff (and players to respond).