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by Nagon

This is my Sidereal campaign that has been running for almost a year now.

I generally gloss over the rules and run with what is most cool interesting and sensible, having stats as guide line.

The Campaign starts 10 years after the empresses disappearance and does not follow exalted Canon exactly using the LoreOneExalted principle. The Division Of Inauspicious Terrestrial Events, is a new division formed under the Bureau of Destiny for handling terrestrial events. It consists of a few newly trained Sidereals the PC's. The Division started with rather limited resources, mundane weapons and the cloths on their backs. They also got a rang 4 sidereal manse in central Yu-Shan, the heart stone enabling communication between those that held one of it's five parts. All new members also had large gaps in their knowledge primarily regarding Celestial law and standard operating procedures.
Whom it's patrons are and who gives them missions is a mystery.

Nagon/Daust : Chosen of Battles, ex gladiator from the south still fighting

Nagon/Lorenso : Chosen of Secrets, once thief from the west now a sorcerer

Nagon/Martin : Chosen of Journeys, once a guard now traveler and manipulator, also known as Bob Justice

Nagon/SharonWinternigth : Chosen of Endings, was a shamans apprentice in the north now a accomplice martial artist

Important NPC's:

She whom sings tranquility: Abyssal, hated enemy and love interest.
Li Tihan: Martial Arts mentor and Bronze faction contact.
That Deep Wyld Thing: Something from pure chaos that causes madness around it and is source of much grief.
Tinja : Fay? found in first age ruin. Has the mind of a child.

The Green Lady : Powerful, unstable and unpredictable, also party crasher.
Aru Aru : Responsible for assigning the PC to the division. It's Unclear what her relation to the division is.
Ayesha Ura : Gold faction leader
Chejop Kejak : They have discovered that he died after defeating FaFL. This is kept secret.
Arina : helped Lorenso learn celestial circle sorcery.
Daniel Sunshield : Idealistic Dawncast solar Hero, hair might be invulnerable.
Rosenblack : Seems to have have defected to Lockshy.

LuTsu, Tyon Int, Krin, Mahinj, Gods assigned to the division for support purposes.

All formal mission were given as printed documents with a written date and marked with the signs of the maidens relevant for that mission. The letters had different styles and formating that unfortunately is lost here. These are not all missions and adventures they have had only the ones that had formal mission status.
Mission Letters: