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28 September 20006 Archive

Hi there! Please make use of subpages and follow BestPractices to ensure a kinder, happier, nicer wiki. - Telgar

Welcome aboard! Consider flagging multiple changes to a large project as Minor edits, then editting the root page - like the Salt Lotus main page - with one major edit describing the whole of the update; this reduces the clutter on RecentChanges and makes for a cleaner wiki. -- BerserkSeraph

I get to be a bit rude now, since you seem to have ignored the first hints. BestPractices. Read it, and use it. This means no top-level, non-wiki-word pages. Your essays go in (preferably concisely-named) subpages, either of your userpage or of a general essay page; same with the fiction. And you'll need to redirect the old pages to the new ones; BestPractices will tell you how to do that too. - LeumasWhite

  • Poor assumption on your part. I have read Best Practices and was more than happy to follow BerserkSeraph’s polite suggestions. As far as Best Practices, the language is ambiguous. With regards to the use of Wiki words it states, “We like them and encourage them…” Nowhere is it stated that their use is mandatory on top-level pages. As far as the use of sub pages: “Many wikizens prefer to place some or all of their content on subpages of their UserPage.” Again, no imperative is stated. ~ MunificentPerception.
I like WikiWords. Most of the time anyway. It lets me go to a particular page by guessing its WikiWords and typing the http directly. I can't do this for things with brackets and will have to hunt down links instead. If you want to make it easier for others to read your stuff, consider using WikiWords. I do agree that sometimes WikiWords are not what I'm looking for, but this should be the exception, not the rule. - TonyC
I wrote most of BestPractices, and maybe I should clarify the fact that, yeah, the reason WikiWords are so encouraged is that it makes it easier for people to find stuff. As far as I know, there is no mechanical or other reason to do so -- people just like the look better and it's way, way less confusing. It has, however, developed that people are more likely to read pages that observe Wikiquette, so take that for what you will. Page names with spaces in them may lead people to assume that your page is badly set up / unreadable / whatever.

As you say, Munificent, there's no such thing as imperatives 'round here. I love y'all for trying to keep the wiki navigable and pretty, though.
~ Shataina
It looks like Wiki words are the cultural norm and standard here. I’ll reformat the page at first opportunity. ~ MunificentPerception
Apologies for the mild rudeness. We have had a number of people come in and basically cut a swathe of messy pages through the wiki, so I tend to get quickly annoyed with users who start editing without looking at (or appearing not to look at) the guidelines. Again, I apologize. - LeumasWhite
No problem. I am utterly new to this and making wiki pages is about the sum total of my programming experience. ~ MunificentPerception.