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Kassat wears robes (and is composed of) of shimmering glass, prismatic and bright. Underneath these, she holds treasures the like of which the world may never know. The folds of her garb part from time to time, and what it reveals is never human beneath, but a collection of oddities and wonders the likes of which even the Wyld might find far-fetched and amazing. Sometimes, little trinkets fall free from her body, and she does not notice this unless called to her attention. What falls may be as unimportant as a sphere that emits a gentle glow, and does not move from where it is placed, even if that place should be in midair, or a first-age weapon of unfathomable potential. Kassat deals only in unique items: that which she has already will not interest her, unless its possession makes her own more valuable.

Kassat is the ultimate collector, wanting at least one of everything. She holds in herself an illuminated copy of the Immaculate texts which she insists is the first draft ever created, a daiklave that slew five fetich-demons, and a simple orichalcum ring which she insists she will never trade away. None know the meaning of this small piece, though it is whispered that her payment for it has not yet been delivered. Kassat is not talking, and those who find these trinkets if she drops them are well-advised to return them: ill luck follows all those who hold her trinkets, and she herself is given the right to pursue them wherever they go.

She is, in fact, personable when not on the trail of some new item, if obsessive and concerned with minutiae a little much, and haughty when given the change to flaunt he knowledge of artifacts and artwork and all those other things she contains within herself. And her knowledge continues to grow, with time, for everything she takes into herself imparts memories, flashes, thoughts and words. Rarely is it anything of cnsequence, but as a result she IS the greatest collection of odd facts in addition to items.

In short, Kassat is a demonic omni-fangirl.