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Echthros, the Rip in the World-cloth

The Demon Echthros, Third Soul of the Ebon Dragon, appears most often as a man clad in black robes. This raiment goes beyond the pitch that even the greatest dyers in the world can manage, and in it one can see nothing but perhaps half-remembered snippets of their own nightmares. Looking beyond this, one could perhaps dismiss the one who wears these robes as being a normal man, as he has a noted preference for smoked glasses and speaks rarely. Should his spectacles be removed, though, one will see pits of darkness where he has eyes. There are not even sockets in those depths, but the yawning blackness that is his true nature. Should he open his mouth, one will see a similar gate to the abyss.

Another form of his, found only in rumor, is that of a massive, raiton-shapped mass of the void.

Among the inhabitants of Malfeas, Echthros is one of the few who truly comprehends the nature of the Malfeans, and knowing this, he is perhaps one of the few who truly supports their ultimate goals. For Echthros hates Creation, being made of something wholly outside of it.

Creation, for its part, rejects Echthros such that even the summoning of him by a solar exalt is difficult, and requires the summoner to sacrifice that which he holds most dear to himself. This is consumed by Echthros upon his arrival; several sorcerors in the first age went mad, wondering what they had given up to summon the Rip in the World-cloth.

Powers: Anything that Echthros consumes is stricken from the memory of Creation and Yu-shan, so much so that even the closest friends and family of one so disposed of will be unable to concieve of the existence of such a person. Not even Marthesine could aid in the recovery of such forgotten things, for they have utterly ceased to exist. Mortals and objects can be annihilated with little more than a sideways glance. Exalts must be physically slain, first, to so destroy either themselves or objects attuned to them. The only restriction, in the end, is that the target be manifest; ideas and concepts are beyond his power. He may also strip armies of their passions and will, leaving them unable to rally or fight. Finally, it is rumored that like Marthesine, he may return what he has consumed. He will admit that there is indeed truth to this belief, if summoned and questioned, but the conditions are twofold. First, the object (or person) being recovered must be named both in self and relationship to the sorceror, and second, something of greater value must be offered.

His Souls are:

  • Trespan The Mourning Sage: Wisdom
  • Oskilla The Eggshell Sentry: Expressive
  • Sossurl The Mason of Being: Defining
  • Mellamy Confessor Wreathed in Grey: Indulgent
  • Roiye Mote in the Eye of the Sun: Warden
  • Kassat The Vigilant Collector: Messenger