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Martial Arts Initiations

Terrestrial | Celestial | Sidereal | Unusual | Initiations

by FourWillowsWeeping
In Exalted: The Dragonblooded and the Exalted Players' Guide, we find the first three Martial Arts cascades that are not incorporated into a full Style. These three "initiations" extend the learner's understanding of the Martial Arts; in particular, they allow Terrestrial Exalted to learn Celestial Martial Arts, and thereby reach the full development of their potential.

This reflects the pattern found in Sorcery, where the Lunar and Sidereal Exalted are able to learn Terrestrial Circle Sorcery with no unusual effort, but must pass through formalized training schemata - the moonsilver-shaping and tattoo-cutting training of Lunars and the Scripture-usage of Sidereals - before that master Celestial Circle Sorcery and reach the limit of their sorcerous ability.

What's odd about these initations is that there are several gaps in Martial Arts practice - the Lunar inability to cross-Combo with their native Charms, the two-leveled, Sidereal-exclusive sutras, and so forth - but all three bridges we see in canon only cross one of them, the gap between Terrestrial and Celestial practice. So, in the spirit of the canonical initiations, the ones that follow intend to expand the flexibility of Exalted martial arts without defeating its spirit. Being Martial Arts Charms, they have no type, but the primary benefit of an initiation is type-specific.

The initiations are categorized here by the maximum rank of Martial Arts that their benefits apply to, and also what rank of Charms they are learned as. The Player's Guide suggests that two Charms is the most efficient length for a Celestial initiation, so I am operating on the theory that each successive rank doubles the length of its initiation: Terrestrial initiations are only one Charm, Sidereal initiations require four, and breakthrough initiations (if such things exist, they would expand the power of Martial Arts even beyond the Sidereal sphere) would require eight.

Terrestrial Initiation

Kirin's Claw Initiation - by FourWillowsWeeping
This initiation allows the Terrestrial Exalted more flexibility in their form weaponry.

Celestial Initiation

Immaculate Initiation - Canon Initiation
Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded - Page 241
Iris Bulb Understanding of Secular and Profane Brokerage - Canon Initiation
Exalted Players' Guide - Page 236
Tiger-and-Bear Initiation - Canon Initiation
Exalted Players' Guide - Page 237
Ascension From Earth To The Heavens - by Falcon
This two stage initiation was devised to prepare a Dragon-Blood for the rigours of channeling Celestial martial arts.
Brass Epitet Initiation - by GoldenCat
Infernal initiation that opens one's perception to the nature of the Yozi.
Dragons Road Initiation - by Issaru
This is taught by the Sidereals of the Gold Faction to help their Solar cats paws face the Immaculates on equal footing.
Eternal Material - by Wordman
A large style that contains a transition from terrestrial to celestial.
Lotus Root - by FlowsLikeBits
A long initiation
Moth Chases Every Flame - by GoldenCat
Initiation for light-chasing saints.
The Rose and the Grave Path - by GoldenCat
Underworld initiation that describes the relationship between life and death.
The Sixteen Efficacious Extensions of Space - by David.
While these four Charms, when all mastered, enable the Terrestrial martial artist to advance to the Celestial level, they are often taught as holding the secrets to physical conflict, and its reimagining.
Shining Path - by GoldenCat
Underworld initiation that brings illumination through worship.
Typhoon Soul Initiation - by Stanoje
This opens up the Celestial martial arts to god-blooded characters.

Sidereal Initiation

Wrapt in Crystal Initiation - by FourWillowsWeeping
This initiation allows the Solar Exalted access to a Student's Sutra.
Tortured Soul Initiation - by Scrollreader
This initiation allows the Abyssal Exalted and like minded fellows access to the dread power of Soulsteel, in the Magical Materials Form.
Heaven Besieged Initiation - by haren
This initiation allows the Abyssal Exalted to access the power of Sutras.

Breakthrough Initiation

None of these are known.


May I direct you all to the MartialArts/KataSystem for a house-rule revamp of Martial Arts?

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