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The Rose and the Grave Path

Once there was a Maiden...
... who followed a man of light in a world of shadow.
One day she looked back, and saw that a sea followed the light, too.
She tried to talk to the sea, but the sea wouldn't listen.
Then she ripped a wave's heart, placing a little maiden on its place,
and the wave talked, and the wave sang!
"Teaching is hard", she mused.

The Rose and the Grave Path deals with Underworld beings and their interactions with the living world.


Roses-Among-Graves Sight
Cost: 5 motes
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Martial Arts: 3
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisite Charms: None
The dead seek life. It pulses in them, calls for them. Even the barest drop of blood spilled in the Underworld calls Hun and Po both, wishing to savor the taste of the living. Adopting the mask of a Shades' hunger, the Martial Artist begins to feel the scent of life, as stark as that of fresh roses in a graveyard, wherever it hides! The Martial Artist is able to feel any living beings within (his Essence x10 yards), seeing them as crimson-rose-colored ghostly silhouettes through anything, be it thick underbrush, fog, mist, or even walls, never receiving any penalty to fight them through such obstacles. Further, the Martial Artist cannot be surprised by living beings, as he will always feel them coming from any direction.

Harvesting Blood Roses
Cost: 5 motes, 1 willpower
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Martial Arts: 4
Minimum Essence: 3
Prerequisite Charms: Roses-In-Graves Sight
Flesh cold as a grave, every step leaving ghostly petals of Essence behind himself, the Martial Artist adopts the attittude of the graveyard keeper in harvest, taking away all that is living to mantain the peace of the dead. For the remainder of the scene the Martial Artist receives one extra success in all attacks against living beings(only those of flesh and blood, not the Undead or Spirits, automata or other sorts of creatures), and is able to strike against living material targets even when he himself is immaterial. Instead of receiving one extra success, Ghosts may wish to channel an appropriate Passions at the invocation of this Charm, receiving it as a bonus dice to all attacks for the remainder of the scene instead.