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The Way of the Gentle Master [version 0.1]
Celestial Level Martial Arts Style

The Way of the Gentle Master is not one to be taken lightly. No, many young students have begun to walk the path, only to find that it is long, and tiring. They know that wasting one's time on such a path provides few benefits, as there are quicker, more direct ways to power. These students, as one might imagine, are wrong. The way of the gentle master is not a way of war, nor a means of defeating one's opponent. It is a means of education, of control, and of superiority.

As the style was originally developed as a means of helping to train other martial artists, it is possible to use any type of weapon, however, not all are equally well suited for such use. While practicing the Gentle Master's style, one is careful not to permanently harm one's student. While this allows the practitioner to fully employ the potential of bashing martial arts weapons, when attempting to use more dangerous weapons (i.e. those causing lethal damage), the difficulty of all actions with the weapon increase by 1 and the weapon does 2 fewer dice of damage, with the remainder counted as bashing.

While it might be possible to wear armor while practicing the style, to do so would eliminate the whole point of its many tactics. Given the intense relationship between a martial art style and the mindset of one of its students, while wearing armor might be possible, the act of doing so prevents the activation of all charms in the style.

"One who has acheived the "

Major Themes: Quickness, Reaction, and Essence-Recycling Minor Themes: Assured Defenses, Lack of need for preparation

The charm tree is composed of 10 charms. 4 entry-level charms, a form charm, 4 higher level charms, and the ultimate charm. All charms are reflexive, with the initial four charms all instant, and the advanced charms all scene-long. The entry level charms are Ess2, while the form and second-level charms are essence 3. Finally, the ultimate charm is Essence 4.

Charm Ideas

  • Lower target's init
  • Ignore environmental penalties to attack/defense
  • change declared attack to defense
  • parry that keeps getting better until you attack
  • attack that keeps getting better until you hit
  • convert lethal into bashing, can't put someone into lethal
  • supplemental disarm
    • improved supplemental disarm
      • scene-long disarm attempts
  • supplemental applicability remover (choose dodge or parry)
  • bonus to intimidate or impress rolls
  • some means to limit your opponent's attack rate
  • means to hide wound penalties and essence pool usage
  • "Effortless Countenance of Superiority" - Any time he uses a charm and you don't in a conflicted contest, you gain motes
  • increase TN to hit you
    • increase TN to damage you (at cost of same TN to you?)
      • increase TN to oppose you
  • Parry for others
    • Dodge for others
  • Ess 6 charm - die. Choose a character upon whom you have used at least 6 of these charms in the past one month. Choose a martial art style with which you are familiar. If your Martial Arts rating is higher than the character's, increase the character's rating by one. That character immediately learns all charms in that style that you knew, even if those charms exceed his normal requirements. As long as he does not meet the requirements for a given charm, he may not activate it, nor gain its benefits, but he may place it in combos. Immediately upon meeting the requirements for the charm, he may use it normally.

The Charms


Cost: motes
Duration: Instant
Type: Reflexive
Minimum Martial Arts: 2
Minimum Essence: 2
Prerequisites: None


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