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White Eye Stone

A stone capable of allowing the user to continue walking where nothing should be able to support them, so-long as they don't look down or back. It is a Level 4 Air stone.

Tsagaan's Web - willows


Fissures in the earth make a simplified FEAR glyph on the ground above this Manse. Thousands of hiro below (the precise measurement is impossible to make with modern tools, but it can be assumed to be a magical multiple of this occult unit), the fissures meet in a vast cavern, in which columns and arches tangle in a confusing way. They are all made of moonstone, making it very difficult to navigate the cavern without first setting stationary light sources. The main columns are hollow and each contains several chambers, once occupied by Tsagaan's haremenagerie, where he collected feminine beauty from all the worlds.

The Hearthstone forms at the top of the cavern and immediately drops into a complex system of channels, rails, and steam jets built into the structure, that send it hurtling at breakneck speeds around the web, sometimes even launching it through the air. As the system is not maintained, various bits of debris, mummified rats, blocks of ice, and so on have gotten caught in the channel system; without severe cleaning, the cavern has Awareness 2 instability (see Athletics rules) and failure to maintain "footing" results in the character taking an embarrassing fall.

It is difficult to leave the cavern without some means of flight, such as that provided by the stone; the fissures are satiny smooth and have many more overhangs than ledges.


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