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You don't always have the time to sculpt a whole tree of Charms for every new martial-artist character in your games. But you can make it seem like you did, if you have a cool name for their Style. Please alphabetise, for prettiness.



  • Jade Lion: (FourWillowsWeeping) There is a family of Terrestrial styles with high-flown names like this, and technique titles to match. They are generally sub-optimal in concept and execution. Related Styles include:
    • Adamant Crane
    • Celadon Kraken
    • Platinum Kirin
  • Cloud-Palm Style: (Ikselam) An Air style which uses fans, and focuses on phantom-fist techniques. Might have separate branches for "open fan" and "closed fan" moves.
  • Wind Reed Style: (haren) A twisting style focusing on striking around defenses. It uses whip-like movements with canes in such a way as to be able to slice through flesh with the ease of a blade.
  • Eightfold Octopus Indiscriminate Grappling Style: (Ikselam) An unpredictable, clinch-oriented Water style. Favors fighting chains and seven-section staves.
  • Willow Style (or Bamboo Style or something like that): (Ikselam) A Wood pressure-point style. Probably favors bamboo staves.

Abandoned Styles



  • Alabaster Tide: (FourWillowsWeeping) The ocean wave is unbroken, the moon smiles on the seashore.
  • Elemental Mastery Techniques: (Insanewizard) Actually 5 seperate martial arts (eart, air, fire, water, and wood)using high levels of essence to manipulate the very elements around us. I know this sounds terrestrial but I don't think they have the essence control to actually creat/control each element.
  • Fleeting Divestiture of Fate Style (WeepingStar) Style developed and used principally by Sidereals. Uses scissors or shears (or paired hook swords in a pinch) to metaphorically "cut" bits out of the threads of fate and move them around. Charms focus on temporarily switching various things (initiative, ability scores, etc) with your opponent.
  • Graven Butterfly: (FourWillowsWeeping) An insect carved of stone.
  • Instrument of the Great Maker: (Moxiane) A joint Celestial / Alchemical style. Emulates the effects of various tools (hammers, ploughs, etc...) The Alchemical Exalted get extra effects due to installation costs.
  • Invincible Spider: (DigitalSentience) A spider-inspired style based around defense: the practitioner draws their opponent ever inward, applying cumulative negative bonuses, until unleashing a single devastating offensive designed to disable quickly and painfully.
  • Monkey Over the Moon: (Quendalon) Impossible leaps, lunatic disposition.
  • Peacock Style: (TedPro) Low-level Celestial Martial Art intended for stylish self-defense of a courtier, diplomat or duellist. Eclipsish. Flashy moves that encourage stunts, lots of escape and avoidance techniques, lots of ways to enhance movement. Dazzling methods of ending combat without causing damage.
  • Shrike Style: (Ikselam) Uses spears as form weapons. Concentrates on mobility, armor-piercing, and impalation.
  • River of Time Style (Rooster) Uses spears (such as fishing spears) and perhaps tridents. Uses essence to manipulate the flows of time and slow down or speed up the subjective time around the practioner.
  • Gambling Fool Form: (MessiahOfEndings) A style that harnesses, manipulates, and duplicates the essence flows in games of chance, and allows the use of playing cards as form weapons. Probably invented by a Siderial with a Gambling problem.
  • Titanic Kraken of War: (Mapache) Invented by a Lunar in the First Age. Brutal style focussing on strength, reach, clinches, and holding multiple opponents simultaneously. Fully usable in the water, and great for pirates and others with the frequent need to board ships.

Abandoned Styles



  • Amber Paths of Wisdom: (Mapache) Sidereal style that allows you knock knowledge from books into your students, inspired by an RSB comment on the limits of MA.
  • Argent Scorpion of Contradiction: (FourWillowsWeeping) Dispute, a Sidereal style that defends with words and attacks with toxic ideas and enevenomed tridents.
  • Azure Lips of Desire: (Mapache) Sidereal social style. The form charm turns your lips blue and adds Mental and Social traits to each other. Lets you parry innuendo, dodge other people's arguments, counterattack with razor-ship wit, and generally gank around with the emotions of others. Kiss people to steal their soul. The pinnacle charm makes your voice an in-style weapon. "My name is a killing word."
  • Black Expectoration of Blasphemies (Telgar) Jinxes, Hexes and Curses, dark power and vicious vengence. A highly estoic style based on Citrine Poxes that inflicts Blasphemies (Form Charms with negetive effects) on its targets. Divided into Fate, Body and Soul Blasphemies on the bottom, a Form, and then general curses on top. MartialArts/HexStyle is a source for ideas.
  • Melancholy Blue Heaven Style: (Ikselam) Once, there was a maiden... who lived in a blue world. And all day and all night, everything she saw was blue, like her, inside and outside. A style which has to do with beautiful sadness (and obscure song-title references).
  • Sable Evocation of Image: (DigitalSentience) A style based on the supernatural ability to bring drawings and paintings to life, the martial artist can eventually control the subjects of their art, create phantasmal servants from simple sketches, or trap a target's soul in a work of art.
  • Scarlet Tears of Autumn: (Mapache) Slowly dripping blood and dry leaves blowing in the cold wind. A Sidereal style perfect for sad bishi boys suffering from unimaginable loss. Spears as in-style weapons. Bonuses tied to virtues. Early access to agg vs Fair Folk, and later on, vs everyone.
  • Reflective Ocean of Memory Style: (Xarak) Designed by a Primordial and taught to a traitor Sidereal who changed sides during the War. The traitor survived, but thanks to this style, no-one remembered his betrayal, and he , or she, survived throughout the First Age and taught it to a single disciple...very sneaky, focusses on attacks which will not be remembered, stealth, and attacks which can change or damage memories.
  • Remembrance of the Cycle Style: (issaru) Style specializing in defence. looking deceptively simple because of the slow movements but acts with a supernatural awareness of the environment and their opponent. Not compatible with any weapon. Lots of counters and dodges but absolutely no initiative adders.
  • Verdigris Whispers of Doom: (Mapache) The personal style of the Green Lady. It operates outside of Fate, can manipulate people's perceptions of reality as well as warping time and space itself, and is particularly effective in the Underworld, where it allows the control of ghosts and spectres.

Abandoned Styles


  • Chartreuse Queen of Daggers: (Wohksworth) A style for rogues and sorcerers. Daggers fuck-all everywhere: throwing them, wielding them, stabbing them into important veins; making them from Essence. An early Charm (the form?) allows you to draw conjured duplicates indentical to an existing thrown weapon, for the purposes of Charms in the tree. Keep enemies at bay through shear number of potential attacks; a defensive branch could include a blade-storm Charm.
  • Lord of Protective Coins: (haren) Another style for rouges, but of a more social nature. Deeply based in the ideals of the perfect graft. Able to "charge" a person for temporary protection from attack, to "bribe" someone attacked to fight for you, and similar tricks.
  • Dance of the Thousand Masks: (haren)Visual tricks, and based on plays. Charm names like Tragic Ending's Visage, Comedy's Smiling Joke.
  • Iron Phoenix: (FourWillowsWeeping) This Style's Charms are the Phoenix's emotions: The Sorrow of Iron Phoenix, Iron Phoenix's Regret, Iron Phoenix Bereft... - from Rebecca Borgstrom, WeaponsOfTheGods fiction.
  • MAStyleIdeaBank/BigOldListOfIdeas: (DigitalSentience) A bunch of names for martial arts I came up with over a longish period of time. They're pretty hit-or-miss, so read at your discretion.


So, Mapache! Just thought I'd point out that you can do the two core ideas from Amber Paths of Wisdom (forcible education) and Azure Lips of Desire (voice as deadly weapon) with my Forbidding Manse of Ivy Style. - willows

Yo (Ikselam) .Love the {Melancholy Blue Heaven Style} name and the song{Blue} - Issaru

Maybe it's just me, but "Sable Evocation of Image" sounds like it's style that ensures you always look good -- or at least striking -- in black. -- JesseLowe

I hadn't considered such a thing, but you're right. No doubt the practitioners of Sable Evocation of Image resemble a cross between an art-school student and Bruce Lee. Which actually sounds pretty cool. - DigitalSentience