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Frenzied Blade Dance</b>

 <b>Cost: 2 motes per reduction, 1 willpower
 Duration: One turn
 Type: Reflexive
 Min Dexterity: 2
 Min Essence: 2
 Prereqs: None

Weilding his weapons as easily as he would his two fists or two sets of claws, a Lunar Exalted can make devestating attacks against his foe of the moment. When using two or more weapons, the Lunar can use this Charm to reduce the penalty for taking multiple actions by 1 for every two motes spent. This reduction affects all actions taken during the turn in which this Charm was used. No more motes can be spent on this Charm then the Lunar has dots in Essence. Despite being of non-instant duration, Frenzied Blade Dance can be put into combos.

Note: This Charm acts as an alternate pre-requisite to Spinning Blade Attack.

Assurance of Blood</b>

 <b>Cost: 2 motes per success
 Duration: Instant
 Type: Supplemental
 Min Dexterity: 2
 Min Essence: 2
 Prereqs: None

The weapons of the Lunars, especially those made of Moonsilver, often share the hunger their masters have for the blood of their enemies. A Lunar can assure himself of wounding his opponent with every strike by using this Charm. For every 2 motes spent, convert one die of an attack roll into an automatic success. No more dice can be converted then the Lunar has dots in Dexterity.

Note: This Charm acts as an alternate pre-requisite to Weapon Fusion Method.

Comments =

I would reduce the cost of Assurance of Blood to one mote per dot for while it does make you get a more consistent roll it stymies that really lucky roll. -BogMod

Assurance of Blood is just a clone of Deadly Claw Attack or whatever the Unarmed version is. I do think its a bit pricey, mote per success? Dunno. - telgar

The thing with conversion charms is that they really should be only 1 mote/sucess because you are technically removing one die from your pool as well. Each die gives you approximately 0.5 sucesses so adding a single sucess while subtracting a die is just the same, mathamatically, as adding a die. Admittedly, -knowing- that you have a base level of sucess is valuable, but considering that dragonblooded get charms that add 2 dice for a single mote of essence (often with a larger limit), it makes little sense for combat abilities to require TWICE the amount of motes that they mathamatically should. This just makes the Solar brawl charm that buys stunt dice as sucesses totally retarded (it's 3m/succ). -- Halloween

Yeah, but those are stunt dice. You spend three motes and get two back. - Hapushet
Not the point, Hapushet, because Stunts should get you motes back for other stuff. That Charm SHOULD cost 1 per sux since its limit is so tiny.

Actually, I did some experiments. Take a Solar and a Lunar with a base pool of 13 each. The Solar will average 6.5 successes, as will the Lunar. Now, assume both spend 10 motes, the Solar on a dice-adder, the Lunar on a converter. The Solar now averages 11.5 successes and the Lunar averages 9 successes. This, to me, seems correct. Now, lets turn the Converter to 1-to-1 efficiency and repeat. Solar still averages at 11.5 but now the Lunar averages at 11.5 as well. Lunar Charms are supposed to be inferior to Solar Charms. So I'm happy with the 11.5 to 9 set up, with converters costing 2 per success. - Telgar

There are more advantages to converters than simple averages, though. While the Lunar may average 2.5 fewer successes per roll than the solar, consider how often the Lunar has to concern herself with rolling, say, 3 successes. Or none. Or botching. Lunar dice converters are quite powerful simply because they mean you will never roll badly - ever. You may not roll as well as you might have otherwise, but total failure is simply not an option. Moreover, you can't forget that Lunars have dice-adders too. With this setup, you are basically able to buy extra successes on the vast majority of Dexterity-based actions for 3 motes per success, plus one WP, up to your Dex. That's not too shabby, if you ask me. - Hapushet
While you're basically correct, don't forget that Lunar's don't have Dex-adders and Dex-converters. They have unarmed attack and armed attack (now that I've written the armed converter) adders and converters. They aren't Alchies. Whoever wrote their Charms wrote them as if they WERE based on Abilities instead of totally divorcing them. - Telgar

I am slightly concerned by the number of dice per motes you can get with the frenzied blade dance. Think of it this way: Start with a reasonably high Dex Lunar (7? 8?) with AttackAbility 5. That's a base pool of 13 or so, with absolutely zero difficulty. Split 5 ways, you'd normally get a 8,7,6,5,4 dice pool. At a reasonable Essence of 3, that's 3 motes max you can pump in. Suddenly, your pools go to 11,10,9,8,7, a total increase of 15 dice. For 3 motes. Overall, since Lunars are already so good at splitting their pools, anything that allows them to improve all pools at once, that doesn't increase in cost based on how much you've split your pool is dangerous. As with most Essence-based charms, it gets worse, because a semi-powerful Ess5 Lunar splitting his pool 6 ways suddenly goes from 7,6,5,4,3,2 to 12,11,10,9,8,7 for only 5 motes, an increase of 30 dice, for 6 dice per mote. So yeah. Anything that has that kind of return rate (Scene-long dodge bonuses, for example) usually has WP cost or some other thing that makes it weaker, such as not being able to be comboed. This lacks all such limitations, and with no prereqs, looks like a very powerful starting charm. Far more powerful than other starting charms, at least. - GregLink, who always seems at odds with Telgar, even before he realizes it's Telgar he's writing to

You've got some good points. I've added a WP cost to the Charm and doubled the mote cost. - Telgar

I'm happy now - GregLink, adding closure

In your example with the 13 pool for each(and I assume the lunar in this instance is using DBT to get up to an 8 dex and the solar has some other bonus for his 3 dice) the solar averages at 11.5 successes after spending ten motes on Excellent Strike. For 8 motes the lunar brings his average up to 10.5 successes. Now in terms of maxes the solar could do 42 successes on a really really good roll, while the lunar can only manage at most 18 now. For the cost of a really high roll the lunar can manage a to do as well on average, but have a much higher minimum. Personally, I think the ability of the solar to get a far larger number of successes(to get past those stacked defenses) is more useful which makes the lunar converter at one for one a fair situation. Lunars on the whole are supposed to be weaker then Solar's yes, but they are still supposed to be great warriors and even as seen in Dragonblooded charms or some sidereal charms just because they are weaker doesn't mean they don't have better charms even in spots that aren't exactly their thing. -BogMod who is slightly confused at the numbers of the stats used in Telgar's example.