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Quicksilver Body</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Lightning Speed, Beastial Reflexes
The Lunar's movements seem to flow like quicksilver, granting him the ability to act with blinding speed. The Lunar's multiple action penalties now no longer rise after the initial penalty is assigned. If the initial multiple action penalty exceeds the Lunar's Essence, the first X actions do not increase in penalty, where X is the Lunar's Essence, after which the penalty immediately reverts to its "normal" value. So, if the Lunar took four actions in a turn and had 3 Essence, the attacks would be at -4, -4, -4, -7. If the Lunar makes a full dodge or full parry, a number of the rolls equal to his Essence are at full dice pool, after which the pools diminish as normal - so a Lunar with 3 Essence would make a full dodge at -0, -0, -0, -1, etc. In addition to the Gift prerequisites, a character must have at least 3 Essence to take this Gift.

Horrific Feral Celerity</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Quicksilver Body
The Lunar now becomes capable of moving with the quickness of Luna enraged. The character may take two normal actions each turn (this is mechanically identical to the Gem of Perfect Mobility, CB:D p.77). This gift replaces the effects of Quicksilver Body. In addition to the Gift prerequisites, a character must have at least 4 Essence to take this Gift.

Hun and Po as One</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Horrific Feral Celerity
The Lunar gains such control of his own nature that, when endangered, his two souls work as one to direct his body. While in combat, the Lunar gains one extra Independent Action on his initiative. This Gift does stack with Horrific Feral Celerity </i>and<i> Quicksilver Body, but does not function in situations where the Lunar is not actively endangered unless the Lunar first spends a Willpower (which activates the Gift for one scene). In addition to the Gift prerequisites, a character must have at least 6 Essence to take this Gift.

Internal Mastery</b>

<b>Prerequisite Gifts: Any two Gifts
The power granted by the Deadly Beastman Transformation doesn't have to be purely physical. Some animals are dangerous for more reasons than simply their strength or speed. When the Lunar takes this Gift with a purchase of Deadly Beastman (which may not be his first purchase), he gains no Attribute points from it. Instead, he may take two Gifts in addition to Internal Mastery, neither of which can directly increase any Physical Attribute.