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New Deadly Beastman Transformation Gifts

A Lunar with this gift is less terrifying than some, at least in the presence of her Deadly Beastman Form. She appears mysterious, touched with the divine or perhaps with a hint of the Fae: untouchable and unspeakably entrancing. Indeed, some have mistaken this illusion-wreathed form for some strange kind of Fair Folk noble. Whenever any being attacks the Lunar, if that being's Temperance is lower than the Lunar's normal appearance, the attacker subtracts a number of dice from all attack pools equal to the Lunar's permanent Essence. In addition, the Lunar adds 3 dice to all dice pools involving her appearance. The Lunar is considered to keep her normal appearance score in her Deadly Beastman Form, though she still looks like a dangerous bestial killing machine.

Prerequisite: Beguiling
Lunars with this gift possess an otherworldly beauty in all of their forms, to such an extent that others forget that they are looking upon one of the most deadly predators in creation. The Lunar can interact with others without penalty, and indeed gains +3 dice to most social rolls while in this form. Those with an Essence rating lower than the Lunar won't even realize how dangerous the Lunar presently is, unless she takes some action to demonstrate this for them. The Lunar's appearance is raised by his Essence when ahe is in Deadly Beastman Form; if the Lunar's appearance exceeds her Essence+1, cap it at that level for the purpose of Beguiling only.


Nothing major, I'm just saying I like both of these, think they're appropriate and fill a needed hole if you're not using the three-separate-transform school of thought, and would both be very likely for Raksi, amongst others.
-- Darloth

.. I was planning on using these charms.. but then I look at Entrancing again.. .. you know.. it actually makes Beguiling -weaker- in most cases.. like, if you had appearance 4, and essence 2.. suddenly, beguiling is capped at 3? 0.0 Essence + 1 seems a very low cap.. when you're adding essence to appearance.. as that's going to be practically everyone, save the really ugly people who had appearance 1 .. .. and you'd have to wonder why they'd be taking this particular branch of gifts really... FluffySquirrel

Brandon doesn't post on here anymore, so you probably won't get response. But my suggestion is that he meant the cap to come into play ONLY if the Appearance Score exceeded Ess+1 because of the bonuse from Entrancing. And I personally would just remove it totally. - Telgar