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Lunar Charms

The astounding shapeshifting powers and bestial abilities of the protean Lunar Exalted.

Charms by Theme

New Tree denotes a Lunar Charm-Tree that was not included in the main book, but was custom-created by Exalted players. These should ideally be somewhat rare, since Lunars are supposed to have very very long trees (ideally with lots of /branches/), rather than a great number of new trees.

Charms by Attribute and Knacks for 2E

Charms by Contributer

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Hm, I'm not sure if Lunar Charms are best divided into Attributes. Given that trees can swap from one attribute prereq to another, this format might make posting trees a little complicated. I'm hesistant to suggest people should post trees under their purposes, because that could lead to a huge organizational mess, but a careful setup like that would probably work better, if and when the Wiki sees a boost in Lunar Charms. At the very least, one can divide the trees into 'War', 'Life', and 'Wisdom', ala Lunar Abilities, and go from there. I don't feel organized or familiar with Lunars enough to work on such a setup myself, but does anyone else have any ideas on proper presentation for Lunar trees? ~Jabberwocky

To be honest, I think we should use the same orginization as the book, by use, for example Healing and Survival, or perhaps even divide it even more into a Healing group and a Survival group, Armed Combat, whatnot. - haren

I also think thematic trees like in the books would be better. At least you can fin what you are looking for that way. - Etrangere

Ja, we should stick with the book format of themed trees. Consistency in matters of structure is a virtue. - Quendalon

At least until someone is brave enough to restructure our entire Lunar Charm collection, I suggest that each person make a single page per tree of their own Charms, and link these appropriately from all the relevant Attributes. - FourWillowsWeeping

I put up the framework for a new organization scheme, using the categories set forth in the Lunar book. Not feeling motivated enough to actually do the hard part and sort the existing Charms, so I'll leave that to you fine gentlemen and ladies. \\ _Ikselam

As written, a thousand-XP Lunar, old enough to have seen the Usurpation, has substantially less than Seventy Charms. I just don't see most Lunars of any age getting to the deep leaves of these trees -- in contrast to Solars, Sidereals, and DBs, who all have substantially cheaper Charms. Has anyone here done a large reworking of the Lunar Charm structure? - BrianSniffen

There seems to be a consensus that the way to fix the tree depth problem for Lunars that BrianSniffen mentions is to rework the trees. I disagree with that approach. It seems to me that a much more simple way to address the issue is just to decrease the xp cost of lunar charms, possibly even below the level of solars. Build that thousand-XP lunar where favored charms cost 7xp and others cost 9xp, and you get a much different outcome. - Wordman

One of my PCs with Solar Circle Sorcery wants to create a ritual to restore her Lunar mate to the proper Caste. Doing away wit the tattos. This has caused me to wonder. All the otehr Celestials (save the Alchemicals, who are, by their very nature, exceptions) use abilities to focus their charms. I've been pondering the effects of 'fixing' the Lunars. Would they then have access to ability chamrs like everyone else? It's difficult to determine how much the current Lunars resemble their original selves, and how much they've been changed by the Wyld and their existence on the edges of the world. This would, of course, require a near complete restructuring of Lunar Charms, or at the very least, their minimum prerequisites. I've theorized that the change from abilities to attributes is one of the reasons why Lunar charms are so expensive. They aren't following the original way their essence should flow. On a related note, should their dice caps remain attribute based? This is something that, ATM, isn't a big deal, as I have no Lunar PCs. The /theme/ of lunars, their shapeshifting prowess should, IMO stay the same, but perhaps some of the illusion charms suggested by the core book could fit in such a scenario. It would require at least half agains as many charms to fill out the trees, but might be an interesting group project or perhqaps a discussion to re-create the missing anima powers and re-build First Age lunars. I wouldn't mind contributing to such a project, but it's almost definately beyond the scope of a single person. The new charms could probably be tacked onto the current trees for 2nd Age Lunars, as well.

Is anybody else remotely interested in this? Or should I just let it marinate in the back of my mind for awhile?
Scrollreader Who has more imagination than sense, sometimes.

Since Lunars have gotten a brand new charm set perhaps? Or at the very least a 1e and 2e division on the charm listings givin how great the change was in the range, overall effects and design of the charms? I have started a new listing in which things can be divided by attribute and knacks. I suggest that with the new organization we use the over all scheme provided in the book. You have your page of Strength charms and divide those charms up on the page with a small listing bar to seperate between say Attack Enchancement Charms and Grappling Charms. -BogMod