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Lunar Body Enhancement Charms by Quendalon

Living Artifact Technique

 Cost: 2 motes
 Duration: Indefinite
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Manipulation: 4
 Minimum Essence: 4
 Prerequisite Charms: Body-Pouch Technique, Regaining Breath Exercise, Pulse of the Invisible

With this Charm, the character bonds a resonant Hearthstone into her own flesh. The stone locks into place, just as if it were mounted into an artifact’s hearthstone setting, and provides the character with all of the appropriate benefits. The Essence invested in this Charm remains committed until the character releases the effect.

A character may not have more bonded Hearthstones than her permanent Essence. Each stone must be placed at an appropriate Essence juncture on the body, such as the throat, the solar plexus, or the base of the spine. The stones remain in place through changes in shape, but if the character takes a shape smaller than a house cat, she can no longer accommodate the stones; this causes the stones to fall out and the Charm’s effects to end.

Sharing Luna's Manse

 Cost: None
 Duration: Permanent
 Type: Special
 Minimum Perception: 4
 Minimum Essence: 4
 Prerequisite Charms: Living Artifact Technique

A Lunar with this Charm bonds more easily to Lunar Hearthstones. She need not commit any Essence to use Living Artifact Techniques on a Lunar Hearthstone. In addition, if the character has the Radiant Basilisc Jewel Charm, she may call forth a Lunar Hearthstone for only two motes per dot of Hearthstone rating. There is no cost to use this Charm’s effects; it simply enhances the Lunar’s occult abilities.

Radiant Basilisc Jewel

 Cost: 3 motes per Hearthstone level, 1 Willpower
 Duration: Indefinite
 Type: Simple
 Minimum Intelligence: 5
 Minimum Essence: 5
 Prerequisite Charms: Celestial Circle Sorcery, Moonsilver-Scenting Sense, Living Artifact Technique, Wondrous Lunar Transformation

By altering her internal Essence flows, the Lunar makes her body akin to a Manse, focusing her Essence into a living jewel. A Hearthstone of her desire forms upon her forehead, at her solar plexus, or on some other primary Essence juncture. She gains all of the normal benefits for a resonant Hearthstone of its type, except that she does not regain Essence at the accelerated rate. The Essence invested in this Charm remains committed until the character releases the effect.

The Radiant Basilisc Jewel counts against the Hearthstone limit of Living Artifact Technique. It follows the character through all changes in shape, and likewise changes in size to match her. Hide of the Cunning Hunter masks the jewel along with the character’s tattoos.

When a character purchases this Charm, she starts to build a “library” of Hearthstones that she can manifest. She may only manifest Hearthstones from her library, and adding a new Hearthstone to the library costs 1 XP. If she is attuned to a Manse when she acquires this Charm, or whenever she attunes to a Manse afterwards, she may add that Manse’s Hearthstone to her library. She may also spend one week designing a new Essence configuration for her body to produce a new Hearthstone. This requires her to have the Abilities of Lore and Occult at 4 each, and she must obtain a number of successes on Intelligence rolls with each ability equal to the level of the Hearthstone.

Five Dragon Pearls Technique

 Cost: None
 Duration: Permanent
 Type: Special
 Minimum Stamina: 5
 Minimum Essence: 5
 Prerequisite Charms: Radiant Basilisc Jewel

This Charm permits the Lunar to manifest multiple Hearthstones simultaneously with the Radiant Basilisc Jewel Charm. Essence must be committed to each jewel individually, and all of the jewels count against the Hearthstone limit from Living Artifact Technique. There is no cost to use this Charm’s effects; it simply enhances the Lunar’s occult abilities.


I'd consider rethinking the limitation on Living Artifact Technique. I'm wary of anything that makes Heart's Blood shapeshifting less useful, because it's really the only thing Lunars have got. - willows


Not too sure about the specifics of RBJ. Maybe the Lunar should get a 'form library' of all Manses that she has been attuned to or designed? - Quendalon

Hmm...Radiant Basilisc Jewel, perhaps the stone should form in the Lunar's chest? I'm thinking that a stone forming in the Third-Eye position is a cool effect for Sidereals, being seat of wisdom and all, but for a visceral being like a Lunar, above the heart, where the life-force is strongest, would maybe make more sense (and serve to prevent this from being a clone in appearance - different methodologies, different effects, different appearance)? And if they want to manifest more than one (which is possible at this point) the chest is a larger area. (I think it's another cool differentiator between the MA Charm and this one, to let this create multiple lesser stones, instead of one guaranteed powerful one - if the Lunar wishes to pay the enormous cost) Anyway, just musings, Have Fun... nikink

I chose the forehead because that's where the Desert Basilisc (from Creatures of the Wyld) keeps its stone. You do have some interesting ideas, however. I'll consider allowing multiple stones; after all, the Charm only lasts for one scene. - Quendalon

Ahh... I see... cool... another thought, maybe put a restriction upon the Hearthstones that the Lunar can create, to be only Lunar 'Stones? Seems to be fitting. And maybe, just maybe, allow said Lunar 'Stones to be of a maximum level of Ess-3, this then provides a benefit for specialising in Essence Manipulation that resonates with your Lunar Soul... not sure if any of that makes sense... B-) Have Fun... nikink Oh, and, I hope you don't mind, but I'm yoinking these into my EdExalted Character Generator! These are cool, you rock! B-)

I don't see why you would want to put so many severely cool-dampening limitations on a 5/5 Charm with so many prerequisites. - willows

A hearthstone of any type worth a total of Essence - 3 or Essence - 2 levels sounds reasonable. Allowing those levels to be split up for multiple hearthstones doesn't sound like it'd be a problem either. I would, however, suggest that if Radiant Basilisc Jewel is used to generate create multiple hearthstones at the same time, every hearthstones after the first counts against the limit for Living Artifact Technique, since they're all socketed into the Lunar's body. - GordonMichael

I've made a bunch of changes to accomodate everyone's helpful suggestions. How does it look now? - Quendalon
Now it's actually better than Demense and Manse Form, since you're stuck with the same hearthstone barring major personality shifts, and DaMF is a form charm that doesn't work with armor. I'd say a limit of Essence - 2 seems decent, not as powerful as Demense and Manse Form, but more versitile, and compatible with armor. Or you could just keep Radiant Basilisc Jewel as it is right now and say that it's better than Demense and Manse Form because the form's a crude Sidereal knockoff. Generating a hearthstone from your own body seems to fit the Lunars better than the Sidereals anyway. - GordonMichael
The Charm's original restrictions were aimed in part at keeping it from overshadowing Demesne and Manse Form. But I've decided that DaMF can go hang; it's a Martial Arts Charm with no prerequisite Charms, after all, while this is a focused Lunar Charm with about twenty prerequisite Charms. As you say, it seems to fit Lunars better than Sidereals. - Quendalon

Very nice... perhaps a rename of Lunar Hearthstone Affinity, which sounds a bit prosaic. Perhaps Sign of Luna's Favour? or something... ? I dunno. I suck at names... Keep up the great work! nikink P.S: Not sure about Five Dragon Pearls Technique being based on Stamina. All these occulty/sorcerous type things I feel should be Mental attributes. At the very least Charisma (as it is a kind of self-transformation)...? Just a thought... Have Fun...

Renamed the Lunar Hearthstone Affinity Charm. As to FDPT, I wanted to make it hard to acquire, rather than a simple "must-have" addition that you could buy right after Radiant Basilisc Jewel. And that meant either tying in another Charm tree of prerequisites (and nothing seems to fit), boosting the Essence requirement (to 6, making it unavailable to PCs), or switching the attribute. A character with RBJ must already have Manipulation 5 and Charisma 4 from the requirements for its prerequisites. And Stamina feels right for something that demands rewiring one's internal Essence flows to manifest multiple Hearthstones at once. - Quendalon

Just curious as to whether anyone thinks these might belong somewhere other than Body Enhancement. Perhaps they should go under Sorcery Charms, or in a new category? - Quendalon

I think they fel happy here(: - w