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Lost In Time is a cool sounding name for a series of stories, characters and artifacts i am making. And it will become a campaign. i hope.

Artifacts and characters can be found on the respective pages of my wiki, and will be labelled the 'Lost In Time' stuff.


Time magic

= Lost In Time Part I =

Long ago, when someone or something created time, there was mastery over it. Like all other things in creation, it could be controlled, and Sand Of Time was created, a sand which would be used to control time. Using Sand Of Time, other time bending artifacts were created, it became an ambition of the early first age to eventually travel in time. But time does not like being controlled. Time is steady, like a rythm, it never stops, never slows, never speeds. Or, that is how it should be. Sand Of Time changed that, causing time to warp, becoming dangerous and random. Creation could not take that, as the wise knew, if time was forced to abandon it's nature and become completely random, creation would fall apart. Time is seperate from space. When you are outside space, you are still in time, and when outside time you are still in space, while being outside both means being nonexistant. Sand Of Time and the other artifacts created with it could stop time for a person or even remove them from time, making them simply not exist at the specific time. When outside time, obviously, time is not relevant. Everything that ever goes there is there from its beginning to it's end, and they are all there at the same 'time', meaning that going outside time would allow you to defeat the boundries of time's strict rules, and interact with other things from the past or future, provided they too are outside time. It was this theory that the Solars feared, so they hid the artifacts, scattered the Sand Of time across the desert and sent it all outside time. They didn't exist during the Ursurpation. They were nonexistant for the Shogunate and the rise of the Scarlet Empire. But now, which is only a split second later for them, they are back in creation, hidden.

Lost In Time Part II

Lost In Time Part III

=== Comments ===

Though I am sure this is of not concern, time travel is canonically impossible in creation ' I think. Read in in some source, thas slips my mind atm, think it was one of the sorcery book. That said, this seems well written, and giver me just the sort of headache a time bending thing should.



Well, i think i recall reading that somewhere aswell, but this isn't docter who style time travel. This is where you stay in space but not in time, and wait a little until you enter time again, which is effectively time travel but dangerous and you could end up anywhere in time. Wait, i just remembered, didn't the Broken winged crane or whoever wrote it or whatever travel in time, because it's in creation a few hundred years before it was written?- Thealf