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:Weapons: Two Light Implosion Bows; Two Lightning Ballistae, Haze Shield
:Weapons: Two Light Implosion Bows; Two Lightning Ballistae, Haze Shield
'''The Silverfish''', a ''Whirligig''-class courier (ARTIFACT ••••)
'''The Silverfish''', a ''Whirligig''-class courier (ARTIFACT ••••)

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Ships of Sky and Sea

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Here are details of some ships the group have encountered so far in the campaign.

The Reachfar, a blue-water merchant ship (RESOURCES ••••)

Large sailing ships of this type traverse Creation from the White Sea (in summer, at least) to the isles of the far Southwest, carrying freight ranging from dried Laplander vegetables to fine marble from Calin. Many navies also use these ships as troop transports. Such ships often have two masts. The stern holds a large, enclosed deckhouse that can quarter crew or passengers. A primary hold and a secondary, lower hold can house personnel or merchandise. After recently required repairs, the ship has been rerigged for even greater speed, and now mounts two light ballistae.

This particular vessel was built more for speed than cargo space even before that point. It was originally chartered by the Margrave of Cincoria to carry one Professor Einar Oakheart of Great Forks and his archeological expedition back to Lookshy. The reason for this expansive gesture was the reputed help received from the party. Their abilities were instrumental in repelling the Klarnorian army camped within two days' march of Cincoria's capital. Details are still sketchy some months later, as few of the surviving Klarnorians willingly talk about it. On the way back, the Reachfar's main mast was snapped during freak storm winds, which also killed the captain. This forced the expedition and crew to put in at Dlash-da-Ralzuha, a tribal town and port of ill-repute for repairs. Finding local pirates in charge, negotiations were hardly an option. Fortunately, the Professor and his bodyguards proved more than equal to the task. The current captain of the ship is now a Lookshy native, one Mistress Amilar Koshiko. Mistress Amilar uses it for trade with permission from the Cincorian ambassador to Lookshy, Ovykor Morio Miyamoto.

Speed: 8/16 mph
Maneuverability: -3S
Endurance: Winds and currents
Crew: 22/6
Cargo: 1800 tons or more; troop carriers use the primary hold for 125 soldiers and the lower hold for their gear and supplies
Armor: 6L/12B
Health Levels: Ux12/Mx6/Cx5/I/D
Weapons: Two light ballistae. This may vary in future, depending on resources.
Other Notes: Measures 35x8x3/3

Daana'd's Lance, a Swift Midday Brilliance-class warship (ARTIFACT ••••) Repair: 4

The most widely manufactured type of vessel in the navies of the Solar Deliberative and the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate alike, the Swift Midday Brilliance class of light warships remains the most common First Age design afloat. Several dozen mostly intact copies exist, most controlled by the fleets of the Realm, while twice that number float in various states of disrepair as flagships of various coastal principalities and island nations throughout Creation. The nearly organic hulls of these ships are 27 yards long and six yards in the beam, with a broad curved rudder set in the stern and a pair of four-yard-diameter paddlewheels mounted to either side of that. A single mast rises from the center of the deck, capable of folding back and retracting in a long dorsal compartment or else rising up, telescoping and locking in place for wind-powered use. Activating the ship’s paddlewheel drive requires a commitment of five motes channeled into its pilot station controls. By rotating the paddlewheels together or adjusting relative speeds, the warships may be propelled or swiftly maneuvered. The drive system can be used for a cumulative total of only 10 hours, requiring two hours powered down to lower the tolerated total by one hour. While not in use, the wheels spin freely without friction and do not impede wind-powered travel.

The original armament for these warships included two light implosion bows mounted on the foredeck and one aft (just behind the pilot’s station), plus two lightning ballistae mounted facing forward on limited turrets. Very few copies in the Second Age feature all (or even any) of these original weapons, as most of these valuable cannons were scavenged for use elsewhere. Since none of the cannons were actually powered by the ship itself, such scavenging does not actually impair function.

Daana'd's Lance is atypical in that it retains the full armament of its class, and as a matter of pride has retained this armament in the face of Seventh Legion repurposing. Even more surprisingly, there is a retrofitted haze shield on board. The ship itself is in excellent repair, and is a flagship for one of the five battlegroups in the Lookshy Navy. Daana'd's Lance has only been in the Seventh Legion's service for about two to three decades, however. Its erstwhile captain was one Peleps Madorosu who defected from the realm with virtually his entire command on board. The reasons were likely manifold, but it left the Seventh Legion navy with some of the Wood Fleet's best and brightest sailors. Since his defection, Peleps Madorosu has continually advanced his position from Sazei (Captain) to Chujo (Commodore) and thence to Haimyo (Admiral). He also refounded his own household in Lookshy under the patronage of Gens Teresu.

Speed: 15/30mph under sail; 24/50mph under power
Maneuverability: -3S under sail; -1S under power
Endurance: None
Crew: 15/4 (or 1/1, if piloted by an Essence-channeler using the drive system)
Cargo: Two common warstriders curled in a fetal position, one talon of infantry or equivalent cargo.
Armor: 30L/30B
Health Levels: Ux35/Mx20/Cx10/I/D
Weapons: Two Light Implosion Bows; Two Lightning Ballistae, Haze Shield

The Silverfish, a Whirligig-class courier (ARTIFACT ••••) Repair: 2

These ships were created during the First Age as fast couriers and vessels designed to carry moderate-size cargoes long distances. Despite being slower than flying vehicles, these ships were regarded as a reliable alternative that required neither hearthstones nor frequent maintenance to operate. These vessels were created to rapidly carry cargoes on both the open sea and along all but the narrowest rivers. In addition, they are safe and reliable in all but the worst storms.

The Silverfish is a typical example of a Whirligig Courier, commanded ostensibly by Sazei Madorosu Ryujin - the son of a Realm expatriate. His second is Chusa Teresu Kuipfer, an old hand of the Lookshy blue-water navy. Kuipfer's role is almost an open secret: to monitor the loyalties of Ryujin in much the same way as he did on his father. Haimyo Peleps understood this role, and even honoured it - his son only resents it. The Silverfish is one half of a Whirligig seabrace (pair). They are always fit out for coastal patrol duty with nearly a scale of marines on board at any time. Contraband and other seized goods are transferred on-board as soon as possible, or the marines take over as crew and pilot as needed. The foredeck mount is currently fit out with a light implosion bow as the ship's duties take it the furthest south of any current patrol.

Speed: 3/6mph undersail; 10/20mph under power; 20/40mph on overdrive
Maneuverability: -3S under sail; +1S under power
Endurance: The pilot must attune the vessel for a commitment of five motes. Although this vessel’s engines do not require maintenance from normal operation, because of the extreme strain overdriving puts on them, the engines must undergo refitting after every 50 times they are overdriven in either mode. Every 10 times they are overdriven after this reduces the vessel’s Speed in both normal and overdrive modes by 20 percent, until the engines cease to function.
Crew: 4/3
Cargo: Five passengers and 12 tons of cargo below decks, plus up to four tons of cargo lashed to the deck; or 15 passengers and six tons of cargo below decks, plus up to four tons of cargo lashed to the deck.
Armor: 20L/25B
Health Levels: Ux15/Mx10/Cx10/Ix5/D
Weapons: None; varies

The Skystrider, a Stingray-class observer (Manta-class transport variant) (ARTIFACT •••••) Repair: 4

Originally built to ferry units of Dragon-Blooded commandos into battle, Manta-class skyships look like nothing less than giant airborne replicas of their namesake rays. Great fixed wings sweep out to either side, with propulsion generated by long tail spires that crackle with sporadic Essence discharges in flight. Notably larger than indomitable conquest platforms, these vessels are nearly 20 yards wide and 30 yards long (counting their tails). Two doors on either side allow passengers and crew to embark or exit, while a large ramp in rear beneath the tail can drop to load cargo or troops. Manta-class skyships are not designed for aquatic landings, but they can land on any relatively firm ground. These ships require a pilot and copilot capable of channeling Essence, plus three additional crewmembers, all of whom originally sat clustered in a cramped bridge toward the front of the craft. The remaining space within the hull not occupied by the vessel’s engines was entirely devoted to the single cargo hold.

Stingray-class variants were adapted during the Shogunate as aerial command and reconnaissance and long range dignitary transport. Sacrificing cargo room, the Stingray obtained increased bridge and dedicated cabin space, as well as a more improved and reliable engine. The bridge can relay a host of information, becoming an aerial spotter during battles. In a handful of cases, the ships were installed with integral elemental scanners, or - rarest of all - atlases of the unconquered general and other strategic systems. Of these latter types, only three have definitively survived to the present day. The better engines and increased strategic value meant that Stingrays required an increased crew complement as well.

The Skystrider is commanded by Sazei Amilar Caspian. It is also often earmarked for personal use by Haimyo Amilar Acraban, as it is one of the most advanced models left in Creation.

Speed: 59/110mph
Maneuverability: +1S (Lore 2, Sail 2)
Endurance: Requires two level-2+ hearthstones plugged into controls on the bridge to operate. Both pilot and co-pilot must each commit three motes to their control stations during flight. After a Stingclass-class observer has operated for 100 cumulative hours without maintenance, it suffers one level of unsoakable lethal damage for each 10 hours it is in arrears.
Crew: 10/2 (Lore 1, Sail 2)
Cargo: One warstrider curled in a foetal position, or equivalent cargo. Up to two scales of infantry may be carried in a minimal barrackss. Cabins are in situ for the crew complement, plus up to eight functionaries.
Armor: 15L/20B
Health Levels: Ux20/Mx10/Cx7/Ix3/D
Weapons: Two warstrider fire lances on turrets in either side beneath each wing, capable of aiming at most targets except those directly above.
Other Notes: Passengers can open slits in either side of the hull to fire bows or other personal ranged weapons from within, and such characters have 75% cover. Otherwise, all passengers and crew have total cover and may not be attacked. Strategic system equivalents must be powered with a level 2+ hearthstone in addition to navigation controls.