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Campaign Characters

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Solar Exalted

Amilar Koshiko (PC)

A bookish scion of one of Lookshy’s more studious Gens. Although like most children of the Gens she took her studies in the salons, and then took her tour in the Second Field Force, her talents lay in knowledge. Her wide readings allowed a number of her peers to draw upon many classical scenarios of war to confound foes. It was in the lost magic and technologies that her passions lay. Although her parents could not find sponsorship to enrol her for more than two years at Valkhawsen, a visiting dignitary offered her a position at the Houses of Learning in Great Forks. Oakheart respected her work, and offered his young peer a place on the Inieva expedition. Her family still plays a significant role in her life.

An Admiral of the Lookshy Sky Navy - Amilar Acraban - is a great-uncle of Koshiko, and the relationship is distant, if amicable. He hears of her exploits with amusement now.

Amilar Koshiko exalted as a Solar of the Eclipse Caste at the Battle of the Sunset Bridge. Her anima is one of the Eternal City, a vision of civilisation in perfection.

She has since initiated herself into the Terrestrial Circle of Sorcery, using an ancient copy of the White Treatise found in the Tomb at Erdinghast.

"Kokage" Ryo (PC)

A wiry Nexus street rat and former “resource procurer” for the seedier portions of the Guild artifact trade, he was practically bought and sold by his bosses with drugs from a comparatively young age. He was eventually hired to steal an artifact being sold by Einar Oakheart to a peer in the Marukani redoubt, but was caught by an off-duty Laeo Stark. Subject to Lookshyan law, Ryo was sentenced to indentured servitude for five years, but strangely enough, it was Einar who bought his contract. Subjected to a strict regimen of purgation and callisthenics, Ryo has only recently gone cold turkey. He works for Einar as a courier, scout, and sometime canary.

He was indirectly worked for one of the Guild’s masters in artifact “acquirement” Hierarch Arys Shen, through Obsidian Monkey Band. Prior to that, he grew up with a small child gang, the Sweeps who helped with chimney sweeping (naturally), pest control, and messages. Other benefits for these gangs included protection in numbers for their members, and a pool of labour that can be tapped by adult gangs, and more unscrupulous merchants.

Ryo was exalted as a Solar of the Night Caste during the Battle of the Sunset Bridge. His anima is of the Nightbird Flock, an amalgam of many that is obvious and obscuring, everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Laeo Stark (PC, Played by Stark)

Laeo is a Gunzosha commando of helot ancestry. His parents are both tanners. Laeo was originally contracted to protect a sensitive expedition to the Aluvian Heartlands. As part of using the minimum possible resources, Laeo only took a “discreet staff” of four trainee ashigaru, and one thaumaturge-artificer. Laeo has a single son named Iairos. His wife, Kynthia is a noted gardener and herbalist who now resides in the Green Hunt. In his youth, Laeo was part of a raid to oust a chimerical Lunar from the Aluvian Heartlands. The results of the raid led him to become a gunzosha, wanting to be able to fight the Anathema on more or less even terms. As the journey started, Laeo was nearing the end of his lifespan, aged by his armour. He would have been in his late thirties, but looks nearly seventy.

In his last days as a mortal man Laeo was hard beaten and worn. Dragged to the limit of his body by the Aegis amulets that powered his Gunzosha armour, his hair had faded to a pale straw colour and his eyes had grown deep and dark. To look at him away from his military garb would have been to view a man in his late 50’s, scarred and thin with a wiry aspect and thick bundles of muscle clearly visible through thinned pale skin hanging over his frame. In every joint was a flicker of painful tightness, each breath slightly laboured. He had the full mien of a man waiting to die, just as soon as he had finished his mission… or at least whilst in the throws of it. He hid inside his armour most of the time, trusting to its systems to keep him whole a while longer, pulling time from him to ease the pain of the day so that he might be able to look on his son and wife once more before he rests.

Laeo Stark was exalted as a Solar of the Dawn Caste during the Battle of the Sunset Bridge. His anima is of Yesterday's Heroes, wherein the memory of every soldier is apparent, and their vigour strikes anew.

Now that he has been renewed by the Unconquered Sun he seems a different man. Returned to the frame of his early twenties he is lithe, healthy and hale. His now brilliant golden hair hangs down to his shoulder blades when not caught up in a high, tight ponytail and his eyes have lightened to a deep copper from their dark lifeless brown and his skin is thick and the colour of fine silvered bronze. His stoop has straightened to reveal his true height of almost six feet and his gestures are expansive rather than curled inward.

He laughs and smiles more than he ever did in his mortal days, a pleasure to look on and be looked on by, but when he is wroth the aspect changes to that of a vengeful god, a golden perfect icon that could never be lived up to. With each swing of his sword comes death to any mortal man, and many who are beyond mortal fear it as well.

Maximillian Madorosu (PC, Played by Enkou)

Realm expatriate, a son of House Peleps. His father Peleps Madorosu left Sdoia with his family after being framed for embezzlement twenty years before. He defected to Lookshy, and is now the captain of a First Age ship in Lookshy’s blue-water navy. Max’s brother Ryujin shares the same distinction. His sister remains married to a significant magistrate within the Realm. Max is a highly skilled alchemist and physician, and has a significant dislike for the Realm and the politics of the Scarlet Dynasty. He is in his late thirties, and is mentored by the somewhat (in)famous Einar Oakheart, who sees something of himself in the ineffectual angry young man of yesteryear. Einar would like to see Max pick up more of his adventuring streak and a little more bravery, which is why he has brought him on the field expedition to Inieva.

Maximillian Madorosu exalted as a Solar of the Twilight Caste during the Battle of the Sunset Bridge. His anima is of the Purified Caduceus, a messenger of cleansing water and fire.

Morio Miyamoto (PC)

This man cuts a lonely figure. A scion of the much diminished House Morio of Cincoria, his antecedents rose to prominance fighting the Great Contagion. In his youth, Miyamoto had an addiction to gambling that he has since overcome. As he is trying to live up to his ancestors - the unspoken masters of a heavily forested nation in the Aluvian Heartlands – he has made himself known as quite the huntsman and tracker, aided by his trusty wolf companion Akimaru. He is one of the ranking officers in his homeland's military, holding the rank of Ovykor, equivalent to Captain. He was hired for a not-insignificant sum by Einar Oakheart as a guide through the mountains to the south.

Morio Miyamoto exalted as a Solar of the Zenith Caste during the Battle at the Sunset Bridge. His anima is of the Celestial Wolf, a timeless predator that never lets go.