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Forest Thunder, Artifact 3

Taken from the hands of a defeated Dragonblood, this Long Jade Powerbow is an exercise in curiosity. Sextes Jylis is the prominent figure depicted here, a fierce dragon depicted in the fury of storm through his own trees. His coils are broken by three smoothed out hand grips, where the boughs give purchase. Blades reminiscent of claws curve forwards and away, mirroring the arcs of the bowstave.

This is a combined personal weapon, made to suit an unusual fighting style lost to the present day. It is curious in that each wielder joining its story insures it never leaves the East of Creation, tied as it is to the forest defenders. It typically ends up in the hands of those with a true affinity of the great forests and its spirits, and its presence in spirit courts marks its owner as worthy of trust.

The weapon is a combined Longbow and martial weapon. The blades have statistics of a switchklave (WoLA, Pg.76.) There are two such blades. The entire artefact may be attuned for 6 motes. Full attunement grants Jade magical material bonuses to both weapons.

This weapon could conceivably be made in other magical materials.

Long Powerbow

Speed: 6 (5); Acc: +1; Dam: +3L/2; Rate: 3; Range: 350 (400); Mins:-; Attune: 6; Tags; 2, B, O

Talon Blades:

Speed: 4 (3); Accuracy: +3; Damage: +4L (5L); Defense: +1; Rate: 3; Minimums Str •, Dex •••; Tags: P

Covenant - Orichalcum Daiklave, Artifact 3

This blade likely was forged by or for a member of the Eclipse caste, given its nature and powers. A long straight blade tapers along a diamond hard edge, and old realm script scrolls along the fuller in homilies encouraging valour and faith. The hilt of the weapon is of a simple cruciform design, again covered with Old Realm, as if the creator had more to say than do. Whatever their tendencies their skill cannot be denied. The blade’s hearthstone socket is a subtle design that allows a gem to sit as the pommel without interfering in the slightest with its balance. The sword is as light as steel, and the edge is still sharp enough to split windblown hairs after its eons-long rest. The words give the nature and name of this blade: Covenant. A matching belt and scabbard of deep red leather and sunmetal ornamentation completes the set.

Whilst attuned, the wielder may never be disarmed: the attunement is an oath to the weapon, and the weapon will serve in return. Where a charm contests this, add the user’s highest virtue to the UFIO roll-off (Exalted, Pg 179).

As an extension of this power, the attuned wielder may fortify his weapon toward some noble purpose. He spends a short, quiet period alone, ritually cleaning and sharpening his weapon, then he speaks aloud the task to which his weapon shall be used victoriously. (This task must be a specific one, such as, “Today, you and I shall finally destroy the Lunar Anathema whose barbarian horde razed our village.”) This is a 10-tick Simple action, which costs two motes.

For the duration of the oath, the attuned wielder may add his (Permanent Essence) to the Damage of his weapon when he uses it in pursuit of his task. He can even stack as many tasks on a single weapon as he has Essence dots. The maximum Damage bonus awarded by this power to a single strike cannot exceed the character’s Essence, however. The attuned wielder may also commit 1WP at the same time, causing the blade’s inscriptions to glow softly in the colours of its wielder’s anima. This gives the blade the Holy keyword, and causes aggravated damage against all creatures of darkness.

The wielder must be careful and true to themselves and their word. Covenant both punishes and rewards. If the wielder succeeds in fulfilling an oath, they may make a Conviction roll and regain WP as if they had woken from a full night’s rest. This only happens once if the wielder succeeds in fulfilling multiple oaths with the same action or deed. Channelling a Virtue in pursuance of an oath causes all Virtue dice to become successes. This ability may be used to supplement any action, even outside of combat.

If any oaths made become impossible to fulfil or are left unfinished when the motes are no longer committed, the wielder finds their resolve tested. They must make on a Conviction roll, and lose 1WP for each dice that does not succeed. Furthermore, any WP spent to suppress virtues inflicts double limit.

It is possible that there are some oaths to be made that could increase its power.

Speed: 5; Accuracy: +4 ; Damage: +5L/2; Defence: +3 ; Rate: 4; Minimums: Str 2; Attune; 5m; Tags: O

NB: These statistics include Orichalcum magical material bonuses.