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The Steam Chateau \\ (Hearthstone: Bathstone)

This Manse was built over a set of hot springs on the edge of the Yanaze, a few miles down from the town of Centak. It is a simple building, made of white marble and sheets of sapphire-stained glass, lying at the bottom of a hill. Circular in shape at first glance, the interior is actually a collection of five rooms, each facing onto the main chamber. Steam wafts slowly between them, carrying the pleasant perfumed scent produced by the baths, which are present in every room. There are three to each room, two semi-circular ones to either side as you enter, and one rectangular bath directly across from the entrance to the room, except for the entrance room. This contains four baths, two to the side of either door. The baths themselves are always full of soapy bubbles, comfortably hot but not overly so.

The main chamber is similar to the others, with five baths arranged around in a circle, one at each door. The roof is supported by a set of pillars, one to the side of each doorway, with a smooth ceiling stretching across them, usually obscured with steam. The center of the room holds the pedestal upon which the Hearthstone manifests, a small blue podium that still seems to be the focus of the room.