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The Scavenger Lands are also known as the River Province, and are the heart of the East. They consist of the region bound together by the Yanaze River and its tributaries. The area makes a good starting point for Solar campaigns, as the Wyld Hunt has trouble going there, and there are multitudinous opportunites for adventure.

Page References: Exalted p.55-56, 62-63, Scavenger Sons pp. 61-97.

Fan-created locations are in italics.

City-States, Nations, and Districts

  • The Confederation of Rivers : The mutual aid alliance that binds the Scavenger Lands together in times of crisis. The capital is Marita
  • The League of Many Rivers: The now-defunct predecessor to the Confederation.

Points of Interest


The many rivers of the Scavenger Lands give it the name of River Province. They are the lifeblood of the region and can play a major part in almost any campaign set there.



I find it easy enough to find other climatologically/geographically corresponding areas of Earth to Creation... any number of islands and archipelagos to the West, the Arctic areas to the North, equatorial Africa, the Middle East, and India to the South, the forests of Europe and Canada and the jungles of Asia and South America to the East... but the areas of the Blessed Isle and the Scavenger Lands are a bit more vague. My first impression is that the Realm is like, perhaps obviously, China or the other areas of mid-mainland Asia. Mountains, mountains, mountains, with lots of arable land, but still mountains. The Scavenger Lands seems to be just endless fields and rivers... not like the Nile area, because its not surrounded by desert... where else in the world are there endless rolling hills and plains, with very little interruption, for endless distances, besides the North American Great Plains? Eastern Europe is the only other place that comes close in my mind, but I don't know enough geography to say for sure. Where else on Earth could STs look to find similar biomes and climates to what might be found in the Scavenger Lands? I feel ethnocentric assuming the hope for all Creation comes from a place like Midwest USA. --UncleChu

I have always interpreted the northern Scavenger Lands as Medieval England/France/Germany. It's primarily a wheat growing area with some rice production, deciduous forests, a culture filled with small warring kingdoms that prefer to send champions (ie Knights) to do their fighting for them. Animals would include sheep, cows, deer and rabbits (of the non-vorpal variety), trees are oaks, rowan, apple, sycamore and so on. The Hundred Kingdoms is quite frankly, King Arthurs and Robin Hood's territory. THe Barbarians on the edge are more likely to be Celtic or Pictish. -- Somori