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Maze of Directionless Crystal

Buried in the mountain ranges close to Nei’roh is this spectacular, and disturbing place. A twisting labyrinth of passages formed of billions upon billions of hexagonal plates of some silvery-gray crystal, the Maze curves in seemingly impossible ways. All attempts to map the Demesne have failed, leading some people to suspect it changes the tunnels’ direction randomly. Within the Maze the only meaning of ‘down’ is “where your feet are”. It is possible to walk on any side of the Maze as if it were the most solid ground anywhere in Creation. Once an object is released from the hold of a living being, however, it is subject to the Maze’s own demented directional standards and can fall up, left, right or backwards. The Maze is off limits to explorers due to the danger of getting lost, or injured by ‘falling’ objects.