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The information presented here was gathered by unknown means many years before I wrote this document. The one who gathered it was understandably reluctant to discuss how he himself came across it. He called himself Missionary to Ancient Brothers and smelled of oil and rust.

Cythera, Mother of Creation, was regarded as the most benevolent Primordial after Gaia. But her pride was as great as her Creation and she refused to turn her back on her companions, along with the Treacherous Ones, Gaia and Autochton.

Even bound within the flesh and bones of Malfeas, Cythera was loathe to allow her fellow prisoners to wreak havoc upon that which she had given birth to and the humans that still offered worship unto her, the Itinerants of the World Mother. To this end, Cythera created the Lassitudinous Code. A set of oaths she coerced her fellow Yozis into accepting, the Code binds their demons in similar ways to the Oaths by which they are prisoned in Malfeas. Since bound to the Lassitudinous Code the Yozis' depredations and excursions into Creation via demonic messengers, sometimes called Questors, have decreased, as some part of the Code includes a state of half-slumber much like the Malfeans exist in. A few strong-willed Yozis, such as the Ebon Dragon and Malfeas himself, are able to remain awake despite Cythera's efforts.

The Itinerants of the World Mother were given licence by Cythera to make use of the Lassitudinous Code in order to bind demons, even the supposedly unbindable Ysimils.

- Telgar, Sidereal Historian. Chosen of Saturn.

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