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From Relics of the First Age, fragments of documents, translated by Nellens Anila

... Andalusite, a province to the south of Hollow, named after a unique form of rock found in the area. The province became well-known after the Legion of Mourning was stationed there to put down local unrest. The locals speak of powerful geomantic forces in the area, but these have not yet been verified by a credible authority.

Translator's notes:

  • Andalusite retained a strong military presence throughout the era of the Shoguns, and their General Udon was at one point a serious political power.
  • To the best of my knowledge, the geomantic forces have never been verified; however, the only map I have seen of the area is a geomantic projection.
  • The Legion of Mourning was more correctly known as the Ninth Legion, but only the most official documents seem to use that designation.

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-- Senji