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All the pages linked to from here limit content to that relevant to 2nd Edition use.

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Interaction | Advantages | Setting | Storyteller Resources | Exalt-Specific | Reference | Wiki Info

This is a good idea. I'm just leaving this comment because there aren't that many differences between 2nd Ed and 1st, and I think it would be a mistake for readers to limit themselves to this section of the wiki even if they're definitely playing 2nd Ed -- they'd be missing out on a ton of content. Not to mention there's a fair number of things on here that haven't yet been updated for 2nd Ed and won't be for a while: God-Blooded, Alchemicals, expanded Fair Folk. Etc.

Why is this a subpage of your author page? Is it an idea in progress that you're not sure you want to implement? I assume that if you do actually implement it, it'll be a top-level page.
~ Shataina