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The Seven Seas Of Kimbery

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The idea is to create and detail seven seas that conform even a greater ocean that is Kimbery. Each sea should have one or more island children, one or more "weather-like" phenomena, unique and and common demons inhabiting them. These are not meant to be demons in the first-second-third-Yozi hierarchy, they are intended to be more like Adorjan´s wind-daughters or similar things. Everyone is welcome. Also, please use the formatting of the main Taxonomy Of Madness to keep this as a whole.

  • Clymene, The Bottomless Sea, First Sea Of Kimbery</i>(Sindaen)
    An ocean so deep even the oldest savants of the Demon Realm are uncertain if there is even a bottom. Only the grotesque Nautopaidyon, imperial outcastes and Yozi-worshippers of house V´neef seek refuge in her depths, using the perronele as diving suits to plunder the magnificent citadels of The Time Before that her mother claimed.
    • <i>Obombos, The Spine Of Clymene, Island Children Of Kimbery(Sindaen)
      Formed by no less that thirty small islands, this demon is the lair of the Nautopaidyon house. The whole archipelago looks bleached and bony in its surface, devoid of life, but filled with deadly swamps and pools of quicksand. In its entrails however, the cursed Dragon-Blooded find shelter in its many pirate coves, living on the corpses of their victims and the strange and intoxicating luminous fungi that grow in there. Obombos herself spends most of her time sleeping. During calibration, however, she swims into Creation's seas and lays thousands of eggs in its deepest oceans. These eggs rot in poison, waiting to be fertilized by some long gone entity, unknown even to the Nautopaidyon savants.
    • Alcyon, The Glorious Gale of Flames</i>(Sindaen)
      Alcyon takes the shape of a burning gale of sulfuric pebbles, fire and burning acids, burning everything in his path. Sometimes, his burning winds strike small islands or kill the demon-fish of an entire region. The beauty of Alcyon is so painful to behold that mortals die instantly. House Nautopaidyon sailors describe it as "the most beautiful sunset, inflaming the whole Malfean sky, burning in pain each color into your eyes."
      • <i>Nautopaidyon Eryphile, Spouse Of Painful Sunsets, Fire-Aspected Dragon Blooded</i>(Sindaen)
        Eryphile is the only living wife of Alcyon. As a fire aspected dragon blooded, she is often mistaken for an Akuma, due to her power. She commands "The Cruel Ember", a three masted demon-frigate pulled by three eristrufa, armed with the most powerful flame cannons she has managed to plunder from Clymene´s depths. Slender and beautiful, Eryphile wears long red dreadlocks and a red-iron tiara with inlaid patterns of hymns and praise to Alcyon. Only 55 years old, Alcyon has granted her a limited control of the winds and the flame tides, which she combines with her domain of the Dire-Trident to become a deadly fighter and pirate.

Comments about Kimbery´s Seas

You may have found some awful spelling mistakes in my text, please correct them, English is not my native language. (Sindaen)

Corrected. Your spelling may not be perfect, but your vocabulary's excellent. Kalisara