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The Enigma of Life - Ledaal Lim-Xue

A Picture of Lim-Xue! (Made by DW3Girl, slightly modified by myself.)

I Was a Shy Geeky Kid Once - Lim-Xue in Primary School

Lim Xue's Character Sheet

Name: Ledaal Huan Lim-Xue
Player: Kazuki
Aspect: Wood
House: Ledaal
Concept: Skilled Doctor and Enigma Solver
Nature: Savant
Anima: Leaves from a Great oak, colored in Fall tones and falling softly.

Total BPs

Attributes: 4
Abilities: 13
Merits: 8
Flaws: +3
Virtues: 3


Strength ●●
Dexterity ●●●● (12 xp)
Stamina ●●

Charisma ●●●
Manipulation ●●●
Appearance ●●●

Perception ●●●●
Intelligence ●●●●
Wits ●●●


Linguistics ●●●
Lore* ●●●●●
Specialty - Riddles
Occult ●●●●
Specialty - Occult-Related Afflictions ●●

Awareness* ●●●●●
Martial Arts* ●●●●
Resistance ●●

Athletics ●
Dodge* ●●●●● (7xp)
Melee ●●
Presence ●
Socialize ●●

Investigation* ●●●●●

Archery ●●●●
Medecine ●●●●●
Specialty: Acupuncture - ●●●
Performance ●●●●
Ride ●

(*=favored abilities)


Artifact ●●●

  • (See Equipment Section for descriptions)

Breeding ●●

  • Lim-Xue has a good pedigree, but his lineage is not exceptional either - he falls somewhat in the middle range of House Ledaal as far as breeding quality goes.

Manse ●●

  • The Garden of Emerald Peace, Lim-Xue's Manse and doctor's office in Tuchara, is also used as a primary residence for the young practicioner. It produces the Stone of Blood Inviolate. The Chamber of Sagacious Winds is a smaller Air Manse, also in Tuchara - Lim-Xue uses it as a private residence when he needs time away from his practice. It produces the Stone of Quick Thought.

Resources ●●

  • This represents Lim-Xue's earnings as a practicing doctor, which, even if they are not as impressive as some of his colleagues'- are still substantial.

Additional Social Backgrounds

Ally (V'Neef Moera) ●●

  • A teacher at the Spiral Academy's medecine branch who took on an interest to young Lim-Xue when he was still a student there. She is the first one who took notice of the young doctor's particular views and insight, and the one who petionned him as a valued collaborator and Consultant to the Academy. There were whispers that the elder woman and her student once were lovers, although the story has been vehemently denied by the Academy, Moera, and even her husband, Tepet Antonidas. In truth, Moera saw in Lim Xue what could have been her's and Antonidas' first son, who died at birth (Moera was rendered barren by the experience, and her other three children are the fruit of adoption). She still sees her former pupil as a very good friend, and will provide help and counsel if needed.

Connections (The Spiral Academy)●●●

  • After getting petitioned by V'Neef Moera, Lim-Xue was awarded the position of Consultant with the prestigious Spiral Academy. The position is actually pretty shadowed, as Lim-Xue rarely needs to appear at the academy proper, but he is sometimes asked to provide his expertise on matters of the Medicine branch of the school. Twice since his graduation, Lim-Xue has been called on to give his opinion about the current curriculum of the faculty, and has once been asked to give an entrance lecture to freshly arrived students.

Reputation ●

  • Although his name is not very well known (mostly by choice, as he refuses to play the game of catering to certain patients only for desire of fame), Lim-Xue's name has started to spread around, mostly because of his connection with the Spiral Academy. At this point, he is mostly known to specialists and practicioners - mostly people in his chosen profession.


Martial Arts: Five-Dragon Claw (10 xp)
Dodge: Flickering Candle Meditation (10 xp)
Dodge: Threshold Warding Stance
Dodge: Hopping Firecracker Evasion (10 xp)
Medecine: Infection Banishing Prana
Medecine: Disease Banishing Technique
Medecine: Dread Infection Strike
Investigation: Indisputable Physical Analysis Technique
Investigation: Scent of Crime Method
Archery: Spring Follows Winter
Archery: Dragonfly Finds Mate


Eidetic Recall ●●●●●
Prodigy (Dodge) ●●●
Prodigy (Martial Arts) ●●●


Weak Immune System ●●●


Compassion ●●●
Conviction ●●
Temperance ●●●
Valor ●●

Essence and Willpower

Essence ●●
Willpower ●●●●●●
Personal Essence - 2(Essence) + 6(Willpower) + 2(Breeding) = 8
Peripheral Essence - 8(Essence x 4) + 6(Willpower) + 6(Sum of two highest virtues) + 3(Breeding) = 23

Health Levels

-0 x 1
-1 x 2
-2 x 2
-4 x 1



Windborne Aria (Artifact ●●●)

Description goes here

Acc: +3
Dam: 2L
Rate: 3
Range: 100
Attunement: 6

Necklace of Shielding Wisdom (Artifact ●●)

Description goes here

Soak: 7L/5B
Mobility Penalty: 0
Fatigue Value: 0
Commitment: 3

Spider of Verdure (Artifact ●) (From the Exalted Wiki, Created by Telgar)

These tiny green spiders are miniature automota that can be put into stasis and carried around for emergencies. When needed, the spider wakes in response to a spoken command in Old Realm, uncurls itself and scurries to whatever living being is indicated by the spider's owner. When released the spider quickly locates the wound and spins a web of Green Jade that wrap the wound. The secretions of the bandage numb and strengthen flesh, allowing use of the wounded limb while healing takes place. As long as the bandages are in place, the wound in question imposes no wound penalties. Mortals heal at Exalted rates and Exalted heal twice as fast. A Spider of Verdure must be fed 3 motes each time it is used or it will be unable to spin its webs.


Stone of Blood Inviolate (Manse ●●) (From the Book of Three Circles)

This Hearthstone is mottled read and green. As long as an Exalted bears it, his blood cannot be spilled. He can be injured, strangled, beheaded and so on, and he may certainly be killed, but he will not bleed - not even if a limb is severed. Neither can the blood be deliberately drawn from him.

Stone of Quick Thought (Manse ●)(From the Book of Three Circles)

This Hearthstone is banded with opaque red and dark silver. When the bearer concentrates, time seems to slow down for her, but in reality, her thought processes speed up. It gives her time to think when in a tense and time-pressured situation and increases her reflexes. Mechanically, this gives the stone's bearer one extra die for Wits and Dexterity rolls.

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