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Free-Spirited Privateer - Ledaal Lasuri

Standing a little bit under six feet and sporting black eyes and shoulder length dark blue hair, Ledaal Lasuri is not someone that strikes immediately as "memorable" - if not for the fact his skin shows the soft blue-green tint that betrays a high connection to the element of water, and therefore a good pedigree. His clothes tend to be sober, in the dark colored tones generally favored by the Aspects of water - dark blue fitted shirt with silver clasps and looser sleeves closed at the wrist by black cording, black tousers and comfortable, polished black knee length boots. He usually holds his hair into place in a black bandana (when school regulations do not prevent him from doing so) and almost always sport his most prized piece of clothing - a somewhat faded knee length black coat with blue and silver filigree along the seams. The coat seems to have undergone a decent number of years of service, but still remain quite elegant despite having faded with time.

For most of his life, Lasuri has been looking out for freedom. Born from Ledaal Tarena and Peleps Lufos, Lasuri is the youngest of three sons, and the only one of the three to exalt with the Water Aspect of their father. Youngest in a family of sorcerers, Lasuri learned his place early in life as the most inconsequential child of his parents - although the fact did not bother him that much, in the end. Spending his childhood doing what would please his parents and House, Lasuri spent much of his free time gazing at the horizon, and dreaming of seeing new and interesting places - until a seemingly mundane event chaged his visions and goals forever...

Lasuri's parents, unsure as to what to do with their youngest child, decided to send him on a diplomatic mission along with Peleps Lupasa, Lufos' brother and a Water Aspected ship Captain often sent to escort diplomats to the Threshold. There, Lasuri's parents hoped the young dynast would come to learn from the diplomats and envoys, and perhaps be able to take on that role when older. Young Lasuri did find some things to learn and idolize on this mission - except it had nothing to do with the envoys and diplomats and everything to do with Lupasa and life on a ship.

Lupasa taught the young pup a great deal in the two months they were out, and taught even more to the young dynast every time they would meet again, when he would come back from his expeditions and Lasuri wasn't bound by school. From the two short swords fighting style, to how to keep your footing on a ship and apply this knowledge in land combat, and how to survive a brawl in the Threshold port towns taverns (something neither Lasuri of Lupasa claimed knowledge of in front of the young one's parents), Lasuri enjoyed learning from his unorthodox uncle. The weathered sailor liked his nephew's spirit, and, in addition to teaching him to fight, he also taught Lasuri how to manoeuver a ship, how to lie low in order to listen in on things you might not be allowed to know, etc.

Although Tarena and Lufos were unhappy with how events turned at first, they eventually came to the conclusion that by taking that path, at least their son would serve some purpose and have a role that might be benefical for the family and House - though they tried to minimize Lupasa's influence on their progeny, lest the young dynast learn to behave in some ways taht might be innapropriate. Lasuri merely pretended to behave for his parent's sake, doing what was required in school and dreaming of travels and the open seas when left to his own device. When the time for graduating from primary school came, Lasuri received a package from his uncle, containing a gift to celebrate the event - the faded black coat he is now wearing, once Lupasa's captain coat, now faded with years and exposire to sea breeze. The young dynast wears it as often as possible, keeping it close as one of his closest possessions.

Lasuri's personality earned him quite a reputation as a daydreamer in school, something Lasuri shrugged off most of the time. He felt trapped and confined in the school environment, and was not very likely to talk openly about his dreams with other people. Some people were exceptions, however - Kia, Jadira, and Daithi, three good friends from primary school, got to hear the most about his stories. Though they were split when the time for Secondary school came about (Daithi and Jadira went to The Heptagram, while Kia and Lasuri were sent to the House of Bells), they managed to retain a good contact nonetheless. It came as no surprise, then, that when the announcement of the quad-centennial Grand All-Creation Cross-Direction Quest was made, they would all choose to team up together.

For Lasuri, this is a chance to test his abilities, and see the new horizons he dreamt of for so long...

Lasuri's Character Sheet

Name: Ledaal Lasuri
Player: Kazuki
Aspect: Water
House: Ledaal Lasuri
Concept: Roguish Free Spirit / Daydreamer
Nature: Survivor
Anima: To the sound of crashing waves, A long, serpentine creature reminescent of a Leviathan composed of dark, swirling water curls protectively around Lasuri. Can spend 5 motes in order to be able to breathe under water, and function in water as if in air.


Strength ●●●
Dexterity ●●●●
Stamina ●●●

Charisma ●●●
Manipulation ●●
Appearance ●●●

Perception ●●●● (12 xp)
Intelligence ●●●
Wits ●●●


Lore ●●
Stealth ●●●● (10 xp)

Awareness* ●●●● (7 xp)
Endurance ●●
Martial Arts

Athletics ●●
Dodge* ●●●●●
Melee* ●●●●
Presence ●
Socialize ●●

Brawl ●●●
Bureaucracy ●
Investigation ●●
Larceny ●●●●● (7 xp)
Sail ●●●●● (7 xp)

Archery ●
Performance ●●
Ride ●

(*=favored abilities)


Artifact ●●●●
Breeding ●●●●
Manse ●●●
Resources ●●●


Stealth: Feeling the Air Technique (10 xp)
Stealth: Soundless Action Prana (10 xp)
Stealth: Distracting Breeze Meditation (10 xp)
Awareness: Precision Observatoin Method (10 xp)
Dodge : Treshold Warding Stance
Dodge : Flickering Candle Meditation
Dodge : Smoke Obscuring Effect
Melee : Dragon Graced Weapon
Melee : Stoking Bonfire Style
Larceny : Observer Awareness Method
Larceny : Ears of the Snowy Owl
Larceny : Trackless Walk Style (10 xp)
Larceny : Waters of Honesty Method (10 xp)
Larceny : Perfect Gambling Prana (10 xp)
Larceny : Resetting Tumblers Technique (10 xp)
Sail : Hurricane Predicting Glance
Sail : Storm-Outrunning Technique (Free Christmas Charm!)
Sail: Fine Passage Negotiating Style (10 xp)
Sail: Pirate-Masquerading Method (10 xp)

Merits and Flaws


Prodigy(Stealth) (9 xp)


Compassion ●●
Conviction ●●●
Temperance ●●
Valor ●●●

Essence and Willpower

Essence ●●
Willpower ●●●●●●
Personal Essence - 2 (Essence) + 6 (Willpower) + 4 (Breeding) = 12
Peripheral Essence - 8 (Essence x 4) + 6 (Willpower) + 6 (Sum of two highest virtues) + 7 (Breeding) = 27

Health Levels

-0 x 1
-1 x 2
-2 x 2
-4 x 1



Stream and Tidal, Twin Jade Curved Short Daiklaves (Artifact ●●●●)

Stream and Tidal are a pair of curved short daiklaves, twin blades befitting a faster, more precise fighting style. The guardless, sleek swords are both elegantly arced, the hilt following the gentle curve of the blade to form an unbroken, continuous line. Stream, the "Blade of the Solemn River", is made of lighter, almost translucent indigo jade, the soft swirling patterns engraved near the edge of the weapon complementing the soft ripples that seem to appear in the dark blue material. Tidal, the "Blade of the Roaring Depths" is mainly made of pure black jade. The waves engraved all along the edge of the sword barely seem to contain the raging waters that seem to howl within the blade.

Spd: +12
Acc: +4
Dam: +4L
Def: +1
Rate: 4
Str: 2
Dex: 3
MA: -
Attunement: 8 (4 for each blade)

Plastron of the Deep (Black Jade Breastplate) (Artifact ●●)

[Slightly Altered from the Azure Plate, by Telgar, from the Exalted Wiki] Form fitting and extremely well adjusted, the Plastron of the deep is made of several plates of Black Jade, tied together with strong, deep blue cords. The multiple plates allow for a greater freedom of movement and the fluidity that often characterize The water aspected Terrestrial Exalted, while the choice of Black Jade as its main component help the wearer feel at one with the element of water. Ocean depths become warm and comforting to anyone in Plastron of the Deep, offering no penalties to actions in any form. This armor commits for 4 motes, has no penalties and gives its user 7L/9B soak.

Soak (LKazuki/Lasuri/B): 7/9
Mobility Penalty: -0
Fatigue Value: 0
Commitment: 4


The Freedom Stone (Manse ●●●) [Taken from the Exalted corebook, page 339.] The Hearthstone is a murky blue-black, full of shifting colors, like lake water rich with algae. A character who bears this Hearthstone can never be physically restrained. Shackles placed around his wrists will fall off, the knots of lassos and nooses will come undone when drawn tight. All grapple, clinch, hold and throw maneuvers attempted against him automatically fail. Note that the character cannot be -restrained- . He can still be confined - this Hearthstone does nothing to counter locked doors and barred gates.

Gem of Acclimation (Manse ●●) [Taken from the Book of Three Circles, page 114.] This Hearthstone is a blending of dark purple and white. It allows the wearer to feel comfortable in very hot and cold climates and reduce heat-or cold-based damage he takes. Mechanically, reduce damage taken by any source of heat or cold by two health levels per turn.

The labyrinthine Eye (Manse ●) [From the Book of Three Circles, page 112.] This stone is a perfect, glimmering sphere of gold and brown bands. It's owner will always pick the right path to reach either the exit or the center (his choice) when navigating mazes and labyrinths. The path he should follow will simply be evident to him when he's confronted with a choice. This gem conveys no knowledge of whether or not the route is safe - merely that the route will lead the bearer to his destination.

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