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Teh Funny

<ADamiani> Yeah, what did you think she'd say? "Why yes, they were here, but we ate them"?

<ADamiani> Hehe. The chosen of the maidens cannot defeat.... the DOOR!
<Jiang> I hate the door!
<Silent_Sunset> Infinite Trancendance of Portal-shaped Obstacles Style!

<Jiang> Indeed. Next time we meet, I woo the Gothess and make her my spooky, icky bride!
<ADamiani> Her spooky, icky bride might have something to say about that.
<Jiang> Jiang Chou does not find polygamy unattractive!

<Jiang> Same here. Kung Fu is good. Just.. Kung Fu against an Abyssal, in her own citadel, surrounded by a small army.. Not so good.

<Silent_Sunset> ... because appearing dead doesn't do too much in a fight, especially against abyssals :p
<ADamiani> No, it means they look befuddled when they start commanding you to do stuff and you don't. :)

<ADamiani> "How many sidereals does it take to screw in a lightbulb?"
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Sidereals don't screw in lightbulbs. They manipulate minions into doing it!"
<Jiang> Yes they do, so long as it's a sufficiently big lightbulb and somebody brought the lube!
<Silent_Sunset> The lightbulb was always screwed in, can't you tell?
<ADamiani> "Three. One to argue that the lightbulb is broken and must be replaced. One to argue that the world was meant to grow dim, and one to ignore the other two and decide to unleash the Kulka!"
<ADamiani> (Sorry, moving on... ahem....)

<ADamiani> I assume you guys have enough etiquette to know and behave approriately
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> That comes as part of the Sidereal package. And PSL has Socialize 5.
<ADamiani> That's why SHE kowtowed, while you other guys just bowed. :)
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> And, she brought a gift, and dressed to the 9s as well!

<Jiang> And we'll give her to him when we're done with her! Everybody wins!
<Jiang> Except the Prince. And hey. Fuck him. Fuck him right in the ear.

About the shards in Lytek's cabinet:
<Jiang> I wonder what would happen if we ate one of those..
<ADamiani> Censure. Why do you ask? :)
<Silent_Sunset> you'd get sick and throw it up again
<Jiang> Curiosity, mostly. And who doesn't want to be all gold and shiny?

<Jiang> So.. How many out of work gods could we hire, anyways? And.. Is there somewhere I could buy a Yasal Crystal? :D
<ADamiani> After seeing what you'd do with a Yasal crystal? SO no.

<ADamiani> I sure hope Kaiu shows, otherwise you guys are in a bit of trouble.
<Haeccity> You could adjust their stats downward?
<ADamiani> May be more effort than it's worth, but I'll bear it in mind.
<ADamiani> No, it's just that I balanced a tough fight for four. :)

<dakkareth> well, there always is reverse Avoidance Kata :p
<ADamiani> You mean Retcon Insertion Technique? :)
<dakkareth> We've been perfecting that technique I think ;)
<ADamiani> Lot of practice, yeah!

<ADamiani> Uh, Hae, you there?
<ADamiani> Man, the circle's dropping like flies.

<Haeccity> (I will purchase many barrels of Fire Powder)
<Haeccity> (If all else fails, we'll all go to Hell on one hell of a funeral pyre)

<ADamiani> (Oh, look! Charming illustrations of your probable demise!)

<Jiang> What this plan really needs is a giant poison pie and a pile of reefer. See, the Abyssals will smoke the reefer then, beset by the munchies, they won't be able to resist the pie!
<Jiang> It's the perfect plan!

<Jiang> "Regular exercise is the key to a long and healthy life."
Jiang grumbles "No matter how hard I try to convince the Spiders otherwise."

-RPGServ- <Roll for Jiang [7[1d10]]: 1 3 5 7 5 1 3 >
<ADamiani> Jiang, yes, you're pretty sure you ARE, in fact, on an island. :)

<Jiang> ((Marvelous Inclusion of Details for 3 successes. I choose a giant, glowing sign with an arrow, saying 'Entrance this way!')

<ADamiani> Jiang, soak 11 agg?
Jiang collapses into a small pile of ash, with his glowing hearthstone on top.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "My. This will look stunning on our reports."

<Jiang> "I once used it to beat a small god to death."
<Damiani> It's true. 0 to death in 60 seconds. The small god couldn't keep up.

<Damiani> You're fate ninjas with total information superiority. You scoff at traps.

<Silent_Sunset> ahh, finally something that cheers old Jiang up! :)
<Jiang> Jiang is a pessimist. He just loves being proved right.

<Jiang> Yes, but.. We all loved SIP. She was practically a sister to me. And we all miss her, with all our hearts. She's left a void that it won't be easy to fill.. But.. SIP is gone man. She's gone and she won't be coming back. We all have to come to terms with that fact, no matter how much it hurts us, deep inside.
<Jiang> She'll always be there in our hearts.
<Jiang> And on my mantleplace, when I get her stuffed and mounted.

<Damiani> Oh, thank god,someone is FINALLY dealing with the unbreachable interposing wall of extras that was supposed to balance the fight.

<Damiani> If I lose on round 2 with no damage inflicted, your next fight is going to be insane. :)

<Jiang> So going to get Righteous Devil Style.
<Jiang> And a Plasma Toungue Repeater. Fuck the Men in Black. I wanna be a Fate Cowboy.

<Damiani> OK. Two remaining ghosts attack... SS?
<Damiani> Successes : 4
<Damiani> Successes : 5
<Damiani> God, that sucks.
<Damiani> They could NOT have rolled better.
<Silent_Sunset> Nope, no need to even roll.
<Damiani> My hat of extras knows no limit.

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> I can imagine the new group of Solar PCs. "This was the tomb of my 1st Age incarnation!" They show up, to find the place a smoking crater. Little barrier marker - "BUREAU OF DESTINY PUBLIC WORKS - PLEASE MOVE ALONG"

<Jiang> Damn straight. The natural state of the Sidereal is invisibility.

<Hidden_Crystal> ...I'll fix my visibility problem.
<Damiani> No, don't you DARE

As Jiang savages a couple of demons, wielding the paralyzed HC as weapon:
<Hidden_Crystal> ...so, how much bashing damage do *I* take from this?
<Damiani> None, you're inert.
<Jiang> And invisible, since you count as equipment!

<Damiani> OK... so... lessee.. what's your lethal soak?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> OK. Right now, 10 L. What's his raw damage?
<Damiani> 6 bonus successes.... plus 22 damage from the weapon, plus 12 from strength....
<Damiani> 40L
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> SWEET BEEJEZUS.

<Jiang> So, lets recap. One sidereal took a nosedive down the bottomless shaft to rescue a dead body for his own inscrutable purposes. One Sidereal is paralyzed and being used as a blunt weapon by another. And the fourth is getting all Yuri with a death knight, while being eaten by a hungry ghost.
<Jiang> Yeah. I think we're roleplaying the curse.

<Jiang> ((Indeed. Manhandling and poisoning will occur if neccessary.))

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> I believe that we're the first Circle canonicaly to bring a live Abyssal prisoner to Yu Shan, right?
<Silent_Sunset> well, they would have kept it just as quiet as we ... failed to do. OOOOOPS!
<Jiang> Screw subtlety?

<Jiang> +1 for Sky, for getting nekkid whenever she possibly can. +1 to HC for being a good hammer!

<Jiang> Incidentally, I take this moment to strip her of her stuff and stick it in a bag.
<Jiang> If anybody asks, we're Little Gods of Debauchery, practicing for a big shindig.

<Jiang> Oh, geeze. We know he has spies in Heaven, and we know he'll find out about this soon and he knows we know and we know he knows we know.

<ADamiani> Good. You don't have a LOT of choice in the matter because Glorious is shooing you out of there and making murmuring noises about Magma Krakens if you don't move it! :)

Silent_Sunset flags down an aerial riksha
ADamiani resists the urge to flag down an aerial Raksha.

<ADamiani> You have spare womens' clothing?
<Jiang> Loinclothes are unisex.

<ADamiani> So: you guys have tea. What's the plan?
Silent_Sunset tries to determine the additives by taste
One failed roll later ...
Silent_Sunset shrugs and drinks more tea. Bowel medicines aren't his strong point.

<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (3), 1, 2, 6, Successes : 0, Botch
<Silent_Sunset> Compassion botch! Silent is perfectly fine with that!
<Silent_Sunset> :p
<ADamiani> Hidden_Crystal (3), 10, 3, 10, Successes : 4
<Silent_Sunset> !!!
<ADamiani> Yeah, the torture bugs you a bit.

<Jiang> "I vote we find those responsible and start killing them."

<Jiang> "Give us what you know, and we'll slip you a shard of broken glass. What you do with it is your concern."

Platinum_Sky_Lover grabs some nearby silk cloth. She gags Weeping Glass!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "I'm sick of your mouth."

<Hidden_Crystal> Hope never dies.
<ADamiani> Yes it does. When it takes the black breath and subsequently perishes, straight to the abyss! :)

<Silent_Sunset> 6 sux enough to know *something*?
<ADamiani> Six successes on seven dice is pretty good, yeah! I think you may have heard rumors of Abyssal ghosts, but nothing solid. I think you can be pretty sure they don't all leave ghosts, but you're not sure what the circumstances that make that determination are.
<ADamiani> OOCTruth be told, they all fall into Oblivion directly, unless they have a charm
<Silent_Sunset> yeah
<ADamiani> Which... is kind of messy to your lore.
(IC the mentioning of Sour Ice Phoenix' ghost gets Weeping Glass quite mad - her fate was Oblivion)
<Silent_Sunset> ... and results in backfiring :p
<ADamiani> A little bit, yeah.

<ADamiani> Man, Jiang, you are SO bad cop tonight! :)

<Hidden_Crystal> Sorry. It's just that when I did finally think of something to say, things moved so quickly that it made no sense for me to say it.
<Silent_Sunset> then we can work it in retroactively, answer, etc
<Jiang> We're Sidereals. We can insert comments into the past, future or present!
<Silent_Sunset> Or rather we're very good at pretending that we did or will do

<ADamiani> It's more important that you be involved and have fun than you get the facts or chronology right.
<Jiang> "But there is a way for youths to enjoy rich and satisfying sexual intimacy without risking unwanted pregnancy — ANAL SEX! The anus, tighter than any vagina and tinged with the thrill of the taboo, is the perfect venue for modern teen lust."
<Silent_Sunset> hey, it's simply more fun if everyone is involved :)
<Silent_Sunset> that line was NOT supposed to go after Jiang's random stuff!
<Jiang> Awww.
<ADamiani> ....
<ADamiani> (WTF, Jiang?)
<Hidden_Crystal> ...
<Silent_Sunset> Yeah, indeed: .....
<Jiang> Tangency hurts me, in all the right ways.
<Silent_Sunset> I need more tea

<Haeccity> Man-monkey love! The gift that keeps on giving, to millions of people.

<Jiang> Allright, new plan. We break into Lytek's office tonight and rob his files.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> What do you mean 'we'?
<Silent_Sunset> I was thinking charm-powered stealth escape with the abyssal, but too late for that :(
<Jiang> We need SOMEONE to distract the guard with a sexy, sexy dance.
<ADamiani> This is actually a reasonably interesting concept.

<Jiang> Hey, ADamiani. How many enemies does the God of Beaucracy and Paperwork have in Yu-Shan?
<Silent_Sunset> None ... none that are still employed.
<ADamiani> have?
<ADamiani> The God of Bureaucracy and paperwork is a polarizing figure!
<Jiang> I will channel Conviction, keeping my cool in the face of mountains of dead trees, oceans of black ink, and terrifying armies of wax seals!

<Jiang> When all about you is lies and deception, truth is what you make it.
<Jiang> See, what we NEED to do is get all the Sidereals together in one place.. And then explode them. Hey, AD. What kind of rolls do we need to make a Nuke from Outside of Fate?
<ADamiani> Do you have any craft charms?
<Jiang> Yes.

<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (3), 5, 1, 2, Successes : 0, Botch
<Silent_Sunset> heh
<ADamiani> Not you, SS, you already made your compassion check for the session.
<Silent_Sunset> yeah, made one anyway
(Two compassion rolls in the whole game and a botch on both - yeah, go Caregiver nature!)

<ADamiani> OK, the prayer seems successful
<Silent_Sunset> (so, toss the coin, Jiang ;))
<Silent_Sunset> Let's do this with a die roll, yes?
<ADamiani> No, Jiang rolls Dex+Stealth. Everyone else rolls Per+Awareness.
<ADamiani> I wish I were kidding.
<Silent_Sunset> 1 success.
<Hidden_Crystal> 2 successes.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> 1 success.
<Jiang> 5 successes.
<Silent_Sunset> muahhahaha!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> And thusly the justice of heaven is meted out!
<ADamiani> May the maidens have mercy on your soul. :)

<ADamiani> You killed ANOTHER of my damned abyssal NPCs, though. :P
<ADamiani> After I specifically asked you not to!
<Silent_Sunset> Indeed. Jiang should be feared by the Prince's Minions ...
<Jiang> What'd I do?

<Jiang> PSL is SO going to be kill me dead.
<Silent_Sunset> Do we want to know?
<Jiang> No.
<ADamiani> And, YES< you DO want to know. But he won't tell you.
Silent_Sunset grimaces
<Silent_Sunset> Counter-intrigues!
<ADamiani> I *know*! If it were up to him, awesomeness like the coin flip thing would have been covered up too.
<Silent_Sunset> You're taking the whole Chosen of Secrets thing seriously, eh? :)
<Jiang> Indeed.

dakkareth is multitasking ... composing a parry against the nerfbat, doing astrology and trying to think of charm to pick at the same time
<shadow_lynne> Astrology? Ah, crap.
<dakkareth> for the next time Silent takes dives into bottomless pits ...

<shadow_lynne> FAIL. I FAIL at IRC.

<ADamiani> Lytek will be shooing you out to proceed with the vivisection.

<Jiang> "Luck. Next time they'll be prepared. Or we won't be lucky."
Silent_Sunset grins brightly. "You of all people ... we *make* our luck :)"
<ADamiani> It's true. Sunset is only three blocks down from a small luck manufactury.

<ADamiani> Perhaps master Jiang would care to share the fruits of one of his investigations with his poor stymied colleagues?
<ADamiani> Er. Or so the rain seems to say.
<ADamiani> (The rain would like to remind Jiang he knows more about the disappearance, as well)
<ADamiani> (Um. The rain's going to shut up now, so it doesn't give away anything Jiang is deliberately hiding. Er. *sheepish*)

Jiang sighs and opens the window. Leaning out, he shouts at the small gods managing the storm "Stop that, right this instant! Dramatic and Foreboding Weather Effects are restricted to Creation, barring special permission signed by at least two Sidereals, one God of Exotic Meteorology and at least one Divine member of the Bureau of Destiny!"
<ADamiani> Rain: "But...but... I have a 403.21/K work order!"
<ADamiani> The rain gods go off to cry ineffectually in the corner.

Silent_Sunset gives the mute god a wink and fortune cookies are brought for each of the Sids
<ADamiani> Silent: "A wise man acts without hesitation" .... in bed.
<ADamiani> Jiang: "Who dares, does." ... in bed.
<ADamiani> Hidden Crystal: "Meet me at Midnight, Saturday. The Loom. Come alone. -A friend."
<ADamiani> ... in bed.

Jiang sighs "I could secure a Celestial Writ permitting me to comandeer any such items I require, however that would inconvenience everyone involved. And you'd never have your items restored to you. So, can we come to an accomidation? I am in need of at least one Temporal Dilation Pod, and a broad supply of items suitable for war or infiltration. If you have none on hand, I would also accept information concerning caches within Creation."
<ADamiani> "So this is a shakedown, is that it?"
<Jiang> "No, it is not a shakedown. If it were a shakedown, there would be more threats."

Silent_Sunset clothes himself in the Shroud of the Starless Sky, gathers shadows around him, pushes the strands of fate away from him, dampening his presence!
<ADamiani> Vzoosh! You cloak!
<Silent_Sunset> yep!
<Silent_Sunset> Sound effects are there for the Maiden of Secret's pleasure!
<Silent_Sunset> Because noone else hears.

Silent_Sunset is now sitting at his own desk in his own office, having just decided 'Naw, he'll probably come back at the worst possible moment ... I'll do it some other time.'
<Silent_Sunset> Avoidance Kata'd!
<ADamiani> Frell. I hate that thing.

<ADamiani> Silent--your avoidence Kata goes off! Poof! You are somewhere else.
<ADamiani> A deep, ringing voice, too resonant to be human, cries out "Announcing the emissary from Heaven, Silent Sunset, to seek an audience with Her Supremacy, Judge Nehemeth of the Pearl Court!"
<ADamiani> Avoidance Kata is my new favorite charm.

<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (2), 1, 4, Successes : 0, Botch
<ADamiani> Silent, what were you rolling?
<Silent_Sunset> valour :p
<ADamiani> Go ahead. Use Avoidence Kata again. I dare you. :P

<Haeccity> *rubs hands* My evil plans are well under way
<dakkareth> hey, AD, did you get my email?
<Haeccity> Note to self: Start spying on Silent Sunset

<ADamiani> Oh, that brings me to the other thing: make your roll for the Resplendent Destiny
<Silent_Sunset> k
<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (6), 7, 7, 5, 1, 6, 10, Successes : 4
<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (12), 3, 10, 8, 8, 10, 10, 7, 2, 8, 6, 1, 3, Successes : 10
<Silent_Sunset> so 7 dice on effect
<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (7), 3, 8, 1, 2, 4, 4, 4, Successes : 1
<Silent_Sunset> ...
<Silent_Sunset> ok, Silent's hard work goes totally down the drain
<Silent_Sunset> nevermind

<Jiang> It has no real effect. Nothing I've done or learned is useful, or has been helpful.
Silent_Sunset thinks the Circle's leader might have missed a career as Abyssal :p

<Jiang> I'd just like a little more bang for my buck, or maybe somebody smaller to pick on. You don't go after Mask of Winters straight out of the box, if you're smart.
<Silent_Sunset> yeah. you go after his goons.
<Silent_Sunset> kill them off one by one.
<Silent_Sunset> oh, wait ... we did that, didn't we?

<Jiang> Well. It's pretty easy to see that we're going to have to start killing people. Most of these people outclass us in every way.
<ADamiani> Not as much as you seem to think.
<ADamiani> 'Cept Nara-o. He's pretty much scary.
<ADamiani> Um. And the Prince. Don't go toe to toe with the prince any time soon.

<Silent_Sunset> mhhh ... would Raksha eating that annoying fleet make things better or worse?
<Silent_Sunset> I mean, it would be gone, right? :)

<ADamiani> It's a perfect defense versus encounters.
<ADamiani> This is the check on it.
<Haeccity> Soul eating monsters balances the charm?

On Nehemeth 'asking' whether Silent had a gift for her:
<Jiang> Offer your hot, sexy, body! Whooooo!

<Jiang> Here comes the butt rape!
<Silent_Sunset> I can ignore that with my dignity, too :p
<Silent_Sunset> besides, that would be a new social encounter to dodge

<Jiang> Most people would tell their superiors about the end of the world, but fuck 'em. Lets gamble with the fate of Creation!
<ADamiani> Well... I suppose you could justify it that there IS a highly placed traitor to heaven in the upper ranks of the Bureau....
<Jiang> Bah. Only people who're doing something wrong need justification!
<Silent_Sunset> Sids by definition can't do anything wrong!
<Jiang> See? Exactly.
<Jiang> I mean, if you worry that you're making a mistake, a good solution is to get someone else to examine your conclusions! And Silent Sunset feels my conclusions are perfect! And to ensure the perfection of his conclusions, someone else must examine his results. Upon reviewing his reasoning, I can find no flaw!
<Jiang> Which means that, obviously, I'm right! My logic is impeccable.

<ADamiani> You're not sure without crunching the numbers. It might solve the problem, but when one of the major things you're hoping to prevent is a fair folk breakthrough...
<Silent_Sunset> ... unless said breakthrough happened to drown the Silver Prince in the Wyld ...

<Haeccity> I'll give Silent one XP for getting himself a sweet Fae honey ;)
<dakkareth> ieuauweia
<ADamiani> "sweet" is something of a matter of perspective.

<ADamiani> Anyhow, the third fleet is there to show the flag and remind Coral who's boss.
<dakkareth> WE are boss
<ADamiani> Yup!
<dakkareth> the Realm should remember that
<dakkareth> or rather, NOT remember that
<dakkareth> but do what we say anyway!
<ADamiani> Heh. Exactly.

<Haeccity> Allright, so my solution: We start killing people till this problem stops being a problem.
<Haeccity> We'll start with the leaders of Coral.
<ADamiani> That is ALSO a valid solution.

On the Arcane Fate:
<ADamiani> Yeah. By tomorrow, Dilari will wake up in a strange room in Yu Shan, with NO idea what she's doing there....

<ADamiani> And I'd introduce your Sifus if I didn't have FOUR wise-old-mentor-who-stands-aloof-from-all-politics types to work in.
<ADamiani> I have NO idea how to differentiate those guys.

<Haeccity> Yeah, yeah.. But a single SMA charm could make the entire thing MUCH less painful
<dakkareth> LESS painful?
<Haeccity> For me. For others? Not so much.

<dakkareth> I mean 'dead and being experimented on' would be an improvement over our current knowledge
<ADamiani> YOUR current knowledge, Dakk.
ADamiani shoots a meaningful look at Hae.
<ADamiani> Who knows everything! :)
<Haeccity> Hae is all knowing. All seeing.
dakkareth swears in Infernal
<ADamiani> Did you take that on your linguistics?
dakkareth hides sheet
<dakkareth> yeah. totally!
<dakkareth> ahem

dakkareth uses Auspicious Prospects for Endings
<dakkareth> There's NO WAY the game can die, barring Outside of Fate intervention
<ADamiani> Right. Like I said. Great Cthulhu. :)
shadow_lynne runs away from Great Cthulhu.
<dakkareth> Only we can use Astrology to make the stars right.
<dakkareth> Or wrong.
<dakkareth> Or make them say 'Heya, Cthulhu, wanna get a beating?'

<ADamiani> d) ask your new girlfriend to eat them all, very politely.

dakkareth puts have a nice chat with Dilari during breakfast on the ToDo list
<ADamiani> "Breakfast? You've brought mortals! How thoughtful!"

<dakkareth> "What did you spent all that Ambrosia on???"
<dakkareth> "Uhh ... on that Raksha living in my house?"
<ADamiani> "Junior, if you didn't want to feed it, you shouldn't have let it follow you home"

<dakkareth> how else can you encourage attendance!
<dakkareth> think about it!
<ADamiani> Cattle prod.
dakkareth Ducks Fate
shadow_lynne Impedes the Flow
<ADamiani> Yeah, see, YOU have the luxury of reflexives, having showed up to the session. :)
<dakkareth> to the others it's an unexpected attack, eh?
<ADamiani> Right. Total surprise!
<ADamiani> FZOT!

<dakkareth> Mmhh. Making the stars spell out love messages would probably get a Sidereal censured, but it would be classy way to impress other Exalts ...
<shadow_lynne> *snickers*
<ADamiani> I'd ALSO give you three dice on a seduction role if you actually rearrainged the heavens to spell out love poetry to them.

<ADamiani> OK. I motion we take 9 minutes to refresh ourselves and get ready for the session, and brief PSL on last session and what we're up to this week and such, then begin play at 10:00 sharp.
<ADamiani> Seeing no opposition and needing no approval from anyone, the motion carries.
ADamiani bangs his gavel and makes a bio run.
dakkareth looks around for some tea to kick his brain in the nuts

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "While we're on this, *everything* has to do with our investigation. And, by your own admission, there is a *this* that is at issue. I promise, I will not run to any censors or scream bloody murder if you tell me what's going on. But lies and whispers destroy trust."
<ADamiani> (Oh, man, and you let JIANG in the circle?)

<Silent_Sunset> ((I'm wondering how PSL got from a delay of three minutes or so to accusations of 'lies and whispers'))
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> ((Also, she's a paranoid Sidereal! And you're acting like a guy who has his mistress hiding in the other room, waiting for wifey to go to work.))

<Silent_Sunset> "Of course the usual way would be to assassinate and impersonate the fleet admiral."
<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (3), 2, 1, 2, Successes : 0, Botch
<Silent_Sunset> ...
<ADamiani> Was that compassion?
<Silent_Sunset> yep
<ADamiani> Heartless SoB!

<Silent_Sunset> reserve next session for stomping Yolan, Impersonation and wholesale fleet destruction

<Silent_Sunset> "Brother Crystal, will you accompany me to the Department of Natural Disasters then?"
<ADamiani> Silent, OKeydoke. You make an appointment with Centurion assigned to the Arial Legion for Coral.
Silent_Sunset wears his good stuff, the symbol of Saturn prominent on his chest
<ADamiani> The bureau of Seasons DND is a run down little building somewhere in a back corner of Yu Shan
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> (restrains herself from making Dungeons and Dragons jokes.)
<Silent_Sunset> ((Do not taunt Happy Fun Dragon!))
<ADamiani> There is a pig nosed god in a cramped 10' x 10 room at the end of a long corridor.
<ADamiani> As you enter, he is helping himself to pie.

<ADamiani> It's basically a sixty foot long sea serpent.
<ADamiani> That has, apparently, acquired a taste for elemental flesh and the essence it provides.
<ADamiani> Oh, and it spits acid.
<Silent_Sunset> It probably messes up Fate anyway!
<Silent_Sunset> So it's no loss.
<ADamiani> Nah, natural animal. Easy as pie to track. You might want a boat or some other battle platform, or some means of fighting under the water.
<Silent_Sunset> Unless it's a First Age Lunar, but that would be just mean :p

<ADamiani> (Also, Dilari has Assumption of Water Form and possibly Assumption of the person's heart, which would provide water breathing) <Platinum_Sky_Lover> (Like I'm going to trust some Fae Strumpet with my being able to breath!)

<ADamiani> Also, I've concluded I like Dilari, and will not remove her promptly as I had expected I might have to.
<Silent_Sunset> though the conversation with Dilari rocked :D
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Yes, it did. I wanted to meet her, and give that Fae hussy a peice of my mine. And upbraid SS for being played so.
<Silent_Sunset> heh
<ADamiani> I'll look forward to it.
<ADamiani> (PSL is SO catty. : )
<Silent_Sunset> Silent is a Sidereal! He plays others, he is *never* manipulated himself!
<Hidden_Crystal> Crystal has no comment.

Not a game quote, but hilarious none the less and quite relevant:
<Haeccity> *pokes Lynne* We need to get Crystal and Sunset into skirts, then we could reinact our own version of Sailor Moon in Creation?
shadow_lynne falls over laughing.
<shadow_lynne> ...Crystal would likely look a lot better in a skirt then Sunset would.
<Haeccity> Jiang, of course, gets to be Tuxedo Mask. Because Jiang wears pants. He has for the last 10,000 years and will for the next 10,000. Of course, it's been the same pair of pants, but thats not important.
shadow_lynne can't stop laughing even though her mom called down to see if she was alright.
<Haeccity> *flexes* The pwnage has been delivered.
[shadow_lynne]...so basically the two male PCs who wear robes have been relegated to now wearing *skirts*?
<Haeccity> Skirts, robes. Same thing. They're both suspiciously frilly garments of dubious defense against updrafts.
<Haeccity>*flash on Marilyn Monroe as Sunset* AUgh! My mental eye! IT BURNS!
<shadow_lynne> *dies laughing*
<shadow_lynne> You are *horrible*

ADamiani (ADamiani@*******) has joined channel #Sidereal
<dakkareth> welcome to the desert of the real
<dakkareth> uhh, nevermind

ADamiani cackles madly, drunk on ophood
<dakkareth> there is a power greater than even that ...
<Haeccity> In my pants
<dakkareth> by making pacts with the dark god that is Chanserv, you can gain boons unheard of!
dakkareth doesn't want to know what dark gods live in Haeccity's pants

<dakkareth> where's your power now?
ADamiani sighs
<Haeccity> In my pants.
dakkareth slaps Haeccity around a bit.
<dakkareth> in his pants!
<Haeccity> Whoo!

<Silent_Sunset> ((it's a ninja-thing! of COURSE it is resistant to water!))

<ADamiani> So, you're all swimming out here on one of the coldest days of the year. Beautiful.

<ADamiani> Yes. Necessary. The rallying cry of all the Maidens' chosen as the plunge into the abyss.
<ADamiani> Which, come to think if it, is rather where you are.

<ADamiani> Who IS everyone?
<Silent_Sunset> Currently myself
Jiang is nobody.

ADamiani notes that the dog APPEARS normal.
<Silent_Sunset> He appears normal, yes!
<Silent_Sunset> But all those dogs, all over the city - they're all THE SAME dog!
<Silent_Sunset> That's what creepy!

<Hidden_Crystal> ...so I was apparently talking to multiple people but there was really only one? *confused slightly*
<Silent_Sunset> fate's a bitch around here
Silent_Sunset shakes his head, makes another note

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> You can all rejoice. The most fabulous Sidereal in the Circle has arrived.
Platinum_Sky_Lover poses.
<Tenshi> ::cheers and plays a trumpet fanfare.::

<Jiang> We're all going to die. :(
<Jiang> Well. YOU'RE going to die.
<Jiang> Jiang is invisible!

<Silent_Sunset> ((but yeah, I should probably start tracking expenses and stuff))
<Moment> ::chuckles::
<Silent_Sunset> Expensive gifts for Fair Folk dignitaries + expensive dreams for Fair Folk 'guests' + water ruining the next set of clothes == one unhappy salary
<Moment> oh, my.
<ADamiani> Look on the upside. You now have your very own pet Raksha.

<ADamiani> Those of you with Nightmates, make your Nightmares roll

Silent_Sunset ninja's Jiang's capsule

<Moment> ::jerks! Behemoth eggs?::
<Moment> eep!
<Jiang> Mmm.. Now we need some Behemoth cheese and some Behemoth bacon, and we can make the world's largest omelette

<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (3), 2, 4, 4, Successes : 0
<Silent_Sunset> no botch on compassion, only a simple failure this time ... getting better, it seems.
<ADamiani> Silent Sunset is one cold SoB.
Silent_Sunset will be weeping for those little hatchlings tonight
<ADamiani> Silent: Call me when you PASS one of those rolls.

<Jiang> You know, Compassion bothers me. Conviction recovers willpower and lets you resist hardship. Valor resists fear. Temperance resists temptation. They all protect you from doing things you don't want to do. Compassion, however, keeps you from doing the things you DO want to do.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Welcome to the age of sorrows!
<Silent_Sunset> Compassion does everything!
<Silent_Sunset> Love makes the world go round ... and it has been known to provide a+2 circumstance bonus in some cases.

<Jiang> Of course, we mustn't hurt the eggs. That way, when they hatch and start eating elementals, we can charge a ridiculous fee to come back and deal with 'em

On Water Dragon Style rocking snake-ass in an underwater fight:
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Damn, the Bronze Faction knew what they were doing when they invented this shit.
<Hidden_Crystal> One thing they were good for?

<Jiang> A damned shame PSL didn't get a fortune cookie. "You will soon be eaten by snakes."
<Jiang> In bed.

<Silent_Sunset> say, would this be a good point to spontaneously develop ItF?
<ADamiani> Well, you can Duck Fate a buncha times
<Silent_Sunset> exactly once, then I'm out of motes
<Silent_Sunset> but I'm simply dodging, if you'd let me write in peace ;)
<ADamiani> OK, Mo, take your action while Silent figures out how not to die

<Silent_Sunset> We're almost a sentai team (or whatever it's called) - colour coded, different auras from everybody ...

<ADamiani> Call it, heads or tails.
Silent_Sunset calls Larceny
<Silent_Sunset> Jiang, manipulate ADamiani's dice, will you?
<Jiang> Hey, I'm on his side.
<Jiang> BURN!

<Jiang> You know, we could probably just destroy the fleet ourselves, with a large enough quantity of fire dust.
<ADamiani> There's only one place in creation that you could find that much firedust.
ADamiani pauses for dramatic effect
<ADamiani> Gem

<Silent_Sunset> as in 'could I have looked up Eye contacts in Heaven's files and use the RD to make them report to me?'
<ADamiani> No.
<ADamiani> You'd have to check the loom.
<ADamiani> Heaven doesn't have a big file listing everyone's spies and where they put them.
<ADamiani> Amusing as that would be....
Silent_Sunset slaps his head "Right, that kind of stuff is what WE would be responsible for, if we wanted it done."

<Moment> ::makes a bullshit check::

<ADamiani> Near as you can get, Yolan has commandeered herself a perfect circle of immaculate monks for this
<ADamiani> A wee bit of poking may reveal that they are color coded for your convenience.

<Haeccity> The rumors of my evil machinations are grossly overstated! I blame the damn liberal media!
<Moment> What liberal media? The shrub controls everything.  :P
<Moment> ::chuckles::
<Haeccity> The Psychic Fern strikes again!
dakkareth is amused
<ADamiani> It's true. The Wood Elemental "Everpresent Shrub" has eyes throughout creation.
<dakkareth> humans are mobile extensions of the Pole of Wood
<dakkareth> just look at their multiplication apparati!
<dakkareth> Gaia is a sneaky one, oh yes ...
<ADamiani> What, abbaci and calculators?
<Moment> ::head falls to keyboards as he shakes with laughter.::
<dakkareth> yeah!
<Haeccity> Heh heh heh. Wood.
ADamiani breaks into uncontrollable giggles.
<dakkareth> Those little spheres are a dead give-away, aren't they? They're even made of wood most of the time!
<dakkareth> And calculators ... don't get me started on THEM!

<Haeccity> Hmmm.. "Stardate, 502. Today I was mysterious and smug. Today, half my circle was eaten by a Dragonblooded Admiral and her circle of evil minions. Today was the best day ever."

<ADamiani> Okeydoke. I've got my water, let's get going.
<Haeccity> Is it water, or is it an odorless, tasteless poison, slipped into place by mysterious ninjas? You decide!

<Jiang> I dunno. Trick with a supposed 'secret meeting' or distract her with sexy boy toys or something? He's the Sea Lord. If he can't bamboozle one Admiral, then he is a sad, sad man.

<ADamiani> Why... that puts you at the very edge of the window given to you guys to clean up this mess, does it not?
<ADamiani> You can always file for more, naturally.
<Hidden_Crystal> Assuming we can find the office.
<ADamiani> Hee. Yes, assuming you can find the office.

<Jiang> (By sneaking around invisibly, and rubbing my dirty self all over their good clothing.)
<Silent_Sunset> ewww

<ADamiani> What's step three?
<Jiang> (profit?)

<ADamiani> Congrats! You've sunk a fleet with all hands!
<ADamiani> Take 5 XP!
<ADamiani> No, make it six for rounding up the story.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> DING! LEVEL UP

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Jiang, why are we keeping her in a cell? It's not her fault she got in the way of fate."
<Jiang> "Ask Silent. He's the one collecting his own harem."

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Now, I'm off to have some mind blowing sex with Yolan, and then spend a few days in that Essence pod. And then, CHARMS. OH, SO MANY CHARMS. MARTIAL ARTS!"
<Jiang> "What essence pod?"
Platinum_Sky_Lover cackles like Zim for just a moment, imagining the ultimate power of Sidereal Martial Arts in her hands!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Ah, ahem.
<Jiang> "That is MY essence pod. You want to use it, you've got to help me recharge it."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Sure! You're kinda sexy, either as Yolan or as just old loveable you."
Jiang snorts "I haven't been interested in THAT for over five thousand years."
Hidden_Crystal just buries his face into slender, black-gloved hands.
<ADamiani> ... not so much as crotchety old him.
Platinum_Sky_Lover drapes her arms over Jiang's shoulders. "I, however, find the notion of being the filling between a double Yolan sandwich to be terribly hot. So, come on, old man, show some kink."
Hidden_Crystal just tries to pretend he is NOT hearing this.
Silent_Sunset sits at the Loom of Fate with big scissors and cuts away all traces of this conversation
Jiang just sighs "Platinum Sky Lover. I have done the wicked dance in every possible way a human can, in ways both wonderful and horrible. I became bored of it long before you were born. And I stopped being willing to try fifteen centuries ago."
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Only the Spiders will know.
<Jiang> "So, I must decline."
<Silent_Sunset> they're quite mindless, so ...
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Damn it. Now I'm going to be unrequitedly lusting after you. I hate you, old man."
Jiang pulls out a large jar, labelled "I Hate You." It's entirely full of small gold coins. He drops another in. "Damn, thats another jar almost full."

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Rejoice. Creations's most *fabulous* Sidereal is here.
Silent_Sunset snickers
Platinum_Sky_Lover cmacks Sunset. On his hiney!
Silent_Sunset was never here! Never said anything!
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> And don't you pull that Duck Fate crap with me, young man.
<ADamiani> No need. Avoidance Kata.
<Silent_Sunset> Avoidance Kata actually ...
<Silent_Sunset> though I could have dodged that slap as well :D
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Duck Fate, Avoidance Kata, same difference.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> From me, Miss 23 dice of MA attack, soon to be more?
<ADamiani> Two words:
<ADamiani> "Perfect Effect" <Platinum_Sky_Lover> Two Words:
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Solar Flunky"
<Jiang> Three words:
<Jiang> In my pants.
<Silent_Sunset> ...
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> If yer wang is a perfect defense, sure!
<ADamiani> ...
<Silent_Sunset> So Jiang, what's that Solar Flunkie doing in your pants?

<ADamiani> Meh. If you want to be a supermodel, buy app 5 like the rest of em! :P
<Silent_Sunset> yeah, 'cause 4 is just too low for us!

<Silent_Sunset> we could hide in her closet!
<Moment> :;chuckles::
<Silent_Sunset> She'll go in there alone and we can do it there
<ADamiani> Jiang probably could, too.
<Moment> Why not? K.I.S.S.
<Silent_Sunset> you can poison the closet seat all the way to Malfeas >:D

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> hey, the other Exalts get paid to be flashy. We get paid to be effective.
<Silent_Sunset> or rather we don't get paid much at all :s
<ADamiani> Yes you do.
<ADamiani> You just blow all your money on fancy houseguests.
<ADamiani> And firedust.
Silent_Sunset whistles
<ADamiani> Lots and lots of firedust.

<ADamiani> (Cutscene: Peleps Yolan: "An EMERGENCY masked ball, ambassador?")

<Jiang> *sighs* Why don't I ever get hawt girls under my thumb? Why is always crusty old pirates?
<ADamiani> Technically, he's a crusty-old expansionistic dictator.
Platinum_Sky_Lover slinks up to Jiang. "Cuz you love the pyrates and theyze loves you, J!"

<Silent_Sunset> That's ok, she only has to sink ours ... the Realm fleet can do the sinking of Darktide's for us ... and if the storm is there anyway, that it results in the remnants mopped up won't matter too much, right?
<Silent_Sunset> because really, the main intent is to sink the fleet, anything more is bonus
<Silent_Sunset> but a nice bonus, because hey, we decided 'Fuck the Prince'
<Jiang> Right. In. The. Ear.
<Silent_Sunset> Exactly!

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> OK. Now, time to set us up the Bomb. Charisma+Performance, channelling Conviction.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Add +1 for Harlotry, that gets a die pool of 14. Stunt Bonus?

<ADamiani> Not a great beauty by any means, but certainly pleasing enough to look at, and in excellent shape.
<Jiang> Why do fascists always have the best uniforms?
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> PSL always wanted a dragon blooded pet. Do we have to kill her?

<Jiang> We can't hate you because you're beautiful. We can hate you for scoring with all the hawt chicks, tho.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Well, don't blame me! That ugly Jupiter chose you and fab venus chose me!

<Silent_Sunset> ok, this is going haywire already ...
<Hidden_Crystal> ...doesn't it *always* go haywire?

<Jiang> Since all the blood is rushing away from her head? She should be putty in somebody's hands.

<Silent_Sunset> we need the guards all-fogged up
<Jiang> Quick! Moment! Take off your shirt!

Silent_Sunset is happy about the time-freeze fate-snarl that allows him some more time to think

<Hidden_Crystal> ...I know. I'll start screaming and acting like I'm possessed.

<Jiang> It's a temporal duplicate!
<Jiang> Stupid Tapestry. Why the fuck did Autobot chooseJustAddWater/Windows/ as it's OS?
<Jiang> I send a harshly worded reprimand to the gorram spiders about the second Yolan.

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> PSL is going to try to subtley get this room turned into a heaving pile of dragon blooded bodies, so as to distract the monks and the admiral as was the original plan.
<Damiani> OK, give me LOTS of dice. The locals are willing-- hey, the world's ending, right?-- but the officers seem tense, even on edge (the drugged ones not withstanding)
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Is the heaving pile of bodies achieved? She can slide out of that if she needs to.
<Damiani> Silent: You gate into the small room. There are a couple of DragonBloods PSL has persuaded into making out, going at it in there.

<Silent_Sunset> wow, brilliant confusion, this
<Jiang> You're talking to a guy who considers a hundred years a brief vacation. He has a skewed sense of time. Dunno what YOUR excuse is.

<ADamiani> That's up to the ORIGINAL Yolan, who will apparently be joining Silent's growing retinue of houseguests.
<Jiang> Lesbian sex orgy at Sunset's house!
<ADamiani> Dilari: "Oooh! How THOUGHTFUL! You've brought me a plaything!"
<Silent_Sunset> Silent: "Yes, umm, right. Uhh, thoughtful of me indeed ... no, wait! What?"

<Hidden_Crystal> Ding-dong, the fleet is dead!

<Hidden_Crystal> ...I need to write my Random Facts About Crystal You Never Knew list, just for my own reference.

<Silent_Sunset> or be Chopstick Carjack
<Hidden_Crystal> ...why do people have weirdass names for CK?
<Silent_Sunset> no idea
<Silent_Sunset> it's funny I guess
<Jiang> Because we can't remember how his actual name goes.
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Chepok Kejak
<Jiang> So we call him G-Spot Karjack.
<Silent_Sunset> CHejop Kejack
<Silent_Sunset> Cropok Crakpack
Silent_Sunset rolls his eyes
<ADamiani> Ketchup flapjack.
<Silent_Sunset> it's quite juvenile, but oh so much fun :p

Jiang thinks, to himself "Jiang, this has got to be the stupidest thing ever. Even worse than that time with you
were cat, and there were those horrible little sailor girls."

<Moment> Oh, dear.... There was a survivor...
<dAFKkareth> rotting in his cell
<Haeccity> He's dead, man. This Immaculate has ceased to be.
<dAFKkareth> or rather not rotting, because the god of rot has no access
<Haeccity> Moment: Yeah, but she's tied up in PSL's Dungeon of Love. And I wish I was joking.
<Moment> Eep!
<ADamiani> PSL hasn't paid the XP for a dungeon of love.

<Haeccity> Hmm..Hey Ad? What Salary would we need, to buy a Dungeon of Love?
<ADamiani> .... you have Manse 5, demon summoning and salary 3. I... don't think I can actually say no to that...
<Haeccity> Huzzah!
<Haeccity> Jiang has a new hobby!


Silent_Sunset grins "So ... we have how many voices for madness? Anyone want to play voice of reason?"
<Jiang> "Reason is a one trick pony. You get rational thinking. La de da. When you're good and unreasonable, the sky is the limit!"

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Do you know what I believe would work the best on Sunrise? Telling her the truth."
<ADamiani> [Giggle. Sidereals telling the truth? No one would believe it!]

<Silent_Sunset> "Kejack release works of power to a Solar?"
<Jiang> "We lie to him horribly."

<Silent_Sunset> Jiang is a meta-Sidereal
<Silent_Sunset> he holds information superiority over other sidereals

Jiang rubs his head "If you're going to discuss philosophy, go somewhere else to do it. My living is not the place for it, thank you very much."

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "Sunset, what do you take me for? of course it will be her choice! It's not like I have those big C Charms anyway."

To Silent, Re: PSL wanting Peleps Yolan as 'pet':
<ADamiani> Oh, don't worry. Your Fae pet has more app than both of them combined.

<Haeccity> Hey AD? What would 'Everpresent Shrub' cost as an Ally?
<ADamiani> Remind me, who is Everpresent Shrub?
<ADamiani> Oh. Right. The psychic fern.

<Jiang> He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of your boys to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. Thats the Chicag- Sidereal way.
<ADamiani> Jiang... his boys are ghosts. They start out in the morgue.
<Jiang> *cracks knuckles* There's always Oblivion.
<Silent_Sunset> have something in mind?
<Jiang> Yeah. I want to reduce his citadel to smoking rubble. Teach him to fuck with us.
<Jiang> I'm going to kill his loyal Abyssals, send his ghosts screaming to Oblivion or Lethe, rend asunder all his possessions, steal his shards, and burn his fucking house to the ground.
<Jiang> If he had a Dog, I'd kick it.

<Silent_Sunset> you know, that's actually quite a good idea
<Moment> eep!
<Silent_Sunset> it could flatten the Citadel and attendant Deathlord for us
<Silent_Sunset> then we summon the Wyld and gate the remains of the Kukla to Malfeas
<Silent_Sunset> nothing could possibly go wrong and all our enemies will be dead!

<Silent_Sunset> I like it how the first response to an insane plan is 'do we have enough WMDs for that?' :D

<Silent_Sunset> Silent is proposing to unleash the Wyld on the Prince
<Silent_Sunset> then stab they Wyld in the back
<Silent_Sunset> there isn't much subtlety in that
<Silent_Sunset> at least in the effects
<Jiang> We're Sidereals. Backstabbing is what we DO.

<ADamiani> There are some seriously style-deprived Abyssals.
<Silent_Sunset> There's only a finite supply of style in Creation
<Silent_Sunset> someone has to lose out

<Silent_Sunset> You know ... "BACK in the good DAYS, we could have simple BLASTED all those damn DEMONS back to HELL with our shiny, flying THINGY of MASS DESTRUCTION!"

<Silent_Sunset> summary for this session should be easy: "The Great Curse in action. Release the Kukla or not?"

<Silent_Sunset> Hey, we could release the Kukla! One limb at a time!
<Hidden_Crystal> *dies*
Silent_Sunset buries Hidden_Crystal

<ADamiani> hae
<Haeccity> Yes ma'am?
<ADamiani> ?
<Haeccity> You said 'hae'.
<ADamiani> "Ma'am"?
<Haeccity> Well, with facelessness of the 'net, you never really know.
<Haeccity> So, best to cover all bases.
<ADamiani> Mn hm.
<dakkareth> doesn't that cover only one base either?
<Haeccity> You can only cover one base at a time. I'll get to the other bases in due time.
<Haeccity> So, anyhoo. You were sayin'?
<ADamiani> Hey.
<Haeccity> Oh.

<Haeccity> Ok, can anyone remember our scheme? I'm sure we developed one last session, but..;
<dakkareth> kill everybody
<dakkareth> there were some details
<Haeccity> 'Kill Everybody' is the SOP of every band of PCs.
<dakkareth> Soulbreaker Orbs were mentioned

<ADamiani> Right a roonie. So, who wants to go while I make up stuff to tell Jiang?
<ADamiani> Silent, you have a live in porn star?
Silent_Sunset is taking cold showers three times a day
<ADamiani> Which only helps remind you that she's assumed a water based form.
<Silent_Sunset> Aiiiiiiiihh!
<ADamiani> Yeah, pretty much.

<ADamiani> Admittedly, as a first age solar, he was both a saint and kind of a prick. YOU WILL turn the other cheek ("I will.... turn the other cheek...") Now, be a good boy and turn your swords into plowshares. ("I will... be a good boy... and turn my swords into... plowshares... despite the absence of any arable land in the vicinity...")

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "You too, Jiang, Sunset, sign this. Need for my girl Yolan to see her grand daddy."
Jiang eyes Platinum Sky Lover’s suspicion suspiciously. "I'll sign.. but I'm watching you." He turns back to his ensemble cast of badger, mushroom and snake spirits. "Allright, one more time! From the top!"
Silent_Sunset absently signs a petition submitted by PSL ... twice

<Lost_Rainbow_Maiden> (Do I recognize it? ;))
<ADamiani> I was gonna say no, but you have Lore (Obscene), so yeah, probably.

<ADamiani> Poof! You're... Oh, no! You use avoidance Kata... and it seems instead of taunting a demon.... you're....

<Moment> She chuckled again, then abruptly turned to face him, leaning back slightly as one foot came up and over to straddle his lap. "Do you like it when women take charge?" She whispered, then jerked the shoulders of his robe down to bind his arms.
<ADamiani> Moment: And we cut to "Platinum Sky Lover's Greatest Hits"

<ADamiani> HC: Headache.
<Silent_Sunset> SS: Headache.

Silent_Sunset eats the last of his crossaint with marmelade and cheese
<ADamiani> Silent: It's Dreamy.

<Silent_Sunset> what's the permanent Essence of a Malfean?
<ADamiani> 10-ish. Why?
Silent_Sunset whistles
<Silent_Sunset> just asking

<Jiang> Jiang is paranoid. He dismissed his gods 2000 years ago, because they were planning to steal his accordian.
<Jiang> Or so he believes.
<ADamiani> ANd he doesn't even PLAY the accordian.
<Jiang> There're laws against Jiang playing the Accordian within Yu-Shan.

Silent_Sunset is trying to find a way to direct the conversation, fails at social stuff :p
<Jiang> Take off your pants.
<Jiang> That'll direct the conversation.

Hidden_Crystal stabs her computer with a fork. Repeatedly. Maybe that'll cure it.

<Silent_Sunset> "How about you forge my heart, honey?" :p
<ADamiani> "Did I neglect to mention the forger gets posession of, and thus control over said grace?"
<ADamiani> "Oh, golly.I guess I did! Silly me. NOW KNEEL."

<Jiang> I figure that sure, we could defile his corpse. But who can defile a corpse better? A sidereal with no skill in Necromancy, or the Mask of Winters himself? :D
<Jiang> Yeah. We raid his corpse, then sell it off to the highest bidder.. I mean, we use it in our devious schemes

<Silent_Sunset> There's always my THE SOUND OF WINGS charm ... if I can actually beat the Malfeans in a battle of wills :D

<ADamiani> DAMMIT, JIANG. How many times do I have to tell you that not EVERY problem can be solved by unleashing the Kukla?
<Hidden_Crystal> But it's fun. ;)
<Jiang> If unleashing the Kukla did not solve your problem, then you didn't unleash him ENOUGH.
<Silent_Sunset> or not into the right direction
<Silent_Sunset> OOOPS!
<Jiang> Theres only one direction that matters when unleashing the Kukla. "Away from me."
<ADamiani> And the quotefile spillith over.

<ADamiani> Something like that. Insane willfulness and pigheadedness can't be THAT hard to manipulate. :)

<ADamiani> PLAT, give me some bureaucracy-fu here
<Jiang> Brainwashing and mind control are easier.

<Silent_Sunset> hello, Ess 5 DB with immaculate stuff?
<ADamiani> Technically she just had an immaculate staff. But still!

<Jiang> "All Aquarium Visitors: Please do not tap glass, as it upsets the Elemental Dragon of Water."

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> 6 should do it. If she has to, PSL will use favors and threats (see that Goddess your dating? She won't be unless you approve this.)
<Platinum_Sky_Lover> Remember, the Bitch Charm?

<Silent_Sunset> so, 1 sux tell me anything about Dilari's intentions?
<ADamiani> Yes. They're inscrutible! :)

<Jiang> *rolls randomly* Hmm.. Of the available options, I think I favor 'Lost Rainbow Maiden'. It's one of the few that doesn't sound like an oblique reference to sex and/or incest

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> I will absolutely not allow Creation to be destroyed because some DB wanted to poke the DRAGON OF WATER.
<Lost_Rainbow_Maiden> But thats a whole lot of dragon, ripe for the pokin'!

<Hidden_Crystal> ...and just for fun, I'm going to see how much Crystal sucks at making a headache remedy.
<ADamiani> Hidden_Crystal (5), 9, 6, 4, 8, 10, Successes : 4
<Hidden_Crystal> ...WTF. WTF.
Hidden_Crystal makes very good headache remedy. In fact, he is saving extra, for the headache he is going to get the next time he looks into the Loom!

Everyone has good advice on how to negotiate with Dilari:
<Haeccity> Seriously, SS. You NEED to kick her in the head. It'll save you SO much trouble.
<Moment> Indeed. That Fair One really needs to be pressed up against the wall, ravished, and told to do your will or else.
<Haeccity> Cold iron needles in the butt.
<Moment> that could do it too.
<Haeccity> Seriously dude. You're playing with a crazy lady who has a psycho interpetation about dominance and control.
<Haeccity> Give her an inch and she'll use it to hang you.
<Silent_Sunset> Seriously, Silent is a Sidereal with delusions of absolute control :p

Haec about PSL:
<Lost_Rainbow_Maiden> I thought your job was mostly bad touching and getting naked? ;)

<ADamiani> Silent_Sunset (2), 8, 8, Successes : 2
<ADamiani> Well, we know that wasn't a compassion roll.
<Silent_Sunset> temperance :D
<ADamiani> Right. We can tell, 'cause you got successes.  :)

<ADamiani> Time of Day sounds like a really neat Sidereal name.

<Lost_Rainbow_Maiden> What Sidereal wouldn't want the patter of little Half-Fae feet running amok in his Manse?

<ADamiani> You'd need to figure out a way to get his unconscious body out.
<Haeccity> Erotic strangulation?

<ADamiani> As to the striders, you're out to piss off the Silver Prince. He has Warstriders. Have at. <Haeccity> Yeah, because obviously robbing a Deathlord without going through a ton of silliness is easy peasy.
<Lost_Rainbow_Maiden> (Jiang does it from behind. While his victim is asleep. And preferably bound and gagged.)

<Moment> Chuckling softly, Moment replies, "And leave 40 pounds of precious starmetal, custom fitted over a half year to my form by Vulcan himself at the bottom of the ocean? I think my mentors would have prefered I drown."
<ADamiani> Right. Shards recycle... but starmetal STAYS gone.

Lost_Rainbow_Maiden looks at the guards "Escort him to the dungeons. I need privacy for this. Privacy, and a lot of hooks."

<Lost_Rainbow_Maiden> "And, if I meant to kill you, then I would have done it last night while I had you chained to the bedpost."

<Jiang> Yesh.
<Jiang> Dude. Just buy her a vibrator! ;)
<Jiang> Or import a boy-toy
<Jiang> The Guild sells 'em cheap.
<ADamiani> The Fae go through 'em fast.
<Jiang> So you'll need to buy a six-pack every other Marsday.

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "How do I get Essence 4 in a week?"
<ADamiani> "Meditate faster."

<Silent_Sunset> Mmhh, who's the most treacherous of the Maidens?
<ADamiani> Silent: Men say Venus is the most treacherous, but that's really rather subjective

<ADamiani> You got a pet demon and a soulsteel knife.... yeesh.
<Haeccity> Yeah, but is the knife inlaid with chrome and gratitous diamonds that spell out 'bad motherfucker'?

<ADamiani> Dak: You have the Yu Shan equivalent of $2.50, half a box of tick-tacks and some lint in your pockets.
<dakkareth> but hey, I have a plan for dealing with the silver prince, but it's taking a lot of money. Would you all chip in a bit? ;)
<Haeccity> If you want to pay for your long eared floozie, you can ask your superiors for a raise. ;)

<Haeccity> Slaves are cheaper than manufactured dreams, my man.
<dakkareth> needs some spinning, though
<dakkareth> mmhh ... "We all need to sacrifice some of our dreams, to achieve the great goal."
<dakkareth> "In this case it's the mortals, who will need to forego their dreams for the greatest good."
<dakkareth> sounds better already, eh?

<Haeccity> Dreams, sanity, willpower, sense of self, initiative, memories..
<dakkareth> some things you lose, some things you gain ...

<ADamiani> "We are all ops, but some are more oppy than others!"

<ADamiani> Let me see. Can't start with PSL... can't start with Mo and her proxies.
<ADamiani> I know... Rainbow bitch!
LRM slaps ADamiani "Mind your manners, screen monkey."
ADamiani employs Dancing Screen Monkey Technique to dodge.
<ADamiani> It's a perfect effect.
<*Lost_Rainbow_Bitch*> Curse your shiny perfect defenses!

<Jiang> Hey, AD? Where in the western ocean is Cthulhu sleeping?
<ADamiani> Cthulhu is not sleeping.
<ADamiani> the Greater Dragon of Water is sleeping in the utmost west.
<Jiang> Ah, right. Cthulhu is tending bar in Gem
<Silent_Sunset> actually Chtulhu and his 22 brothers are locked away in a charming place called Malfeas ...

<dakkareth> the SP was an Eclipse - doesn't mean he isn't dangerous as hell, doesn't mean he won't have SCARY stuff, doesn't mean we should walk up to him and kick him in the face
<ADamiani> The Prince was an eclipse; he runs around with a mind control sword
<dakkareth> but it doesn't mean he's invincible either
<dakkareth> we don't kill people like ourselves, big deal. So we arrange for rocks to fall on them.
<dakkareth> Big, shiny, golden rocks.
<dakkareth> and then we kick him while he's down
<dakkareth> and eat his essence
<dakkareth> and fuck up his reincarnation shit
<dakkareth> and get our pet Solar Sorcerer to do something sufficiently scary to whatever passes for a shard/reservoir of power in a deathknight
<dakkareth> And we sell his body to his greatest enemy, so she'll take him down for us.

<Haeccity> We're Sidereals. SOLARS have glorious, climactic battles with their Great Foe, usually in his place of power. They beard the lion in his den. Sidereals? We wait till the lion makes a mistake, then stab him. At night. From behind. While he's asleep. And suffering from food poisoning. Then we run away

<ADamiani> You've got five sids, probably a solar, and a small army-- if Dak's plan works, a large army.
<ADamiani> Still not enough.
<ADamiani> But it's moving in the right direction.

Silent_Sunset has submitted form T-178, Request For Additional Processing Time
ADamiani has sumbitted form T-800, Request for killer robots from the future.
Silent_Sunset submits form T-§"=)(&%/, Request to Mangle Future Killer Robots
ADamiani submits form T-1000, Request for shapeshifting robots from the future that morph back after you mangle them
Silent_Sunset> Neener, neener ... no future to come from for them :D Silent_Sunset> I made the Stars be All Not Right

<Silent_Sunset> ((indeed ... watching SMA demonstration fights doesn't do much for your psyche either))
<Hidden_Crystal> ((hey, my psyche's *already* screwed up. *shrugs*))
<ADamiani> And yet you keep coming back to the loom
<Silent_Sunset> ((maybe a nice, sharp shock will make things better? sounds like a plan, yes? A Sidereal plan? ;)))
<Hidden_Crystal> ((What can I say, I'm a masochist.))

<ADamiani> Lizard-God, not serpent-god.
<Hidden_Crystal> (Close enough for government work.)

<ADamiani> SIDEREALS@!
<ADamiani> The deterioration of fate in the west continues!
<ADamiani> Continuity frays!
<ADamiani> Platinum Sky Lover is now present.

<ADamiani> You are surrounded by eight angry warriors, pointy sticks only inches away.
Silent_Sunset turns around, screams at them, foaming at the mouth

AD to Dak, re: doing legwork in Creation:
<ADamiani> Good player, have a biscuit.

<Silent_Sunset> since it looks like I'm not getting my parachuting Sidereal special-ops vision, go for the next mystery on the list :p
<ADamiani> Well, you could jump off of the edge of Yu Shan.
<Silent_Sunset> nose-dive through that adamant wall? ;)
<ADamiani> Well, they fire Gods over the edge to make starmetal....
<Silent_Sunset> not the most fun career
<Silent_Sunset> gives a whole new meaning to the expression 'dead end job'

<Silent_Sunset> HC, do you realize, that you could strike mortals dead with a single prayer?
<Hidden_Crystal> ....DAMN! I should have used that one instead!

<ADamiani> Getting out of heaven and into the field=good
<Silent_Sunset> down, where we are kings ... kings in incognito :D
<ADamiani> Up, you are kings. Kings with Cosmic-google.

<dakkareth> DK is not yet firmly an ally of the SP, all we need is conclusive evidence that the bastard is a bastard

Silent_Sunset looks a bit hurt. "I'm not being played."
ADamiani awards Silent a laugh point.

<Silent_Sunset> Sidereals don't become disloyal ... they *reinterprete* their loyalty ;)

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> "If he discovers that we have mislead and betrayed him, his wrath will no know bounds, and we will have lost him for the cause of Heaven.
Jiang smiles grimly "You know, you could always betray Silent to Triumph, earning his trust. We'll need to ensure Silent has a secure escape route."

Damiani has changed the topic on channel #Sidereal to <Jiang> "All Aquarium Visitors: Please do not tap glass, as it upsets the Elemental Dragon of Water."

<Godzilla> (Excuse me! Of us all, Jiang is by far the most fashionable. After all, who's wearing the giant feathered Hat of Authority? Thats right. ;))

<ADamiani> "Admonishments of Paranoia (or: the Book of Dynastic Virtues) by Mnemon Marcus"

<Platinum_Sky_Lover> I'm in Sunset's Manse.
<Godzilla> Hah hah!
Silent_Sunset should probably just drown right now

<Damiani> Yeah. That's what sucks about UT. He's a golden shining hero, out doing good deeds and saving people. IN THE NAME OF HIS DARK LORD AND MASTER

<Damiani> Irritatingly, she now haunts your dreams and idle moments.
<Silent_Sunset> Hey, now you know how Silent feels!

<Silent_Sunset> Seems we'll have to make a visit somewhere ...
<Silent_Sunset> Mmhh. There must be some artsy-fartsy circles, where it's 'in' to have contacts with Raksha, right?
<Silent_Sunset> at least in theory.
<Silent_Sunset> fan-clubs for dream art and stuff?
<Damiani> Yes. The Midnight Treason Society?