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  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/LocustCrusade]] | Locust Crusade in the West]]
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/Monkey]] | Monkey ]]
    • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/MonkeyNotes]] | Notes for the character ]]
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/TaiyoKaizoku2E]] | Admiral Taiyo Kaizoku]]
    • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/SolarWindFleet]] | The Solar Wind Fleet]]
    • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/Entourage]] | Kaizoku's Harborhead Entourage]]
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/HouseRules]] | House Rules]]
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/NamedCharacters]] | Named Characters]]
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PirateMonkeyKnownNPCs]] | Known NPCs]]: These are the NPCs that the PCs have met or heard about. Contains only information that the PCs should know.
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PirateMonkeyTimeline]] | Campaign Timeline]]: What's happened when. And on a related note: [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PirateMonkeyCurrentEvents]] | Current Events]]
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PirateMonkeySessionLogs]] | Session Logs]]: Logs of the sessions so far.
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PirateMonkeyForum]] | Campaign Forum]]: A place for players to talk and onlookers to kibitz.
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PirateMonkeyCampaignNotes]] | Campaign Notes]] General notes to myself. Players should probably keep out if they want to be surprised or enjoy mysteries down the road.
  • [[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PirateMonkeyFactions]] | Factions]] More specific notes on various factions and what they're doing. Again, players should probably stay out.

[[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PMChronicle]] | The Chronicle]]: A summary of the events of the campaign, for easy digestion.

Fun Quotes from the game

"Oh. You know, traditionally I'm supposed to be the cryptic one." - An NPC Chosen of Secrets to our Zenith Solar.

[[[JesseLowe/PirateMonkey/PMry769Scenes]] | Scenes That Occured in the Season of Air, RY 769]]