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Fun Quotes from the game

"Oh. You know, traditionally I'm supposed to be the cryptic one." - An NPC Chosen of Secrets to our Zenith Solar.

Conversion Notes to 2nd Edition

Apotheosis Notes

Legend: The Scavenger Empire

The epic change

Defeated the Mask of Winters!

Faction that can't ignore this

The /Realm! The First Civil War has come and gone. Now the Consuls that rule the Realm look for an outside enemy to unite their fractious nation.

Faction that benefits

The Confederacy of Rivers, as led by Lookshy.

Faction that was hurt

The Mask of Winters -- defeated but still dangerous!

Three factions we're ignoring

The Fae, the Lunars, and the Bull of the North.

Limit Breaks that caused problems

Monkey: gave into a challenge that let the Mask get away instead of being completely defeated
Kaizoku: Hard-heartedness drove Suda away, half-convinced the Bronze Faction was right.


Kaizoku: Eino Selin
Monkey: Ambassador to the Unfortunate

Defeated Enemies

Monkey: Mask of Winters

Kaizoku: V'neef Barada

Living Enemies

Walker in Darkness (Kaizoku)

The Emissary (Monkey)

Favors owed from...

Kaizoku: The Roseblack could be interesting. Banishing the 2nd circle demon after her head...

Monkey says, "Very, it will be Cha Delgerai. The new god of Tanjung, the new Marukani capital after the fall of Celeren and the restoration of Marukan."

Favors owed to...

Monkey says, "I owe Shalrina a favor. She smuggled me out of Nexus when I popped there somehow after I got out of Underworld. With luck, she'd already closed or caused to be closed the hidden shadowland of Nexus."

Kaizoku: Dreamweaver at Great Forks, for pointing him to the positive energy bomb key to the defeat of the Mask.

= Major change to the setting

Monkey says, "My big change will be: Gem won. The Perfect is assassinated, and now Paragon is a satrapy of Gem. The DragonBlooded advisors of Paragon? Recalled to Blessed Isle some time ago. The perfect's pet solars? Disappeared. Could be dead. But there's no body. Could've fled. But nobody has seen them."

Minor changes

Master Jaff gained divinity. He's now liaison between The Bureau of Humanity and Solar Wind Fleet. Sentience and intelligence do not improve him in Kaizoku's eyes. But for Monkey, it makes gambling much more exciting.

We may change the Roseblack as a favor so Monkey and Kaizoku can meet and woo her on an even level. Kaizoku's major and minor changes are coming as I think of them.

Other Stuff

Character conversions for major NPCs

Dominion Stats for the Mandate of Heaven rules

  • Scavenger Lands
    • Lookshy (As per Scavenger Lands)
    • Great Forks (As per Scavenger Lands)
    • Nexus (As per Scavenger Lands)
    • Greyfalls (As per Scavenger Lands, with some modifications)
    • Calin (Mag 4)
    • Sijan (Mag 4)
  • Servants of the Empire
    • House Cathak (Mag 6)
    • House Ragara (Mag 6)
    • House Peleps (Mag 6)
    • House Cynis (Mag 5)
    • House Ledaal (Mag 5)
    • House Tepet (Mag 5)
    • House Sesus (Mag 5)
    • Cherak (Mag 5)
    • Harborhead (Mag 5)
  • Principalities of the Sun
    • White Pines' empire. (Mag 5)
    • Iridia (Mag 4)
    • Solar Wind Fleet Satrapies (Mag 4)
  • Principalities of Darkness
    • The Walker In Darkness / Walker's Realm (Mag 5)

The current state of things

    • What date is it? RY 773
    • What's happened since the last session?
    • Who's alive? Who died?
    • What is the status of the Lookshy-Thorns war?
    • And the Realm civil war?
    • A general census of NPCs...

Thoughts on the future direction of the campaign

  • Which plot threads to follow? Which to abandon?
  • Read through (and tidy up) all the old records... all 60-something of them...

2006-10-04: I think i'd like to have some kind of split between three antagonists: Temporal Powers (The Realm et al), Dark Powers (The Deathlords), and Insidious Powers (The Infernals, who are only too happy to help you in your struggles against the other two). Each one has a different danger; respectively, disunity, annihilation, and subjugation or corruption.

The Player Characters

Other Stuff

GM Only

  • Campaign Notes General notes to myself. Players should probably keep out if they want to be surprised or enjoy mysteries down the road.
  • Factions More specific notes on various factions and what they're doing. Again, players should probably stay out.

Scenes That Occured in the Season of Air, RY 769