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The Brass Redoubt is a Level 3 Fire Aspect Manse located at the fringe between the southern deserts and the mountain range along the south coast of the Inland Sea. Located some 600 miles south of Yane, the Brass Redoubt is the central structure of a minor military outpost from the First Age along the route to the southern edge of Creation, and is laid out and designed as a manufactory and depot for the construction of Brass Legionnaires.

Built into the side of Mount Qu'Rahn - one of the mountains that overlooks the long stretch of the southern desert - the Brass Redoubt is nestled between the observation tower and a warehouse/barracks and contains a subterranean foundry that taps into the molten magma buried below the surface of the mountain. Depending on the needs of the ST, the manse could easily be abandoned, in the possession of the Realm, or host to an outcaste antagonist. If abandoned, it is suitably equipped to construct Brass Legionnaires and includes enough parts and raw material to keep a Wing of Legionnaires operational for about a month of heavy combat or about a year of light skirmishing. Furthermore, 5 Legionnaires remain operational of the original garrison force and are following the last instructions given the garrison -- to kill all Sidereal, Terrestrial and mortal troops that approach and to prevent the occupation of the base by forces inimical to Creation (at the time this was forces of the Wyld, and Demons) until the commanding Solar (dead during the Usurpation) is relieved by a new Solar base commander. They have been instructed to disregard all prior access or authorization codes and to instead accept new codes from the first Solar to enter base.

Hearthstone: The Heart of Valour

Any unit led directly by the bearer of the Hearthstone gain an extra die to all combat pools, and have one die converted into an automatic success on all Valour rolls. Their performance will be more disciplined and determined when in battle.

Benefits & Complications

  • with a foundry that uses magma, the controller of the Manse could refine Orichalcum from gold
  • the mountain gives an excellent vantage point over the desert and is hard to bring a unit over from the other side
  • the observation tower has a crenellated walkway around it as well as a landing platform suitable for small aerial vehicles to land on -- War Birds from Rathess and the Chariot of Aerial Conquest come to mind
  • in the position it is, the controller of the Manse could easily threaten the Varang City-States from the opposite side as the nation of Harbourhead, or simply invade at an inopportune moment
  • the Brass Legionnaires stationed there are completely unfamiliar with Abyssal Exalted, and are likely to assume that repairs need to be made to their eyes if they encounter a relatively unrotted Abyssal -- the caste mark is clearly Solar, though the colour is off
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