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Exceedingly Sublime Opal

Race: Mountain Folk (Enlightened)
Concept: Virginal Savant
Apparent Age: 26
Sex: Female
Height: 6'0
Weight: 144 lbs.
Nature: Savant
Demeanor: Savant
Appearance: Is there beauty in stone? In jade? In the living earth itself?

Of an alien sort perhaps, but when that beauty makes itself manifest into mortal-shape, it becomes a force to inspire awe and heartbreak. White jade in flesh, in hair, in lips and eyes; she is like a living statue of polished stone. A perfected form of feminine beauty, with curves developing languorously across her long frame into idyllic proportions. Yet unhidden by the softness of her contours, her body is hard as the precious stone she is made from and a will every bit as unbreakable displayed in the confident movement of each splendidly defined muscle. The woman known as Exceedingly Sublime Opal seems an albino in color at first glance, till one studies beyond the simple lack of color and uncovers the pale nuisances of shade that compose her form; making truly purely white that which would seem to simply lack color at all.

Winding into elegant curls, her hair spills across her shoulders in milky tresses and tickles the strong line of her back and the polished white marble of her eyes stare with an endless depth and ages of understanding that stretch back further than mortal kind could comprehend. Chiseled by the hands of an overwhelming artisan to an ideal of beauty nothing born from mortal flesh could ever match, her face is Mediterranean perfection, full lipped and strong featured.


Strength: 3
Dexterity: 7
Stamina: 3
Charisma: 5
Manipulation: 4
Appearance: 7
Perception: 6
Intelligence: 7
Wits: 6


Martial Arts *******
Thrown *
Endurance *
Presence *****
Resistance *
Survival **
Craft ******* (First Age Weapons)
Investigation ***
Lore *******
Medicine **
Occult *******
Athletics **
Awareness **
Dodge ***
Stealth *

Bureacracy *****
Linguistics ***
Ride **
Sail **
Socialize ******

Rocktongue, Old Realm, Skytongue, High Realm,


Essence: 5
Essence pool: 45
Committed: 5
Willpower: 8

Compassion: 2, Conviction: 2, Temperance: 4, Valor 2.

Combat Information


With Armor: 20L/18B/9A

Health Levels:


Artifact 5 Manse 3 Resources 1



    • Glorious Prodigy Lession
    • Studious Erudition Technique
    • Language and Meaning Discernment
    • Thought Speech Oration


    • Compassion-Bolstering Meditation
    • Conviction-Bolstering Meditation
    • Temperence-Bolstering Meditation
    • Valor-Bolstering Meditation
    • White Jade Transformation
    • Blue Jade Transformation
    • Fivefold Embodiment of White Jade
    • Fivefold Embodiment of Blue Jade
    • Living Jewel Armor
    • Pricision Onslaught Method
    • Charring Magma Blade
    • Inescapable Volcano Stance


    • Unfolding Pattern Intuition
    • Living Earth Meditation
    • Essence-Focusing Concentration
    • Sign of Warding
    • Interconnection's Eye
    • Supernal Awareness of All
    • Revelatory Sight of Design
    • Artificer's Insight
    • Incomparable Forge Dominion x3
    • Dragon-Tangling Web
    • Great Maker's Grasp
    • Manse Body Technique
    • Essence-Transfer Technique
    • Demense-Binding Ritual
    • Pattern-Rending Onslaught
    • Earth-Shaping Discipline
    • Shaping Mind Concentration
    • Incomparable Sculpture's Transe
    • Emerald Unweaving Rune
    • Sapphire Unweaving Rune
    • Geomantic Conveyance Glyph
    • Resplendent Dispersion Technique
    • Jade's Egg Hatched
    • Body Shaping Meditation
    • Elemental Invocation Rite
    • God-Summoning Glyph
    • Spirit-Calcifying Technique
    • Artisan Pattern Mastery
    • Wise and Timely Advice (custom)

Merits and Flaws

Virtue Specialty: Temperence - Resisting the Lures of the Flesh (6) Vice: Temperence - Repositories of Knowledge (3)


Used GC's rules, Freebie spending goodness comes out as follows:

Virtues: 3
Abilities: 24
Essence: 30
Willpower: 4
Charms: 50
Merits: 6

Flaws: 3
Total: 120 of 120


299 of 322
Charms: 280
Charm use - Bureacracy becomes favored, +1 to skill: 6
Buracracy from 3 to 5: 12
Attune Thought Speech Oration to Gennadi: 1


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