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I'm just getting started here, so comments and helpful criticism would be appreciated. Everything here should be considered Second Edition.

First Edition Stuff

I dislike First Edition now, but here's my old stuff:

  • Ialdabaoth/FirstEdition

Martial Arts

  • MartialArtsKatas - a whole new MA system, all the book MA's redone for that system, and some new MA Styles

Solar Charms

  • SolarExcellency/Ialdabaoth - extensions of the general Excellency Charms (9 Charms)
  • SolarArchery/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarBrawl/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarMelee/Ialdabaoth - Reworked Dual-Slaying Stance and its descendents for 2E (4 Charms)
  • SolarThrown/Ialdabaoth - Thrown versions of One Weapon, Two Blows and its descendents, Hungry Tiger Technique, and a few Thrown Parries (5 Charms)
  • SolarWar/Ialdabaoth - the Martial Arts prerequisites for Solars, placed into War to follow my MartialArts/KataSystem plan. (3 Charms)
  • SolarIntegrity/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarPerformance/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarPresence/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarResistance/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarSurvival/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarCraft/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarInvestigation/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarLore/Ialdabaoth - Phenomenal Cosmic Power!
  • SolarMedicine/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarOccult/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarAwareness/Ialdabaoth - A new Sense tree (3 Charms)
  • SolarAthletics/Ialdabaoth - An extension of Thunderbolt Attack Prana, New Increasing (Attribute) Exercise and their descendents, and various fun speed/flexibility charms (11 Charms)
  • SolarDodge/Ialdabaoth - A Dodge / Athletics crossover, and a Dodge / Melee crossover (2 Charms)
  • SolarLarceny/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarStealth/Ialdaboth
  • SolarBureaucracy/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarLinguistics/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarRide/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarSail/Ialdabaoth
  • SolarSocialize/Ialdabaoth

Lunar Charms

Alchemical Charms

  • AlchemicalStrength/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalDexterity/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalStamina/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalCharisma/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalManipulation/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalAppearance/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalPerception/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalIntelligence/Ialdabaoth
  • AlchemicalWits/Ialdabaoth

Dragon-Blooded Charms

Spirit Charms

Fair Folk Charms


Abilities/Knowledges - House Rules for Ability-related Knowledges that aren't really Specializations, but are "areas of knowledge"

MartialArts/KataSystem - House Rules for Martial Arts, making it a form of magic similar to Sorcery or Necromancy

/CombatSystem - House Rules for modifying the awesome new tick-based Combat System

/MeritsAndFlaws - House Rules for Merits & Flaws

/SolarAnimaCharms - an idea for Solar Charms based on the Anima effects of the various Castes; partially fleshed out already by IsawaBrian


Solar Characters

  • /Kaelek - Dawn Caste Warrior
  • /Liu - Night Caste Circus Performer

Lunar Characters

Sidereal Characters

Dragon Blooded Characters

Spirit Characters

Mortal Characters

Abyssal Characters

Ghost Characters

Alchemical Characters

Autocthonian Characters

Machine / Construct Characters





While I appreciate the effort you're putting into the MartialArtsKatas system, can I suggest you use the Minor Changes checkbox when you're doing so many reformats and other things that don't particularly need to be on recent changes as major? You can always leave one per chunk as major and put "+ more as minor edits" in the summary if you want/need people to know they've changed, and that way it doesn't create half a page full of edits which are all similar.
-- Darloth

Definitely will do; sorry. -- Ialdabaoth

The Minor Edit check box is your friend. - Moxiane

So, what's a good guideline for when to start using [] Minor Edit for sub-sections? How many pages before it's considered "scroll"? Or does it depend on what you're editing? -- Ialdabaoth
I'd say a handful. JohnBiles sometimes pushes it in my opinion with his numerous editings for KawaiiEdition, but I really can't complain because each Update has content, something to read. If you're honestly posting dozens of interesting readings, I'd say in the end you're fine. As it stands, however, you consider an insertion of a handful of statistics for every MA form a Major Edit, and its scroll, because really there's nothing to read in a lot of those cases. Another way to look at it is this: Before you Submit, ask yourself, "Does someone want to read this specific page as it stands alone? Or will they only access it from a top-page?" If it fits more into the second question, Minor Edit it. --UncleChu