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Tell me what you think ExaltedWiki should look like. I was thinking of going for a clean Solar theme, since the Solar Exalted seem to be the core of the story. However, themes for each exalted type (set via preferences) might be a good option too.

What do you think?

Sounds nice. Can you change how the page looks? Perhaps a black and gold look for Solars (gold on Black)? White on Red for Dragon Blooded? Though maybe that's too much. Dunno.

Can you change how an individual page looks? Is it just html?


Yeah, I can change the way it looks in more than just simple ways. ThisWiki has relatively simple ideas about how to go about formatting, but if I can get my stomach to stop retching I can dig into the source (written in Perl) and make some modifications for stylesheets. I dunno about per-page stylesheets, but I've seen it done so I assume it's possible. Personally I find that idea disorienting though.

-- DaveFayram

Can you get rid of the "Describe the new page here." in the RecentChanges page?

-- Killed