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The seventh theme is vegetation.

Moss-Body Stone (Quendalon)

 Wood Aspected
 Manse •
 Trigger: Concentration

Emerald splotches gleam upon the surface of this grey-brown stone. An artifact set with this stone quickly grows a layer of green moss. By concentrating, the bearer of the stone may cause this moss to spread. In about a minute, the moss covers her body and the rest of her possessions, providing three additional dice to all Stealth rolls involving hiding among verdant surfaces. This additional mossy growth withers and falls off at the end of the scene.

Tree's Heart Gem (FourWillowsWeeping)

 Wood Aspected
 Manse ••
 Trigger: Continuous

This jewel looks like a polished sphere cut out of rich, close-grained wood. It is always covered in a thin layer of fragrant sap. This stone turns the blood in its bearer's body to sluggish sap, and makes him grow like a plant, uncaringly and continuously; this prevents him from suffering the effects of bleeding, and doubles the speed of bone regeneration. These benefits only apply to wounds recieved since the stone was last attuned; one cannot recieve a wound, remove the stone, then don it once more and enjoy its effects. Unfortunately, the price of this is the lingering memory of pain: while the bearer is under its effects, he feels the wound penalty of an injury at the same intensity as when he recieved it until it heals completely. Lunars suffer from this lingering pain effect, but not from the stone's main benefit, which is an external shapeshifting effect.

Roots of Life Stone (Charlequin)

 Wood Aspected
 Manse •••
 Trigger: Concentration

This gem takes the shape of a knot of roots, apparently carefully carved from a brownish-green semi-opaque stone. With this gem, the bearer need never fear starvation or thirst in any outdoor location. To use it, the owner must stand upon the ground (floors, roads, and other unnatural surfaces do not count) and concentrate deeply upon the stone. As he does so, the character's feet begin to grow small roots and tendrils, which burrow into the ground, fixing him fast in place. For as long as the character wishes, these roots will draw water and food out of the ground, providing all the nutrition needed; each hour spent doing so allows the character to go without a single meal during the following day. In addition, being rooted into the earth is a relaxing and energizing experience; each hour spent doing so counts as three hours of regular sleep. The character is totally unaware of the outside world while rooted into the ground, however; he may reflexively uproot himself if he is attacked or otherwise harmed, but by that point it may be too late.

Orb of Leafless Winter (Ikselam)

 Air Aspected
 Manse ••••
 Trigger: Concentration (simple)

This spherical gem looks and feels like it is made of ice. It has the power to cast forth an aura of chilly Essence, causing Wood Essence to grow sluggish. Activating this power takes up the user's dice action for the turn, and lasts for a scene.

The temperature becomes chilly within 100 yards of the stone, and plant life starts acting as though winter were coming. Deciduous trees' leaves will quickly turn and fall; flowers will wither or close up, and most non-evergreen plants will either die or go dormant. Plants native to tropical climes may actually die, at the Storyteller's discretion. Any mobile or inimical plants immediately become dormant; they won't do anything for the duration of the effect. This includes pollen-based effects, such as those produced by the flame blossoms of Chaya, or the Nymph's Blood bush. Once the effect ends, all affected plants swiftly bud and regrow their foliage, in a sped-up rendition of spring (this does not apply to plants which were leafless prior to use of the stone's power).

Wood-Aspected elementals, gods, and Dragon-blooded within the effect lose one die from all pools until they leave the zone of cold. Only those with Essence scores less than four are affected.

This power can be used once per day.

Stone of the Blood-Forest (ReallyBored)

 Abyssal Aspected
 Manse •••••
 Trigger: Concentration (extended)

This tainted stone appears as a single large blood drop, with a slowly spinning leaf encased within. The stone is slightly warm to the touch and throbs in time with the bearer's own pulse once it is attuned.

The horrible affects are breathtakingly simple. The bearer must remain stationary for an hour, concentrating on the blood-fever tainting the stone. Over the course of that hour, all vegetation within 100 yards slowly bends to the blood-fever, twisting and bending into horrible parodies of their previous forms. Trees begin to shed razor edged leaves or needles that float gently to the ground and the grass itself becomes razor edged and moves of it's own accord. All blood that falls to the ground is immediately absorbed into the plants. If a leaf falls on exposed flesh or exposed flesh comes in contact with the grass or other ground cover, the victim suffers unsoakable lethal damage per round of contact, starting at 1 die and increasing by 1 die every other round as more leaves and grasses home in on the target. Creatures slain by the forest fall as dissecated corpses, completely drained of blood and rise as hungry ghosts (if applicable). The radius of the taint can be extended by continued concentration at a rate of 100 yards per hour, to a maximum of Permenant Essence x 100 yards. Once the bearer moves out of the area of effect, the tainted forest slowly returns to normal with the area of effect shrinking by 100 yards per day. The tainted vegetation may be attacked normally and bleeds as it is cut and smells of burning flesh and blood if burned.

As a simple action, the bearer may cause the stone itself to bleed, the blood drunken by the forest flowing out of the stone. Blood obtained in this manner counts as fresh. For an Abyssal attuned to the stone, it has one additional power. At any time until the effect fades, the bearer may draw directly upon the blood drunken in by the forest to regain essence. As a simple action, the Abyssal may feed and regain up to his Permanent Essence in motes. Storytellers note that the forest should be considered to have an unlimited blood pool for all practical purposes. as all wildlife within the area would almost certainly have been immediately killed.


Hey! Back off my vegetation theme! I want a Fungus-themed Hearthstone and a fungus isnt a flower! - Telgar, protecting his Thalid homies.

I don't know if this stone is really m2. - willows

That looks right. The healing effect seems too strong for a mere level 1 stone, but it seems too flawed to be less than level 3. It might still work as level 2 even without the lingering pain. - Quendalon

What effects do the Roots of Life Stone have on Essence regeneration? Does it provide three hours' worth of relaxed Essence regen per hour of rest? - Quendalon

I suck at making hearthstones, but as a rough idea for someone else that might not have an idea of their own -- what about an Abyssal hearthstone that allows you to make any plant you want carnivorous? So you can create man-eating trees, etc?:) -- CrownedSun

Seems more Wood than Abyssal, honestly. _Ikselam
Right, so I don't really know if the power level here is accurate but this is more Abyssal flavored. At ST discretion, thinly covered skin might count as exposed (running around a tainted forest in silk pajamas strikes me as a bad idea). More than likely, contact can be burned off by a Fire Aspected DB's anima banner, possibly by a Zenith's underworld-burning. Adamant Skin might work. Going nuts with jumping around and dodging might keep the damage at 1 die by shaking leaves off. Non-Abyssals could attune to it, but they damn well better be fully covered before using it. -- ReallyBored
You know, it might be easiest to model the "plants want to eat you" effect as environmental damage, with a Resistance roll and stuff. _Ikselam
Maybe, but I was very much aiming for the "Exposed Flesh = Bad" effect and specifically not allow Resistance/Stamina soak/natural soak. So in a full suit of plate, you're fine if you keep the helmet closed. Warstrider? Great. Open faced helmet? You gots some problems. Is the basic power level about right, though? -- ReallyBored
You realize you're breaking the "helmets are unnecessary except for stylistic purposes" rule, right? :) - Quendalon
A helmet's not necessary exactly. It's just a really, really, really good idea. ^_^ For that matter, you could use a ninja mask, a turban and veil, or just a heavy hooded cloak and kinda hunch down. Just don't fall flat on your face. -- ReallyBored

Um, who wrote the Leafless Winter Stone? It's credited to me, but, um... it wasn't me. -- Charlequin

I think it was CrownedSun. - Quendalon
No, it was me. I just got lazy with some cut-and-pasting. _Ikselam