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Power of the Depths

Cave's Champion Stone (Quendalon)

 Earth Aspected
 Manse •

Thin cracks mark the surface of this otherwise smooth, striated grayish orb. When the stone is brought underground, the cracks shine with a flat white light which provides as much illumination as an oil lamp or an 8-mote Anima Flare. The bearer of the stone adds one dot to her Strength when in a wholly enclosed underground area.

Burning Throat Stone (FourWillowsWeeping)

 Earth or Fire Aspected
 Manse ••

This stone appears to be a handful of hot iron pellets. They cling together as though magnetically, but can be shifted around one another. The bearer of this stone can refine metals inside his body, and bring the heat of his heart to the surface; a day after he eats at least a pound of ore, his fingernails and teeth become composed hot molten metal. This permits him to parry lethal attacks barehanded and converts the damage of his unarmed attacks to Lethal, as well as adding his Valor to their base damage. This transformation lasts a week.

Gem of the Forbidden Seeker (GoldenH)

 Water Aspected
 Manse •••

The hearthstone is a perfectly smooth orchid oval, but appears to be a squid due to minuite flaws under the surface of the stone. A short message (less than 30 seconds) may be whispered to the stone, and then slipped into a nearby body of water. Instantly, the oval will shatter, releasing a tiny crystal squid who quickly squirts away towards the recipent of the message. The next day, the squid will somehow appear to them in a body of water; even something as small as a cup of water will do, but only if nobody is watching. The message is then delivered in the speaker's own voice. Once the message has been delivered, the squid will shatter and melt into whatever body of water it was in. The squid will then seek out the owner in much the same way, swimming through the currents of elsewhere until it reaches it's destination. Anyone who is attuned to the stone and recieves a message may instead pull the squid from the water before the message is over with a standard unarmed attack. This aborts the message but transforms the squid back into a hearthstone as it is removed from water.

Stone of Empathy's Fisherman (dissolvegirl)

 Water Aspected
 Manse ••••

This stone shines with a pale blue light, and is shaped almost like a fisherman's hook. When the owner of the stone touches another person whom he wishes to persuade, he may use the stone's power to seek out a powerful memory from the person's past that is somehow relevant to the matter at hand. When the hearthstone's owner next speaks, the memory caught by the stone will be pulled to the surface of the target's thoughts, almost like a flashback, and will heavily influence the target's decision. Mechanically, the stone's rating is added to the Charisma or Manipulation + Presence roll, and counts as natural dice for the purposes of dice caps-- As an example, a Solar could double the four dice as well as doubling his natural dice pool and still be within their dice-cap.

Deluge Seed (FourWillowsWeeping)

 Water Aspected
 Manse •••••

This stone is a perfectly clear sphere of crystal. Its surface feels oddly tense, as though something were pressing upon it from the inside. The Deluge Seed has several functions. It infuses its bearer with intensely powerful Water Essence, which bubbles and cracks from his powers. He becomes elementally attuned to Water-Aspected Charms, and loses attunement to Charms of other types. Furthermore, it constitutes a perfect defence against thirst and dehydration, and the bearer may touch a water elemental and spend a 1 Willpower Point and single lethal Health Level to restore it to perfect health in an instant, blessing it with some of the energy that is bottled within him. Finally, the bearer of the Deluge Seed can plant it in a small plot of moist earth at least a foot deep; leaving the stone so interred overnight causes it to burst into a vast fountain, which will create a body of water at least one mile wide per point of the bearer's Essence, centered as closely around the point of planting as possible. This flood occurs over the course of the next day, and can be highly destructive. The stone requires some time to build up this power; it must be at least one year since the Seed's condensation for this operation to be possible. For each month's haste, the body of water produced will be one mile narrower.


Made a small change to the Cave's Champion Stone to boost its power a bit. I'd make the Burning Throat transformation last a day, but that's debatable. - Telgar

Looks good! - Quendalon

Deluge Seed seems a bit... unfocused... for a Hearthstone. It does 3 (4 if you count the drawback to the first) things. I would cut it back into a couple of stones, and have the Deluge power the only power of the level 5 one. but that's me... Have Fun... Nikink