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Hearthstone Relay

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  • The first person in each relay archives the old page and decides on a new theme.
  • The second person then comes up with a one-dot hearthstone for that theme.
  • The third, fourth and fifth people then come up with two, three and four dot hearthstones, respectively.
  • The sixth person comes up with a five dot hearthstone, archives the old page, and decides a new theme. Thus, the wheel of wiki life turns afresh.

The thirty-eighth theme is Battle Prowess.

The power the exalted wield is incredible. Created by the gods with one intent; to attack and destroy the Primordials. Although their powers at wielding essence can enhance all their abilities, their skill in the fields of martial study are truly impressive. On certain dragon lines of immense power, gems form in manses that only serve to further increase the exalted level of power.

Stone of the Window Bear - willows

Fire Manse 1
Trigger: Motes

This Hearthstone is a honey-coloured sphere filled with long brown fibres. Like the window bear, it enables the user to make scapegoats of others. He may reflexively spend 4 motes (at any attack step) to resolve the remainder of an attack as though some other person performed it. The steps already resolved are not affected, but any decisions and information required thereafter are made with reference to the new attacker.

Unflaggable Courage Heart - Telgar

Fire Manse 2
Trigger: Being Harmed

When the owner of this Hearthstone is wounded in battle the stone glows ruby red as it allows its master to ignore the pain and hinderance of his wounds. The Heart removes as many Health Levels of wound penalties as the owner has dots of Valor. The Unflaggable Courage Heart is a small ruddy oblong of opaque stone.

Staunched Bloodstone - IanPrice

Wood Manse 3
Trigger: Bleeding

In mortal combat, the loser is defined as the one who dies. A Gem of Incomparable Wellness is perhaps the best Hearthstone to prevent this, but not every Exalt has access to such a powerful Manse, especially in the Age of Sorrows. The Staunched Bloodstone comes from a Manse designed along similar principles, and provides a lesser version of the same benefit. This stone, while attuned, causes the bearer to heal Bashing damage at a rate of one every tick. Lethal damage takes 15 minutes to heal each point. Aggravated damage heals at its normal slow rate, but magical healing will treat it as Lethal damage. Additionally, bleeding caused by wounds stops the round after it starts, no matter what. This is actually a rather ugly stone, having the appearance of a beautiful bloodstone in an oval cut, but one end of it is squashed out of shape awkwardly.

Crystal of Future Sight - Heru

Sidereal Manse 4
Trigger: Future Harm

The greatest warmasters among most Exalted say that the grest test of battle prowess is to have the best tactics. Those amongst the Chosen of Battles disagree with this, they say that the best feat of battle prowess is first knowing when a battle will be taking place. This Hearthstone aids those who wish to have knoweldge of future battles through the tugging of fate strings. If any harm is directed to the wearer he knows about it through an intense feeling of unease. This effect tells the user about any harm that may befell him within five minutes, even such harm as caused by his stupidity.

Iron Iron - willows

Earth Manse 5
Trigger: Touching Things

This is a large rusty iron sphere. It has a flat side, so it can be placed on a table or something and it won't roll off.

As a miscellaneous action, the bearer may touch the Iron Iron to something to cause the object to turn to iron. This is a Shaping effect. An opponent may protect himself or an object in his possession from this sort of imposure, applying his Dodge DV only. Parrying is inapplicable. Turning to iron disrupts the powers of the Five Magical Materials, rendering them Essence-inert. They cease to behave as Artifacts and the stones they bear are not regarded as set. Items turned to iron can be restored by appropriate Charms; they also revert to their normal state at the end of a scene.


Is there a range on this particular ability? 'Cause I want to be able to hit people with the UCS on command. - Hapushet

My application of this effect would require that the scapegoat be a plausible attacker. He can't bear the blame for no reason whatever. In some cases, old man sun might be such, but in other cases he might not be. In any case I've no intention of revising the text, rather trusting users to not use the effect like dumbasses. - willows
"A note on designing [Hearthstones]: After you're written a [Hearthstone], read it and think about what the [Hearthstone] Text says. Don't think about what you want it to mean. Just read the words. Change the words until they match the meaning that you were looking for. Designing [Hearthstones] in this manner will result in better, clearer texts." ~WillCoon, paraphrasing a wise man.
"The reason I structured the game this way is that it provides a natural way of keeping the length of a round fairly short. It also provides a sense of progression and variety to each round. All these things (ideally) conspire to keep things interesting, and moving along at a decent clip. The point of the game isn't to produce "finished product"; it's intended to just be a somewhat structured brainstorming exercise.", or, shut up and write a Hearthstone. - willows
The next theme should be "Faster, Harder, More!" _Ikselam
Seriously though, Willows, I respect your grasp of crunch, your insight into the game, and much of your aesthetic sense. I just don't think you need to be so harsh or quick with your criticism of your wiki comrades. My quotation was meant to be taken as much as respect of your philosophy as critique of your hearthstone. Furthermore, I don't think that analysis of ideas is in any way harmful to the relays' purpose - otherwise, one could get a similar result by 'posting' one's ideas in a .txt file buried somewhere on one's hard drive, never to be seen by mortal eyes. But really, wouldn't you much rather snuggle than forge invective from the blood-tempered steel of hate, mined from the richest ire veins of the inter-computer network? I'll indeed post hearthstones and the like, with the hope that you and the other illuminati will recognize and communicate my amateurish errors, that I might correct them. ~WillCoon, or we could snuggle. Just throwing that out there.
Honestly, man, I was in a snarky mood. Did you read that stone? It's ridiculous! It does need clarifying, and should I ever bother to make a Hearthstone page of my own, or update one I have forgotten I made, I will certainly update it. But I think that I like Roger's implied policy of throwing off ideas at top speed, for the Relays, and I'm sticking to that. - willows

I'm just observing that the Window Bear is a fairly strong power for a level 1 hearthstone since it isn't specific as to in what matter the attack is now resolved as if the new "attacker" performed it. Does it simply make people *think* the new attack did it? Or did he actually now do it and is performing it? Does it use his stats? What happens if he's out of range? It's just not defined well enough, Shreyas. - Telgar

I'm guessing that your first interpretation is correct, because the ones you ask about after that are obviously ruled out by common sense. I think the main issue with this stone is that it could potentially allow you to make a string of surprise attacks without ever breaking concealment. "That guy over there hit you, ignore the ninja in the bushes!" You'll clearly want to tune this stone a bit before introducing it into a game, but the basic concept is kind of interesting. _Ikselam has no idea what a window bear is, but it sure sounds neat.