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My Hearthstones.

Currently only three, so I won't bother putting them in any section or anything.

Unexpected Flare Stone

 Solar Aspected
 Manse ••
 Trigger: At Will (Reflexive)

This irrengular, faceted crystal seems to contain a perfect glowing drop of liquid sunlight within it, that rolls around the inside if tilted, and generally looks extremely beautiful. However, at the mental command of anyone attuned to the Manse from which it sprang, the crystal will shatter and the sunlight will pour forth in a blinding albeit brief flare of purity.

This has several effects, depending on when it is used. Firstly, if anyone is specifically looking at the stone when it is triggered, they are blinded for several seconds (5 combat turns). If the stone is triggered in conjunction with an attack by the triggerer, then that attack can not be successfully defended against without a perfect or unrolled defense(such as ItF). If the stone is used in response to any defendable attack, then that attack is treated as if it had been successfully defended against. The shock of the flare released by this stone is such that it affects even the blind or those who cannot see for some other reason.

Of course, after shattering, the stone must reform in the manse, taking the usual length of time. Even worse, it is said that the Sun cursed those who would design a manse to gain such an underhand and unexpected in combat, and so reached out and altered the design slightly, although realistically it could simply have been a particularly bad failure in design. The stone's effects may be triggered by anyone attuned to the manse, and the manses that generate this stone have no protection whatsoever regarding attunement - no matter the current attunees, anyone that can gain access can attune without difficulties.


As usual, defense successes still reduce attack successes for the purposes of damage if an attack is almost-perfectified using this stone.
-- Darloth

Stone of Earth's Fortitude

 Earth Aspected
 Manse ••
 Trigger: Taking Damage

The stone of earth's fortitude is a rather featureless pebble, rough and irregular. However, it is surprisingly heavy, and feels more solid than the strongest steel when you hold it in your hand.

The stone's power grants some of the endless fortitude of the earth to it's bearer. It reduces all wounds by 1 wound-level after damage is rolled by redirecting the force of the blow into the earth, but only if the bearer is currently standing (or lying, whatever) on the ground. Standing inside is usually counted as being on the ground, as long as you are on the bottom floor. Note that this may well be the basement. The instant the bearer steps up to another floor or jumps, runs along rooftops, etc, this power stops working. However, it should be noted that the stone is especially effacious against falling damage, and if you fall onto somewhere that allows the stone to activate, it will subtract 3 wound levels from whatever damage you take, instead of 1.

Since the force of the blow or impact is redirected into the ground, it will crack, crumble, and generally burst around the bearer of the stone. However, this is purely visual effect and will never impede the user, the disruptions rarely even reaching ankle-height. Whether this will damage buildings or do anything to anyone other than the user is up to the storyteller, although probably not unless it is an extreme circumstance. Falling for 3 wound levels almost certainly counts as an extreme circumstance, and will probably damage floors and obscure vision a bit.


Not sure what level this should be. It feels too strong for level 1, even with the limitation, but it's a fairly strict limitation, so I'm not sure. Suggestions please?
-- Darloth

Something that helps against falling damage, awesome - Jarons20

Stone of Architectural Awareness

 Earth Aspected
 Manse ••
 Trigger: Concentration(Simple)

The stone of Architectural Awareness is a perculiarly shaped hearthstone, in that it always depicts the manse of it's origin down to the slightest detail. However, it is always spherical as well, and is centred on the hearthstone chamber, so the representation is rather warped and hard to use, if anyone attempts to do so (Diff 4 Perception + Craft(Architecture) to use it as a map of the manse). The colour of the stone varies

The stone can be used to grant an extra sense to the attuned bearer, allowing them more detailed awareness of the interiors of any buildings with which they are familiar. Quite simply, this grants an effect similar to the dragon-blooded charm Feeling the Dragon's Bones, but applies instead to a single building. To activate the effect, the bearer must spend 1 willpower, and will then have perfect awareness of everything touching that building in any way. Furthermore, they can never become lost and always know where in the building they are. The effects are not limited by range, but are limited to buildings in the same plane of reality. (Creation, the Underworld, Yu Shan, etc)
Regarding the level of detail, the stone can provide roughly equivalent to 2 or 3 successes on Feeling the Dragon's Bones, which is about enough to tell exactly what shape and size someone or something is, and how heavy. It's enough to recognize anyone you're familiar with, but not enough to tell more than basic details about anyone you're not. You could also recognize basic actions such as walking, drawing a sword, or throwing something. As stated in that charm's description, something floating in water or suspended in air in some fashion is essentially invisible to the stone's effect.

The definition of 'familiar' with a building is simple. Either the person has lived and moved around in the building for more than a lunar month, or they have spent a day or two (depending on building complexity) specifically exploring every nook and cranny for the purposes of knowing it. If there are secret passages, then they must be found to enable the stone via the exploration method, although the stone will still work (and reveal the existance of those passages) if it is enabled through the living in method.

Finally, the stone -always- grants it's power regarding the manse that it originates from, and this requires no willpower expenditure, being always in the background of the bearer's consciousness whenever the hearthstone is active. Spending a willpower enables the sense to apply to another building for 24 hours, and only one other building can be so sensed at any one time. To change requires the expenditure of another willpower point.


Again, power level is questionable. I -think- it's level 1, but it might be level 2. Then again, other useful but functionally limited effects are available with the level 1 stones from canon. What do you lot think please?
-- Darloth

I don't think it should work for another building other then it's Manse, it is the ultimate in Manse security and great for a NPC with agoraphobia -Jarons20

It may be completely boring if it's just for the manse though... a willpower isn't a small cost. I want to keep that optional extra-building effect... thus, should it be level 2 because of that power?
-- Darloth

I would go 2, close to 3 as the ultimate in home surveillance, and I keep thinking of the Marauders Map with dots and moving labels, A great present for a Night Caste Exalted this Christmas Season. Also once used to sense another building, the origin manse is vunerable, is there a failsafe if the origin manse is entered, like an alarm to warn the user someone is there when he isn't. You would have such an advantage on an opponent with this stone. -- Jarons20

It's not quite like that. It's more an extra sense, and so you can miss things if you're not paying attention. In addition, you often won't know who the intruders are, and there are lots of tricks to avoid the effects. You're right though, it probably -is- too powerful for a level 1. I shall increase it to level 2. About the origin-manse vunerability, well, if you're paying attention to one building, you won't be paying attention to your manse, so there's a window of opportunity there. On the other hand, all hearthstones -always- tell you when your manse is in danger (I rule they detect any unattuned essence use, or the instant someone moves something out of place, but this is interpretation of a few lines of text). Read pg 53 of Savant and Sorcerer for more info on the hearthstone-manse security effect. It's very vague though. Thus, since you can always check your manse with a stone like this, they simply provide further detail once you are aware of a problem.
-- Darloth

Just read Savant, and I agree it is vague but I like your ruling, makes good sense - Jarons20