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Satori, Lesser Elemental Dragon of Wood

Satori is the Consor of the East, charged by Heaven to root out corruption among men and gods. While most Consors have fallen to the rampant bribery and indolence that afflicts the Celestial Bureaucracy, Satori is one of the very few who has remained true to his duties, though not out of any inherent goodness or loyalty so much as the fact that he simply enjoys hunting the wicked.

Satori wanders the East aimlessly in the form of a bent man getting on in years. He often catches minor spirits at various acts of mischief and browbeats them into serving as his network of spies and irregulars. When his hunting insticts are aroused by true perfidy, his smiling, carefree visage rarely shows it; even if he has proof of nefarious deeds, he rarely rushes to convict the criminal, instead making an extended game of cat-and-mouse of it, slowly circling in on the culprit, popping up where he's least expected, subjecting the subject to a barrage of seemingly irrelevant questions and observations that inevitably close the noose around his neck. When his prey's inventiveness at escaping is finally exhausted, he summons his personal entourage of Celestial Lions, who imperiously present his Badge of Office, informing the captives who their captor truly is. Most give up at that point without a fight, though most Exalted, Fair Folk or Demons usually try to make a break for it.

Image: Satori prefers the shape of a human male, with shaggy, unkempt graying hair, and a wrinkly face given to broad smiles. He normally dresses as a common tradesman, and often offers his many skills and services when he can't find criminals to hunt or as a means of getting closer to the ones he is running down.

In his true form, Satori is a giant dragon that resembles an animated statue exquisitely carved from the finest woods, his scales practically shining with a glossy finish. His teeth and claws strike like Perfect Ironwood swords, his breath blows hundreds of needle-like splinters with a gale-force hurricane wind that cuts down trees...(12L)

Satori has slightly higher than average stats for an Elemental Dragon, esp. when it comes to Mental Abilities. He has an Essence of 8

The Sisters Three

The Sisters Three are a small cabal of Elementals who migrate throughout the cities of the East. Owing allegiance to no spirit court, they subsist by taking on odd jobs for wealthy mortals and influential states. While they prefer taking on work as entertainers of various sorts, from dancers to courtesans, they are quite capable of more violent work as bodyguards or assassins, or more subtle work such as espionage or sabotage. Powerful for their types, they are nevertheless somewhat simple-minded and flighty, yet seem to have a knack for completing the assignments they take on.

The Sisters got together by accident almost a century ago, and have been tightly bound ever since. Their eager opportunism has led them to cross paths with Satori many times, though, since their hearts aren't truly rotten, the Consor always lets them go in exchange for serving as his eyes and ears abroad as well as for their amorous favors...

Butterfly is the oldest of the three. A Cloud Person, she appears as a beautiful woman with a long mane of blonde hair, wearing a slinky dress that shows off her voluptous shape to its best effect, and often changes color depending on her mood. Butterfly is the "face" of the sisters, the one who brokers their deals and negotiates their payment. On "entertainment" jobs, she does double-duty as both a dancer and bed-companion.

Dragonfly is the middle sister. A River Nymph, she appears to be a tomboyish teen-ager with close-cropped black hair, and manifests functional overalls that tend to obscure her athletic build. Dragonfly is the sisters' "fist", the one who takes on most of the physical challenges and battles their work calls for. For entertaining jobs, Dragonfly performs the music that her older sister dances to, but prefers to abstain from more intimate dealings with customers.

Firefly is the youngest of the three. Appearing to be a child of about 12, this Fire Butterfly wears her red hair in pigtails, and regularly reshapes the lacy, frilly details of her colorful dresses. Firefly serves as the "head" of the family, as she is the most intelligent of the group, tho her behavior can descend from dignified to bratty with a shocking quickness; despite this, she is an above-average manager and tactical planner. When she does accompany her siblings for entertaining duties, Firefly normally sings with a voice of inhuman beauty, altho she's not averse to serving clients' baser needs...

All three sisters are much more powerful than the average speciman of their type, possessing double the Charms and a Permanent Essence two grades higher than the norm.