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The First Age began with the defeat of the Primordials and the establishment of Exalted rule. The Second Age began with the Usurpation of the Celestial Exalted and the start of Terrestrial rule. The Third Age began with the downfall of the Terrestrials and the waging of war upon all Exalted by the gods themselves; it ended with a whimper, as the gods withdrew themselves from the world entirely, and allowed the start of the rule of Man.

In the thousands of years since the Fall of the Exalted, history has become legend, has become myth, has become fairy tale. Of the final end of the God War, little is known for certain, save that the Celestial Incarna, in sorrow, in shame, permanently retreated into the Jade Pleasure Dome, sealing it behind them forever. It is said that some Exalts survived past that time, but that after they eventually died, their sparks did not pass on to new life among humanity...

Indeed, the final declaration and act of the Celestial Incarna was that the time of gods interfering with Creation was over. The Maiden of Endings herself used her sword to cut YuShan's gates free from Creation. All throughout Creation, a Wall arose. Unseen, but felt everywhere, it kept the Restless Dead in their place in the Underworld, and it somehow made even the Wyld to recede from Creation. Manses and Demesnes gradually became soulless buildings and areas. Slowly, families realized that their ancestors no longer heeded their calls, that Heaven was struck deaf and blind to prayers, that they were free from the help and abuse of simple elementals and tyranical spirit-lords alike. Savants and Thaumaturges quickly discovered that their Arts no longer worked well, although the Sciences still provided benefits if they changed their approach somewhat...

And so it went for eons. Man raised armies and went to war as always, and for the same reasons. Villagers lived, loved and died as they had always done. Nations rose and kingdoms fell, only for no greater purpose than the vanity of man. And if people occasionally found the ruins of some palace or machine or sword so large that surely no man could lift it...well, that was a curiosity for those with too much time on their hands.

Of all to exist in the Age before, only the Guild survived. Only in structure, however, for it had evolved, and was now an organization dedicated to scholarly learning and the advancement of mankind. As far as its members are concerned, it has always been thus, and any evidence otherwise...would be quite shocking and unseemly.

But recently, new rumors have begun. Rumors from distant lands, wilderness and cities; tales of men who shine like the sun and are capable of fantastic feats from legend; stories of shapechanging women who race with the animals they can become; tales of ordinary folk who gain a kinship with the elements of Creation almost as strong as their kinship with humanity; even a couple of tales of star-eyed wise men who miraculously vanish after giving some cryptic bit of advice...

Why have the Exalted returned? And what wonders or horrors have they brought back to this much diminshed world? Do the Celestial Incarna once more rule Heaven openly? Have the long-slumbering Deathlords and Demon Princes awoken to howl at their imprisoning gates? What event has caused the end of the placid Fourth Age, and what is to be the character of the new Fifth Age upon us?

What legends will they tell of your deeds?