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Five Fathom Sages

Galan Wavewalker

Circi: The sole survivor of a ship that found itself in a sudden Wyld eddy, Circi found herself inhabiting a body no longer human. Amphibious, covered with iridescent scales and with a large dorsal fin in place of hair, the effect is quite beautiful, although she doesn't appreciate it.

Ranidas: Like Circi, Ranidas is not entirely human. Unlike her, he was born that way, as the result of having a minor water god in his family's ancestry. Thus, he's used to his appearance and the reactions it gets, and is trying to help her come to terms with her mutation.

Charyb: A Sea Serpent Totemed Lunar of the Changing Moon caste, Charyb provided the Sages with their Manse headquarters. In her various forms (sea dragon, dolphin, albatross, etc), she acts as the teams' intelligence-gatherer and liason with most supernatural forces of the Western Ocean.

Bloody Foam: Rather unusually for a Siaka-Man, Bloody Foam is fairly intelligent and self-controlled, at least by sharkman standards. He sought out the others after seeing how efficiently that outwitted his brethren, turning his back on them in the process. Wanted dead by the other Sharkmen, he has little where else to go. The others don't fully trust him, suspecting some elaborate Fae trick, but he has proven useful in a fight and has saved their lives a few times, so he's given the benefit of the doubt.