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Well, now that I have actual stuff here, maybe I'll say a few words about myself: I live in Detroit, MI, where I work at an "entertainment megastore" which gives me plenty of time to dream up weird things while customers shoo me away from helping them (I also get a nice discount on the gaming books I order!^^). I'm currently living in a rented house with a couple of avid video-gamers, so there's not much dice-rolling around these parts, though they're slowly getting interested (almost every RPG they play has a few scenes where I can go "That reminds me of Exalted!"...). So, until I get a game going, I'll just be hanging around here for a while...

== Artifacts ==

== Campaign Settings ==

== Characters ==
Brief sketches of Exalted PCs & NPCs; full CS available on request.

== Groups ==

== Spirits ==
Some NPCs to help flesh out a campaign's atmosphere...

== Places ==